Thousands of Tweets Call for Trump’s Assassination

Thousands of Tweets Call for Trump’s Assassination | donald-trump | Special Interests Trump US News
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Shocking stuff, unprecedented in America! Does it reflect public rage, or are dark forces behind this – perhaps some of the former, more of the latter, but who can know for sure.

Throughout months of campaigning, Hillary camp dark forces, supported by media scoundrels, incited hysteria about Trump.

Devious efforts tried denying him the office he won – a coup attempt based on nonexistent Russian US election hacking, falsely claiming what didn’t happen was done to rig things for him over Hillary.

Last March, I asked if a JFK, RFK, MLK moment awaits Trump – to assure no change in dirty business as usual at home and abroad.

An earlier Facebook page called for his assassination. Numerous tweets during months of campaigning wanted him killed – shocking stuff social media should ban from their sites.

During last month’s women’s march on Washington, Madonna disgracefully said she “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” then claimed she spoke metaphorically.

Loose talk can translate into violence committed by others. From January 20 – 31, over 12,000 tweets called for Trump’s assassination, according to a Dataminr key words search – maybe many more since then.

Will this blizzard of anti-Trumpism encourage someone to try killing him? Facebook and Twitter suspend or block accounts with content they consider unacceptable, notably truth-telling about sensitive issues, yet thousands of incendiary anti-Trump material posts haven’t been removed.

US law prohibits threats against the president, punishable by imprisonment for up to five years.

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