Trump Regime’s No-Pullout/Pullout from Syria

Trump Regime’s No-Pullout/Pullout from Syria | Trump-syria | Military Trump War Propaganda World News

US forces deployed worldwide came to stay, especially in war zones and nations of greatest strategic importance – except where ruling authorities prohibit deployment of foreign forces on their territory.

Pompeo and Bolton run the Trump regime’s geopolitical agenda, along with the Pentagon’s joint chiefs of staff.

It’s a formula for endless wars in multiple theaters, along with continued expansion of America’s empire of bases, used as platforms for warmaking.

It also assures US forces came to Syria to stay, not leave. The Pentagon has 18 or more bases in the country. Turkey believes it has 22, along with others in Iraq near Syria’s border and elsewhere in the country, new ones being built in both nations, evidence of permanent occupation.

An indefinite timeline for withdrawing US forces from Syria, cited by Bolton and Pompeo, is code language for staying, not leaving.

On Wednesday, Fars News reported 4,000 more US forces deployed to Kirkuk province in northern Iraq. New Pentagon bases are being built in the country for permanent occupation.

Three new Pentagon ones were built in Raqqa province, Syria – with US forces staying in the country in mind, not leaving.

According to Russian military analyst Vladimir Kozin, “the US is training terrorists in 19 military bases in Syria,” in pursuit of its regional military and political objectives – maintaining control over territory and airspace where its bases are located.

None of the above information suggests the US intends to leave Syria, Iraq, and virtually everywhere else where its forces are located.

According to an “exclusive” Middle East Eye (MEE) report, Bolton delivered a “five-point” no-US-pullout/pullout plan from Syria to Turkish officials in Ankara.

He, Joint Chiefs chairman General Joseph Dunford, and Trump regime special envoy against Syrian sovereign independence James Jeffrey “failed to offer any specific details of an exit plan” from the country, said MEE – because US forces came to stay, not leave.

Erdogan snubbed them over Bolton’s remarks about protecting Kurdish YPG fighters in northern Syria. Bolton et al met with Ibrahim Kalin, an Erdogan aide, and other Turkish officials.

Five conditions for a no-pullout/US pullout included:

1. withdrawal “in a deliberate, orderly and strong manner,” no timetable mentioned.

2. US forces to remain in Syria until ISIS is defeated – the scourge Washington created and supports, using its fighters and other jihadists as proxy troops, deploying them where the Pentagon wants them used.

3. “The US…wants a negotiated solution to Turkish security concerns with regard to the YPG,” said MEE.

4. The Trump regime demands withdrawal of Iranian military forces personnel from Syria. Advisors alone are there at the behest of Damascus. They’re not leaving as long as Assad requests their help.

The same goes for Hezbollah fighters, legally in Syria, involved in combatting US-supported terrorists, intending to stay as long as needed.

Bolton said no withdrawal of US forces from its al-Tanf base is planned, located in southern Syria near the Iraqi and Jordanian border.

5. The US demands its say over how captured ISIS and other jihadists are dealt with. Bolton called an “appropriate disposition of those prisoners…a top priority.”

Turkey reportedly agreed to hold off conducting another cross-border operation against YPG fighters while US forces remain in northern Syria.

Ankara expects them withdrawn in 120 days. Mixed Trump regime signals suggest it won’t likely happen.

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