Theft By Lawful Taking: The End Of liberty.

Theft By Lawful Taking:  The End Of liberty. | Policing-for-Profit-450x300 | Civil Rights Government Government Control Losing Rights Sleuth Journal Tyranny & Police State
By Brooks A. Agnew |

True story. Jason posted his aluminum, flat bottom fishing boat and a sturdy trailer on Craigslist. Within a couple of days, he got a call from a buyer in the city of Raleigh, about three hours away and made the arrangements to drive it there to make the sale.

On the day of sale, the buyer counted out $5,500 in cash, Jason signed the title over, and he happily collected his Bill of Sale. He didn’t fish much since the birth of his first son and wanted this money for remodeling his bonus room into a kid’s playroom. He and his wife had discussed the ideas for nearly six months, and both agreed that the driveway would look so much better without the olive camouflaged boat.

That is, until he reached a checkpoint at the freeway onramp. “License and registration, please,” said the officer. Jason complied, now really in a good mood in anticipation of making his first trip to Lowe’s for the building materials. His previous job as a carpenter would come in handy, and it would really feel good to get some sawdust in his hair, he thought.

“Okay, thanks. Hey, how much money is that sitting on the console there?” Asked the policeman as he leaned in to see though the open driver’s window.

“There’s $5,500 cash, officer. I just sold my boat,” responded Jason courteously.

“Step out of the car, please,” said the officer coldly.

The instant Jason was clear of the door, the office reached in and grabbed the bundle of cash and stepped back from the vehicle. Jason’s heart came up in his throat, as the officer began walking toward his cruiser with his money and motioning to his team to move toward him. A rush of panic flushed through him as he felt he had just been robbed.

Jason never saw his money again. The perpetrating officer explained that his cash was probable cause that a crime had taken place and that it was being apprehended under the Civil Forfeiture Act. “There is a lot of drug traffic that goes up and down this freeway every day,” the officer said like he was trying to sell rationalize his larceny. Although Jason had a Bill of Sale, produced numerous witnesses, and a crying wife pregnant with their second child, the police department was permitted to keep his cash forever. After spending nearly $2 thousand in attorney costs, Jason and his wife gave up any chance of recovering from the event.

This happens in every State now, except New Mexico. Republican Gov. Susana Martinez signed a new bill ending the unconstitutional practice of stealing the property of law abiding citizens by law enforcement. New Mexico police must now convict you of a crime and prove your property was used in the crime before you forfeit it to the authorities. Also, the money gained from the property will now go to the state’s general fund instead of police budgets, so that police do not have incentives to take from citizens.

In every other State, the police are trained that cash is probable cause. Don’t be surprised if police include an inquiry as to how much money you have on you the next time you are stopped. If you are stopped, questioned, and frisked by a police officer, and he feels a wad of cash in your pocket, he has the authority to take your money.

If you are in the habit of taking your paycheck to the bank every Friday and holding out a little cash every week for the weekend and spending money, be aware that your friendly window teller is now an informant for the DHS. Once you have taken a total of $5,000 or more from your paychecks, the teller is obligated to inform the Department Of Homeland Security. The police may be notified to find you and search you for that cash. This may include your home, car, or gym locker. If the cash cannot be located, the IRS may seize your remaining funds from your account.

If you obtain your money from sources that are not local, for example a consultant working out of state for months at a time, then all the funds in your local bank may be seized by the State Department of Revenue. Even if you prove that you paid taxes on the funds, and even if they are direct deposited from the company for whom you are working, they will seize the funds, and you will never see them again.

Americans are under siege from all sides by a Federal Agency government. Americans must take precautions as though they are in a Fascist regime that is searching for dissenters or those who may get the idea that they can escape the system of oppression. If you have cash, you are capable of liberty. Liberty is being expunged from the nation in leaps and bounds now.

In the 2006 landmark Amazon best-selling publication The Ark of Millions of Years: Volume Two, the plan to rid America of cash was disclosed. Turning cash into contraband through Federal mandates igniting the insatiable greed of local precincts was a stroke of genius. It wipes the president’s fingerprints off the insidious plan to capture America without firing a single shot.

The book argues that the process will be an easy sale by a Plutarchian press. This will end the war on drugs. It will stop illegal immigrants from entering the country. It will allow much better control over inflation and recessions. It will eliminate the cost of printing and guaranteeing the integrity of the paper money itself. It will prevent tax evasion, and identity theft, and endless larcenies. The American shopper has been well-trained, now. You never know how much you might need, right?

Almost no one carries cash now. Americans spend 30% more when they have a credit card instead of a debit card, as well. You can’t rent a car, book a hotel room, or do a host of other activities now with cash. And those insidious little price discount numbers at the grocery. “You saved $8.35 today by using your MVP card,” the cute little checkout girl says.

But, those green beans, and the coffee, and the cigarettes you bought are now cataloged to your name and social security number. Your risk for health issues, along with your age and sex, and being analyzed for risks. This will be integrated with Obamacare so that your future burden on the system and eligibility for benefits can be determined.

