Why Trump’s Travel Ban is Absolutely Dead on Arrival; Time to Move on! (VIDEO)

Why Trump’s Travel Ban is Absolutely Dead on Arrival; Time to Move on! (VIDEO) | trump | Government Special Interests Trump US Supreme Court

For anyone looking to truly understand what is going on with the status of President Trump’s travel ban, the following video and article from The Telegraph provides a detailed and almost real-time chronology from the 36-hour period following the stay of the travel ban by Judge Robart, to where things stand on the travel ban right now. One important point to note, is that Vice President Pence has stated on several occasions that the reason the Trump Administration is in full compliance with Robart’s halt, is because Judge Robart DOES have the constitutional authority to put a temporary halt on Trump’s Executive Order.

The following video by Right Wing News, provides viewers with a detailed review from a legal perspective of what is happening with Judge Robart’s halt of the President’s travel ban. It does so by reviewing Judge Robart’s horribly written legal opinion that is responsible for placing the halt on President Trump’s perfectly lawful Executive Order. In the video, Right Wing News actually compares Judge Robart’s opinion to the very case Robart himself cited in his decision to block Trump’s Executive Order, and shows what an awful job he did.

As Right Wing News explains, whether President Trump’s Executive Order is truly constitutional or not, really doesn’t make much difference at this point if/when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refuses to grant a stay, which is almost certain to be the case. Americans should be reminded of the liberal nature of the 9th Circuit Court, which presides over states like Washington, Oregon, and California, and is known to be without a doubt the most far-left, liberal Court in the entire country.

Ordinarily, a challenge to the Supreme Court would be the likely remedy to any loony decision by the Court of Appeals, but as Judge Robart most likely considered when reaching his absurd decision to block the President, any appeal to the Supreme Court right now will only result in Robart’s decision being upheld. Why? Because there is an open seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, and a 4-4 tie by the Court would return the case to the lower Court’s decision.

It’s dirty politics to be sure, but does anyone really expect less from the far-left or their activist judges? If/when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refuses to reverse Judge Robart’s decision, our legal system will render President Trump completely powerless to enact his travel ban, and there is nothing he can do about it. The Supreme Court won’t be able to help.

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