Trump Escalated Obama’s War on Yemen

Trump Escalated Obama’s War on Yemen | Saudi-bombing-yemen | Trump War Propaganda World News

Washington and Saudi Arabia are waging terror-war on Yemen, defenseless civilians harmed most of all, a deplorable situation getting scant Western media attention, including about its devastating humanitarian crisis.

US special forces are operating covertly in the country, pretending to be combating ISIS and other terrorists Washington supports – targeting Houthi fighters, exacerbating crisis conditions.

UK-based Reprieve discussed Trump’s drone war on the country, greatly escalating what Bush/Cheney began, Obama continuing their aggression.

During his tenure, he carried out 563 strikes on Yemen, mostly drone terror-bombings, ten-fold more than Bush/Cheney, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

Since taking office a year ago, Trump increased aerial attacks on Yemen six-fold over 2016 – by drones and warplanes, according to CENTCOM.

In January, he conducted 131 manned and unmanned strikes, pretending to be combating terrorism.

On February 1, 10 more strikes occurred – terror-bombing by drones, AC-130 gunships and fighter-bombers. The civilian toll after nearly three years of war greatly exceeds official numbers.

Drone strikes alone greatly increased since Trump took office – in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen, Reprieve explained.

Trump’s drone war so far caused more loss of life in targeted countries than throughout Obama’s tenure, the group reported, adding:

“Under Trump, America’s illegal drone war has expanded further across the globe.” What new countries does he intend to attack? How much more death and destruction does he have in mind?

He “increased and widened drone strikes…systematically weaken(ing) safeguards,” operations ongoing unrestrained, according to Reprieve.

“(E)ven individuals not considered to pose a ‘continuing and imminent threat’ can be targeted for death without trial.”

Trump is conducting a secret assassination program – murder by drones, warplanes and ground operations.

He “approved (it) casually over dinner,” said Reprieve, mindless of the devastating human toll. Under Obama a “kill list” was compiled.

He headed an administration Murder, Inc. agenda, appointing himself judge, jury and executioner, targeting anyone anywhere, US citizens are vulnerable like foreign nationals.

Trump escalated his assassination agenda. “(T)argeted killing…turned out to be anything but targeted,” Reprieve explained, adding:

“The CIA’s own leaked documents concede that the US often does not know who it is killing, and that militant leaders’ account for just 2% of drone-related deaths.”

Countless numbers of defenseless civilians have been murdered in cold blood, including numerous women and children, victims of US viciousness.

“In numerous attempts to kill one individual, the CIA killed 76 children and 29 adults, while totally failing to assassinate their target. To get around the problem of civilian casualties, everyone in a strike zone was classified as a combatant,” Reprieve explained.

When Trump entered office, things escalated dramatically – “industrial-scale executions, hugely expanded in both scale and callousness, conducted with no regard for human life or human rights,” said Reprieve.

His agenda reflects “reckless brutality,” his war OF terror committing endless, unrestrained atrocities in multiple war theaters.

He’s the latest in a long line of US warrior presidents, exceeding the worst of his predecessors after one year in office.

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