Trump Caving on Syria Troop Pullout?

Trump Caving on Syria Troop Pullout? | donald-trump-syria | Military Special Interests Trump World News

Ignore what politicians say. Follow only what they do. Time and again their actions and rhetoric diverge greatly.

Previous articles explained that US forces came to Syria and virtually everywhere else they’re deployed to stay indefinitely.

US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) head General Raymond Thomas earlier boasted about “operat(ing) in every corner of the world,” adding:

“Rather than a mere ‘break-glass-in-case-of-war’ force, we are now proactively engaged across the ‘battle space’ of the Geographic Combatant Commands… providing key integrating and enabling capabilities to support their campaigns and operations.”

Trump regime hardliners intend indefinite occupation of northern and southern Syrian territory – illegally controlled by Pentagon troops, operating from 18 or more bases, platforms for supporting ISIS and other terrorists, along with waging endless war on the country for regime change.

On Sunday, Trump said he wants US forces remaining in Iraq and elsewhere regionally to “watch” Iran – a nation at war with no others, threaten none.

Iraqi authorities oppose the notion of US forces remaining in the country, a statement saying its constitution rejects use of its territory to launch attacks on regional nations.

No one asked Baghdad’s permission to station US troops in the country to watch Iran, a statement adding it’s “of fundamental interest for Iraq to have good relations with the” Islamic Republic and other regional nations.

Asked if he wants US forces in Iraq to strike Iran, Trump said “(a)ll I want to do is be able to watch,” adding:

“We have an unbelievable and expensive military base built in Iraq. It’s perfectly situated for looking at all over different parts of the troubled Middle East rather than pulling up.”

Iraqi MP Sabah al-Saadi proposed legislation demanding the pullout of US and other foreign troops. Deputy Speaker Hassan Karim al-Kaabi called passage of a law “a national duty” following Trump’s provocative remarks.

Pending legislation if enacted will end the so-called Iraqi security arrangement with the US, requiring foreign forces to leave, the Trump regime likely to resist the demand if made.

DLT pulled back on his withdrawal from Syria announcement, saying he wants some US troops remaining in the country, citing concern for Israel’s security. So-called US and Israeli threats are invented. No real ones exist.

In late January, around 600 more US soldiers arrived in northern Syria, according to Turkey’s Anadolu news agency, the Pentagon increasing troop strength in the country, not withdrawing forces since’s Trump’s announcement last December 19.

At the same time, his regime’s special representative for Syria engagement James Jeffrey said US forces will remain in the country for “a very long time.”

Bolton and other regime hardliners said they’ll stay until ISIS (the US supports) is defeated and to protect Kurdish YPG fighters – to be discarded when no longer needed as a US proxy force.

Since Trump’s withdrawal announcement, Fars News, citing local sources, reported that “(m)ore than 1,100 trucks carrying US-made weapons and military equipment have been dispatched to the Eastern Euphrates region” – bolstering the presence of US troops.

Washington has no intention of leaving the country or neighboring Iraq. It continues supporting the scourge of ISIS, al-Nusra, and other regional terrorist groups it pretends to oppose.

A Pentagon report released on Monday manufactured reasons for US forces to stay in Syria indefinitely. It claimed remaining ISIS jihadists in the country (and Iraq) are a “a battle-hardened and well-disciplined force.”

It failed to say they’re armed, funded, trained and directed by the US and its imperial partners. It claimed they’ll regroup and become resurgent if Pentagon troops pull out.

It’s happening whether they stay or leave, true of other jihadists in the country as long as Washington and its imperial partners continue using them as imperial foot soldiers.

Separately according to local sources, US forces evacuated senior ISIS jihadists by helicopter from eastern Deir Ezzor. Their fighters were evacuated by a convoy of buses. The US pretends to oppose the scourge it supports.

A Final Comment

On Monday, the US Senate voted 70 – 26 against withdrawing Pentagon forces from Syria – claiming “a precipitous withdrawal” could destabilize the (already hugely destabilized) region” because of US wars and presence, Russia and Iran to benefit from a US pullout.

Regional peace and stability remain unattainable as long as US forever wars continue. Prospects for ending them are nil.

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