Trump Victory Good for Elites? (VIDEO)

Trump Victory Good for Elites? (VIDEO) | George-Sorros-Jacob-Rothschild | Conspiracy Corner Illuminati Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests Trump US News World News

You may remember my article “England’s Clever Sacrificial Chess Move” from June 24, 2016, in which I outlined why a “Brexit” victory might serve the “Elites” purposes, even though they temporarily worked very hard to create the “European Union.” Like the masterful chessmen which they truly are, I suggested that they might be maneuvering a clever “Queen Sacrifice” in order to have a supreme advantage in a later, highly significant historical turn, literally sacrificing the Queen of England’s stated desire to remain part of the European Union. On August 12, 2016, fellow Sleuth Journal contributor Brandon Smith suggested in his article “2016 Will End with Economic Instability and a Trump Presidency” that a Trump victory might occur for the exact same reason; a cunning fake-out of seemingly opposite intentions, to bring about a false narrative for the Elites’ next major economic move on the international battlefield of high finance . . . The Total Collapse of the World Economy . . . from which they can buy up the shattered pieces at a small fraction of their previous value, in order to consolidate their ever-increasing global power.

As with the former, not only was Brexit’s victory unexpected (perhaps deliberately so, as too with the recent election, through hyped contrived misleading polls of their own creation to the contrary, in order to “shock” the financial markets upon the opposite outcome than massively expected), if economic collapse follows these two events, then the antecedent (the will of the people in Europe and Trump in America) can be blamed for it, rather than the Elites themselves who deliberately initiated the economic downfall so that they can sell just before it and buy right afterwards, as they did so famously, by the Federal Reserve’s own admission nearly a century later of its selfish intentionality to do so, admittedly causing the “Great Depression”, to magnify their own wealth by a thousand fold in less than a year, thus centralizing their stranglehold of control upon the entire world.

Though it came out through the “Alternative (Underground) Media” of the internet that Billionaire George Soros’ company manufactured a third of the electronic voting machines in the United States, all the while he illegally “donated” (Bribed) millions of dollars to the Clinton campaign through her “nonprofit foundation” (because the receiving of funds from a foreign entity like He or the Saudis “directly” by a United States electoral candidate constitutes the felony of Treason, and why this tiny step away from this via the “Clinton Foundation” does not constitute the very same crime is beyond me . . . and the FBI director . . . and the Attorney General), Soros may not have used this voter machine manipulation “Ace in the Hole” at all, or perhaps even used it in favor of Trump instead!

Normally, such underhanded shenanigans as vote tampering is well below the prideful “dignity” of such masterful chess players as Soros, who’s skill-set is so far above such juvenility as direct vote tampering, that they consider it completely unnecessary and beneath their powers of mass psychological dexterity that they would be insulting their own intelligence to cheat in such a rudimentary fashion. As such, Billionaires such as these concentrate their efforts, and craft their deceitful arts, in much more subtle mature methods, such as steering the masses (whom they secretly refer to as “sheep”) through the Billion Dollar Mainstream Media, which they entirely own and manipulate by the hour, cleverly conning the gullible public into voting according to the Elite’s predetermined wishes, so that the manipulation of the election is “legal” in their minds and cannot be directly traced to them. To win in thus a fashion is the sweet victory to which they are accustomed and joyously boast about as they sip their century old brandy at the fireside in their exclusive clubs after such long planned conquests come to fruition.

Nevertheless, in a recent admission from an employee of such a company which manufactures these “electronic” (digital, not necessarily real tabulation) voting machines, they acknowledged that cheating is not only possible, it has been successfully tested on their own equipment without the slightest knowledge or perceivability of the “voting officials”. They further stated that the hidden and undetectable dishonest computer program therein was contrived in such a way as to only give the cheating winner a victory by a modest one percent margin, just as it was with this election, so as to best hide the deceit and make the stolen victory convincingly appear to have been realistic. Whose to say that Soros did indeed cheat with the voting machines which he designed and sold to America, yet did so in the exact opposite way from what those in the Alterative Media predicted!

