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Time to Cash In? (VIDEO) | Stock-Market-Chart-300x192 | Collapse Conspiracy Corner Economy & Business Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests

As many of you know, the finesse of the Stock Market is to buy stocks when they are low, and then to sell them when they are high. It is quite akin to casino gambling.

You gotta’ know when to hold ‘um . . .

Know when to fold ‘um . . .

Know when to walk away . . .

And know when to run!

The problem with the latter, the casino form of gambling, is that while many players set for themselves a “losing limit” when they venture into such dark places as casinos, they seldom consider establishing an equally important “Winning Limit”. The same is True of the Stock Market of Today.

In a casino, one can surely see the logic in setting a “Loosing Limit”. For example, a player says to themself, “I shall bring $500 to play with, and once that is gone, I will quit.” Not bad advice to give yourself. Yet, what happens if you are successful with the $500 investment with which to gamble? What if you turn the $500 into $1000 or $1,500 ? How do you know when to quit while you are ahead?

This is why with both casino and stock market gambling, an all important “Winning Limitmust also be set in advance, and also adhered to with equal discipline as the “Loosing Limit”.

The one time I braved into a casino in Cairo, at a mere twenty years of age, I turned $20 into $220 in a relatively short amount of time at the Blackjack table. In quick order though, I became like Daffy Duck in the cartoon Diamond Mine, saying to myself, “If $200 . . . then why not $2000 !?!?” The “Losing Limit” I had set for myself was a mere $20. The lesson I forever learned, is that I should have also set a “Winning Limit”, of about $200 in this case. If it weren’t for my grandiose greed without a “winning limit”, I would have made TEN times my initial investment, if I had “cashed in” right before the crash. What happened, is that I eventually lost it all . . . perpetually trying to get back my “perceived losses” . . . because I did not set aWinning Limit to begin with, of about 400% above my initial investment.

Time to Cash In? (VIDEO) | Screen-Shot-2016-10-14-at-1.25.01-AM | Collapse Conspiracy Corner Economy & Business Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests

As you can see from this morning’s screen shot of my computer’s OS daily financial overview, all of the major financial indicators are lower. Not that this, in and of itself, is of any significance, as the values of the stock market are constantly fluctuating, what is noteworthy though, is that one of the leading and most shrewd International Banks of the World, the “HSBC” (“Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation”), openly predicted a few days ago, that a Major Financial Crash is likely weeks away.

Six months ago, the “National Security Agency” (NSA) confidentially ran a cunning computer simulation program of the stock market called the “Elliot Wave Principle”, which concluded through their “Super-Computer-Modeling” (SCM), that there is an 88% chance of a financial crash in the imminent future! Normally, if a financial crash precedes a presidential election, the incumbent party (“democrats”, in this case) will loose the election. As there is no doubt that the “establishment” (the “democrats”, at this hour) are presently in control of the leadership of the US government, and that Trump and Sanders pose an equal threat to the “establishment” thereof, the likely scenario will be that the “Powers that Be” will do their very best to postpone a financial crash until after the election. Nevertheless, even the “Ruling Elite” cannot control everything. Which means that despite their best efforts, a financial crash might happen before the election. In either case, with a financial crash before the election, or one immediately after the election, you only have days or weeks to sell your stocks now, while they still have a relatively high value, as opposed to selling them after the crash, when a much greater loss will be incurred.

I have a dear and highly intelligent friend who says that the stock market always “eventually corrects itself”, in that “riding out” the crash cycles without selling stocks at a high value (though contradictory to the fundamental “Buy Low, Sell High” philosophy), will eventually pay off, in that all that all stock markets, in the two hundred history thereof, have eventually equalized thereafter.

I have to admit, my friend is right . . . with two notable exceptions . . .

1) The stock Market Crash of 1929

If you had enough wealth to ride out the lengthy Sixteen Year Cycle of the disastrous lows after 1929 Crash . . . then . . . yes . . . you would have eventually broken even . . . in about 1945 . . . After the Sixteen Years of deplorable lows of immense frugality.

2)  NOW, in the Near Future, “End Times” of the World

Many superior analysts, such as Retired Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, and Current Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen, and the incredibly successful financial entrepreneur George Soros, have ALL said on the record recently, that a GLOBAL financial “Reset” is needed to wash away Insurmountable International Debt.

I have no doubt that they are RIGHT.

I am writing this article specifically for YOU.

That You will sell your stocks now to avoid future financial ruin.

If the world were running though its normal 200 year cycles of highs and lows, then I would say . . . “Go for it . . . Ride out the stock market highs and lows!”

Yet . . .

We are about to experience BIBLICAL moments in history . . .

My advise, if you trust Brother Bart’s Conspiracy Corner . . .

Is to CASH IN your stocks NOW, While there is still time . . .

You can then buy food, water, water filters, batteries, etc., with these limited and precious cash resources, while there is still time to do so, and cash is still of value, with which you can buy practical supplies from Walmart to survive the coming Biblical Collapse. After all, what is a “piece of paper”, whether it be “cash” or a “stock certificate”, compared to a tangible gallon of fresh drinking water or canned food? Even a sack full of gold, valued today at one million dollars, will be of ZERO value in comparison to a gallon of clean water and a bowl of cooked rice, when all electricity is turned off on the entire planet, and a sack of gold is a merely a beautiful paperweight.

What will likely happen, is that the stock market crash will occur RIGHT AFTER the coming November 8th election, which both classified CIA and NSA polls have Trump winning 49% to 40%, with 11% going to “Third Parties”, in order to blame popular opinion (also know as “Democracy”, or the “deplorable unredeemable masses”), as instigating the economic crash, which the Elite have long controlled, and postponed to this very hour, in order to blame the foretold economic crash election on the majority, to which they are definitely opposed, pursuing instead the super-minority of “global elites”, to whom they slavently serve.

Be Warned My Beloved Brethren.

I will discuss all this, and much more, in this week’s episode of Conspiracy Corner News.

Just click on the Youtube link BELOW to watch . . .

Brother Bart-




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