Trump Escalating War in Syria

Trump Escalating War in Syria | donald-trump4 | Military War Propaganda World News

Instead of winding down US wars he campaigned against, arguing they wasted trillions of dollars vital for domestic needs, he’s escalating them in Syria and Yemen, likely in Afghanistan, and continuing US terror-bombing in Iraq, massacring civilians.

Hundreds of airmen manning B-52H Stratofortresses were deployed to Syria and Iraq. Along with US special forces and marines, they’ll aid anti-government terrorist fighters.

They carry powerful payloads, able to cause extensive damage to targeted areas, along with indiscriminate killing of civilians.

Reports indicate Washington may deploy 1,000 or more additional combat troops to Syria, pending approval by Defense Secretary Mattis and Trump.

Last month, CENTCOM commander General Joseph Votel said they’re needed, not to combat ISIS as he claimed.

They’ll be used to aid anti-government forces seize northern Syrian territory, including Raqqa if things go as planned.

Much larger numbers may be deployed, Trump earlier saying “(w)e really have no choice. We have to knock out ISIS. I would listen to the generals, but I’m hearing numbers of 20,000 to 30,000” – a full-scale invasion if ordered.

Last month, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned against Washington sending combat troops to Syria, saying:

“We cannot commit to solutions that are part of the problem. I believe that the presence of foreign troops in Arab territory is a recipe for those extremists to rally behind and gain new fighters from disenfranchised youths.”

Separately, head of Syria’s Astana conflict resolution talks, Bashar al-Jaafari, accused Turkey of trying to undermine them.

Anti-government representatives failed to show up. Without them and US involvement, no substantive agreement is possible.

On May 3 and 4, talks will resume in Astana. No breakthroughs occurred so far, little accomplished. Russia is the only nation meeting face-to-face with both sides.

War continues raging, no end in sight so far, despite various opposition groups agreeing to ceasefire.

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