With Economic Collapse as the Elite’s long ago designed scenario for 2017, if Clinton won the election with this preplanned chess move of an economic crisis for next year, the implementation of which is more important to them than who won the election, then not only would Clinton be blamed for the financial downturn rather than Elite outsider Trump, her well-known ties to the Elite would more closely associate them with having caused the crash in the first place, a fact which the Elite will no doubt ardently and successfully strive to remain hidden. By helping to install Trump at the helm during an arranged severe economic downturn from which the Elite will gobble up resources for pennies on the dollar just as they did during the last great crash (though Trump himself may be completely unaware of their scheme to use him for this purpose), the Elite can not only distance themselves from appearing to have caused their planned profitable chaos, they can blame the “Independence/Freedom” movement for it, just as they can with Brexit, thus demonstrating to the world that the citizens thereof had better let the Elite run the show, otherwise “honest simpletons” will make it worse for everyone, even though it is actually the Elite who are fully intent on doing this themselves, all the while blaming their opposition for it, as they have done so successfully, time and time again, throughout history. Thusly, Clinton is the Queen Sacrifice of America, and like Trump, perhaps is completely unaware of her own personal manipulation in this endeavor by those more powerful than she, much higher up than the bureaucratic fronts like her who appear to control of the world, when the true masters thereof deliberately stay in the background for their own personal protection from political assassination, telling surrogates like her what to do from a safe distance away.

I am not saying that Soros rigged the voting machines for Trump, only that he could have if he wanted to, in order to achieve a concealed nefarious agenda. What I believe Soros and his clansmen actually did instead, was to shave a few points off of Clinton’s lead at the last hour, so that Trump would win and better fulfill their long-term hidden objectives, by instructing the malleable FBI director to very temporarily “reopen” Clinton’s scandalous email investigation, nudging the election results in the opposite direction from where they were wrongfully perceived to have wanted them, thus cleverly outwitting their most advanced adversaries, with their more intellectually eloquent subtle touch of mass physiological manipulation, the preferred methodology with which devious geniuses can be more proud of than elementary vote tampering. After all, the FBI claimed that they “thoroughly investigated” the newly discovered 650,000 emails in less than 650,000 seconds. (I wish I could read that fast!)

To those who believe that we are living in the “End Times”, as well as to those who do not believe this yet still have an open mind as to such prophecies possibly being true nonetheless, many theologians believe mankind is approaching the timeline of “Seal Three” in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 6, which says, “Two pounds of wheat for a day’s wage”, an equivalent of which might be, “A loaf of bread for $100”. If so, then ancient prophets have also predicted Impending Economic Collapse. The same venerable writings thereof say that during such a soon approaching troubled time, “People will throw their gold into the streets like it is garbage” (Ezekiel 7:19), that is to say, if things get so bad that the electricity is turned off, for whatever reason, then one gallon of clean drinking water (which needs electricity to come out of the faucet) would be worth far more than a bag of gold at that time, even though it was previously valued at one million dollars.

The Billionaire Elites who run the world attained their lofty manipulative positions by outwitting 99.999% of everyone else 99.999% of the time, including the forward thinking followers of “Alternative Media”. Their infamous “Double-Cross”, symbolically emblazed on NAZI emblems (a population reducing society whom they secretly admire), personified this logo of deviousness by unpredictable, unprecedented, seemingly illogical, self-inflicted fake-out wounds, consistently surpassing the thinking of the most seasoned opponents, catching them completely off guard, and thereby strangling them to death by their own lack of deeply complex underhanded thinking. Therefore, keep a sharp eye on the near future. Despite the apparent obviousness of events, the outcome may be the exact opposite of what is anticipated.

 I will discuss all this, and much more, in this week’s episode of Conspiracy Corner News.

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