The Simpsons Predictive Programming For September 24th EMP? (VIDEO)

The Simpsons Predictive Programming For September 24th EMP? (VIDEO) | the-simpsons-460x284 | Multimedia Predictive Programming Preparedness\Survival US News

Season 24, episode 9 = 9/24

@ 0:39 into the video, homer is reading a book called “The End is Near” and the cover shows the USA and lines intersecting Mississippi.

@ 0.53 – DVD volcasteroid, Los Angeles is mentioned twice in same scene.

@ 2:19 – Two clocks appear and are pointing at 3:40. Both clocks are on the same building and one is in a window? Window of time?

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    • WhiteDragonKing

      that ended nicely though.

    • thisheart

      “WORL, without the rule of law . . . coming to an America near you” (Satanic teaching is “do what thou wilt” and creating order out of chaos) Springfield Preppers display the now controversial Confederate flag. “Sheeple will clean out every supermarket” (So a smart person already has food stored or knows where to get food besides supermarkets?) Bart notes the 3 things he’s learned are that “people who call themselves preacher or deacon are very bad” (a jab at Christianity, and/or a predictive about false prophets?), “water is money unless gasoline is money” (water and gasoline will be most valued commodities after the event?) “and even though lots of things are razor sharp (clear?) no one ever shaves” (people don’t know what to do even though it’s clear?) “End is 3 months . . . 6 weeks from now . . . when the four horseman ride . . .” (second event after EMP? When most people will have succumbed to starvation?) EMP hits electronics store, cell phones and nuclear plant (Event will shut down electronics, communication and energy sources (nuclear meltdown)?). Comet carries death/hungry demons. Noted the building with the clocks says “Liberty and Justice for Most” over the entry.