Without cash there is no escape. Without a method of escape, there is no liberty. Without liberty, the entire idea that was America is gone forever.

Brooks A. Agnew grew up in Pasadena, California around JPL and Cal Tech.  He entered the Air Force in 1973, where he graduated top in his class in electronics engineering.  He received his bachelors in Chemistry from Tennessee Technological University with honors.  His advanced degrees in Statistics and Physics helped him become one of the most accomplished Lean Six Sigma profit recovery engineers in the US.  He is a six-time Amazon Best Selling author and internationally renowned lecturer on exploration of the Earth and the Physics of the Soul.  His favorite hobby for the last ten years has been hosting X-Squared Radio, exploring the mysteries of the universe and of the Earth  each Sunday evening from 8-11PM Eastern Time.  He is a multi-patented engineer and currently the CEO of an electric automobile manufacturing company in Charlotte, North Carolina producing the nation’s first affordable Electric pickup truck.,, Skype: x2-radio

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  • Brainwashedconsumer

    Americans sit around and worship tyranny, wave the flag, and are patriotic morons. Any entity will take advantage of such worthless, weak, brainwashed, fodder.

  • Danny Straw

    The fastest way to get shot in the face is to touch my money…

  • JVincent

    I swear by everything holy, if that ever happens to me, I’m throwing lead, guaranteed.

    • tom d

      I saw two of our local cops walking to their cars. They both had machine guns much like the ones my unit had in vietnam. Why a local police need that kind of fire power is beyond me. They all have AR15 style weapons along with the old standard shotgun. The average cop car has way to much fire power and everyday we have to put fuel into their over weight cars full of ammunition that they probably are not qualified to use.

    • James Michael

      Yup….will also…like at any other armed robbing felon with a gun….

  • laughing fool


    …And I bet half of the people reading this thought that the laws they were putting in place to “catch the bad guys” over a decade ago were great, and wouldn’t ever be used for wingnut tin-foil conspiracy theory scenarios like this one unfolding right here… Not in ‘Merica!!11


  • Cops steal. Cops lie. They are taught in Academy that they are here to subjugate us, and we are beneath them.

  • fatwillie

    When these scumbag pieces of shit start dying for being the thieves and thugs they are then and only then will they learn what they earn to be muscle for those that make these rules is just not worth it, and they will find crime does not pay. This so called piece of human excrement that took the money should be hunted down and given a good old fashioned lesson in what real law is and bed for forgiveness before he is executed.

    • ppoe

      Quit bitching and impotent tirades. Get off your asses, stand up and DO SOMETHING to save your country instead of watching like bystanders at a football game.

  • Shari Peterson

    And he didn’t sue that cops ass off? I would have immediately demanded his bond number and sued his fucking ass off.

    • Shari Peterson

      Seriously though who keeps cash open in a car with stinky pig thieves around?

      • rabble

        How do you get it from bank to the store then? DUH. Car is not the problem. Passivity is. Basically? There is nothing these brigands can not do or get away with.
        BECAUSE WE ALLOW IT. CONSENT is 90% of the law

  • TheEnd

    The moronic general public will continue to be “politically correct” and support anyone and anything representing authority. However, history has proven that this type of crap always backfires, always. The word traitor is hardly ever used because the country once called USA no longer exists, therefore everyone in DC that pushed for the destruction of this country now believe that its every one for himself, until WW3 comes around for the final end. And this feeble mentality has flown down the chain of command to what you see today.

  • tom d

    My favorite story of this abuse is the woman who late husband left her a wonderful town car. It was perfect and she was elderly and it was all she had. She was pulled over by a cop and she willingly open the trunk. The cop claimed a hole in the trunk was used to hide drugs. The cop kept the car and drove it all the time she sued to get it back. Her lawyer finally won the car back but she had to sell it to pay for the lawyer. The best thing to do is set your car on cruise control and prey you are not noticed by the highway thieves with badges. We need police but they do no one a favor when they allow the few to be highway thieves. Many towns will eventually go bankrupt and the police will find a cruel world when bankrupt town usually means public pensions are cut to eliminated. If the police do not change many people will look for bankruptcy as the first step as the police asked for what they got.

  • Donald Shawver

    America has turned it’s back on God, now the devil is in charge. If you don’t buy that, then tell me what system became reality, that allows the police to just grab cash. The bible says the devil came to steal, kill and destroy. Last month a South Carolina cop, who was being filmed but did not know, murders a motorists, then calls in with lies about how the man stole his taser. The videos sent the cop to jail for murder. If your asleep, you cannot see the total tyranny in America.

  • James Michael

    Americans call this not only armed robbery, but when you do it with a
    sworn oath, treason….Man had every right and lawful authority to shoot
    the felon doing it, dead also…Like any other felon with a
    gun……armed robbing you….

    • Dan

      The police have immunity. Unless the people do the thing that they shouldn’t talk about they will remain slaves to the system….