Trump Orders Plan to Defeat ISIS

Trump Orders Plan to Defeat ISIS | donald-trump7-1024x572 | Trump War Propaganda World News

America created ISIS and virtually all other terrorist groups. They operate because of foreign support, used as imperial foot soldiers in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Defeating them requires ending support – no longer recruiting their fighters, supplying them with weapons, munitions, funding, training and direction.

On January 28, Trump’s  memorandum to defeat ISIS mentioned no other terrorist groups or what’s explained above – just saying it’s “not the only threat from radical Islamic terrorism…”

They don’t threaten America as stated, just nations and populations where they’re deployed.

So-called ISIS-inspired terrorist incidents in Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando, Brussels, Nice, Berlin and elsewhere in Western nations were state-sponsored false flags – Islamophobic fear-mongering to enlist public support for policies harming public welfare, including imperial wars and freedom-destroying police state laws.

Trump ordered Defense Secretary Mattis to prepare “a preliminary draft of the Plan to defeat ISIS” within 30 days, including:

“(A) a comprehensive strategy and plans for the defeat of ISIS;

(B) recommended changes to any United States rules of engagement and other United States policy restrictions that exceed the requirements of international law regarding the use of force against ISIS;

(C) public diplomacy, information operations, and cyber strategies to isolate and delegitimize ISIS and its radical Islamist ideology;

(D) identification of new coalition partners in the fight against ISIS and policies to empower coalition partners to fight ISIS and its affiliates;

(E) mechanisms to cut off or seize ISIS’s financial support, including financial transfers, money laundering, oil revenue, human trafficking, sales of looted art and historical artifacts, and other revenue sources; and

(F) a detailed strategy to robustly fund the Plan.”

Various US agencies will be involved – including Defense, State, Treasury, DHS, DNI, the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, along with advisors to Trump on National Security and Homeland Security and Counterterrorism.

If he’s serious about combating ISIS and other terrorist groups, it’ll represent a major shift in longstanding US policy. For now, it’s best to remain skeptical unless or until his agenda proves otherwise.


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