Trump Critics Enter The Twilight Zone, Claiming He’s A Manchurian Candidate For Putin

Trump Critics Enter The Twilight Zone, Claiming He’s A Manchurian Candidate For Putin | Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore-1024x687 | Politics

US establishment figures are so hellbent for Hillary, they’re reaching new lows to make her America’s 45th president – a legally challenged, trigger-happy Wall Street tool she-devil perhaps eager for global war.

Trump is no solution to changing America’s deplorable state. Compared to Clinton, he’s the lesser of two malign forces.

With no public track record, he’s judged by his rhetoric alone, along with knowing all politicians and wannabe ones lie. Nothing they say is credible. Judge them by their actions alone.

Clinton’s notorious history is abominable, DNC party bosses and complicit media scoundrels suppressing what’s too scandalous and criminal to ignore.

Trump’s unorthodox, anti-establishment-sounding rhetoric makes him political enemy number one. Propaganda targeting him incredibly suggests he’s a Manchurian candidate for Putin. Maybe accusing of being Hitler reincarnate comes next.

Brainwashed Americans believe most anything repeated enough. Propaganda works this way – a tool for deception, for misinformation and Big Lies, for convincing people about anything powerful interests want them to believe, suppressing hard truths they’re not told.

One-sidedly supporting Clinton, Washington Post editors call Trump “a threat to the Constitution…a unique and present danger…uniquely unqualified to serve as president, in experience and temperament.”

The New York Times deplorably said Trump’s calling on Russia to find Hillary’s 30,000 missing emails is “another bizarre moment in the mystery (sic) of whether (Putin is) seeking to influence the United States’ presidential race.”

Trump said “(o)f course I’m being sarcastic” in urging Moscow to uncover and reveal Hillary’s missing emails.

“They have no idea if it’s Russia…China (or) somebody else,” responsible for hacking and revealing DNC emails. “(T)he real problem is what was said” and done. “It’s disgraceful…and (now) they’re just trying to deflect from that.”

Calling Trump a Manchurian candidate for Putin reflects how far US dark forces will go to distract attention from their own wrongdoing – aided and abetted by media scoundrels, substituting managed news misinformation for hard truths.

One observer said calling Trump a Manchurian candidate sounds like pilot for a new TV show. Another suggested he’s a Democrat plant to get Clinton elected.

Trump and Putin never met. Suggesting he’s a Manchurian candidate for Russia’s leader or fronting for Clinton is absurd, offensive, and typical of US mainstream misreporting.

Trump entered the race to win. Any close examination of his demeanor, comments and energy show he wants to be president.

How he’ll govern if elected remains to be seen. Progressive change is off the table. If he wants normal relations with Russia, all to the good.

Whether he means what he says can’t be believed unless and until he proves it, if elected in November.

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About The Author

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. Visit his blog site at

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    • MindWarrior

      As if any speculation matters….the POTUS has already been selected. ALL that is seen now is just media circus entertainment for the drooling masses.

    • wayne

      I’m a Trump fan!
      Not because he’s the lesser of two evils, but BECAUSE he has no track record. He simply promotes change from what is, to what SHOULD be.
      The globalists don’t like him, don’t want him, and cannot allow their years and years of sinister strategic planning to be deconstructed at the will of somebody desiring that America become great again. The mindless portion of the public parrot the propaganda spin on Trumps unproven track record, like it’s a bad thing or liability, which is EXACTLY why those self appointed elitists don’t like or want him in office, as they simply can’t predict and CONTROL the future of America and the world because this puppet has no strings to pull, and might therefore Trump their plans. That alone should be reason enough to love the guy!
      Edward Snowden would also make a wonderful president as he seems to be beholding to nobody and loyal only to America itself.
      When will America get it’s head out of it’s passt and it’s >what if< worry out of the future, and simply focus on the present????????

    • Busta Jetson

      …..aaaaand, the 3rd to last scene in the lock, stock & barrel lifting of the typical WWE script continues……..