Thousands Revolt in China and Smash Police Cars After Traffic Checkpoint Accident

Thousands Revolt in China and Smash Police Cars After Traffic Checkpoint Accident | China-Flag | World News China has one of the most oppressive governments in the world, although they have had slightly looser economic policies in recent years, the police state is still a very serious problem in many people’s lives.

To actually get people to conform to such a brutal and oppressive lifestyle the regime requires very complicated propaganda, and even use giant firewalls to block entire sections of the internet from people within their borders.

However, in the past few years since the people of China have been getting a bit more economic freedom, there has been a strong culture of defiance growing, with many young people rising up and demanding to be treated like human beings.

According to CBS News:

‘Thousands of residents protested in a southeastern Chinese city after a traffic accident, smashing police cars and overturning three police vans, police and residents said.

The reason for the protest in Fuan city in Fujian province was unclear. Police said it was instigated by “a handful of lawless people.” One resident said people became angry because police and paramedics took nearly an hour to arrive to help the injured, while a Hong Kong-based human rights group said it was to do with corruption.”

From all accounts it seems that the local police had some sort of racket going on, and were stopping citizens to make sure all of their papers were up to code.

It has even been suggested that these police were forcing fake registrations on the people to collect extra loot on top of their already astronomical pay from the state.

When a car tried to run away from one of these checkpoints to protect themselves from the police, they were chased until a crash occurred.

After the crash onlookers gathered and many called for an ambulance, but for over an hour there was no response.

The article from CBS also said that:

“Residents said police were stopping cars and checking people for driving after drinking on Saturday evening when the accident happened on a main road in Fuan.

Wanting to avoid being tested, a driver in a sedan accelerated away and police started chasing the car, said a resident, who would give only his surname, Lin. About three motorcycles were hit during the chase, said Lin, adding he wasn’t sure who hit them.

“About 10,000 to 20,000 onlookers became angry because police officers and paramedics took nearly one hour to arrive,” said Lin.

He estimated that 1,000 to 2,000 people clashed with police and overturned three police vans.

Photos carried by online southeastern news sites showed hundreds of people swarming across a wide street with two vans thrown onto their sides. In one photo, three people stood on top of an overturned van.”

The Chinese government has since went into damage control and put out various pieces of propaganda to discredit the protesters.

What has obviously happened here is that the onlookers saw that one of their neighbors was being attacked by the state, and they rushed to that neighbors defense.

In areas as repressive as China the tempers of the people are always just below the boiling point, waiting for something like this to happen at any moment.

Many people felt that places like China were exempt from these kinds of protests, but they are happening more and more as the philosophy of freedom continues to reach more people worldwide.

I am not advocating or celebrating the destruction of property, that is not the kind of action that I think will bring positive change.

At the same time I do not condemn these people because it seems like fair retribution for the pain that they have endured at the hands of this regime and the wealth that they have had extracted from them.

A peaceful changing of ideas is the true path to freedom, not smashing up cars.  However, it is interesting to see the police state in China facing some resistance.


J.G. Vibes is the author of an 87 chapter counter culture textbook called Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, a staff writer and reporter for The Intel Hub and host of a show called Voluntary Hippie Radio. 

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