Top 10 Immigration Destinations In The World

Top 10 Immigration Destinations In The World | singapore | Sleuth Journal

Looking for a bit of a change of scenery? Ready to pack up your bags and try something completely different? If so, you may be interested in the below list where we discuss the world’s top 10 immigration destinations according to a survey last year by HSBC Expat Explorer.


Singapore has topped the list for the third year in a row and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Singapore has one of the most stable economic climates in the world and is a cultural melting pot of international heritages and cuisines.


Norway came in a close second and is a worthy contender in this list because of its phenomenal education and medical care systems. Although the cost of living is very high and may come as quite a shock, the average pay check is also very high to even things out.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a famed immigration destination. Its low population makes for many job opportunities and low unemployment and crime rates. The landscape is absolutely breathtaking; it was the setting for Lord of the Rings after all!


Germany already has over 10 million immigrants and the number is ever increasing. Germany remains a popular immigration destination due to its flourishing economy. Germany also has some of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, which makes procuring a job in Germany not all that difficult.


Netherlands: home to cheese, marijuana and many happy foreigners. The Netherlands is a well run country that has many opportunities for expats, while offering them a high quality of life among other perks.


Canadians are said to some of the most polite and friendliest people, who better to welcome you to your new home? Surprisingly, Canada is a very culturally diverse country and no matter what ypur culture or creed, you should find a community that suits you perfectly.


Australia’s high salaries and impressive job market makes it one of the best countries in the word for immigration. The weather is another draw factor as Australia boasts a moderate climate with manageable winters and long, warm summers.


Sweden’s benefits are known to be the best in the world. For example, employees can expect 5 weeks paid vacation. Parents also receive a total of 480 paid parental leave for each of their offspring. No wonder family life is so good in Sweden.


Austria may seem like a bit of a random choice for immigration but this beautiful country, where The Sound of Music was set, offers a myriad of benefits such as great job security, general safety and security and an impressive transport system.

The United Arab Emirates

The UAE has an exceptionally appealing labour market and they are often offering exciting jobs to people from across the globe on both short-term and long-term basis. Jobs are mostly well-paid and all inclusive, with your accommodation sourced for you by your employer.

In order to immigrate to any of the above countries, you’ll may find that you need help from Immigration Solutions in order to make the visa process just that much easier.

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