If Your Vaccines Work, Why Inoculate Me?

If Your Vaccines Work, Why Inoculate Me? | Alex-Berezow-cigar-at-Cool-River-300x300 | Conspiracy Corner Medical & Health Propaganda Sleuth Journal Toxins Vaccines

Dr. Alex Berezow

Jail those opposed to vaccines.

Board of Contributors” of USA Today

– Should You Trust a Doctor Who Smokes? –

(*See Important References at End of Article*)

Did USA Today contributor “Doctor” Alex Berezow really say that people should be jailed for expressing Freedom of Choice as to what medicines, if any, they choose put inside of their own bodies? Yes he did !!!

For Alex to open his argument for mandatory universal vaccines against the free choice of the individual by calling people with a different point of view than his crazy (“ludicrous”) and stupid (“ignorant”), only shows his own guilt in precisely these two areas. If belittling others who disagree with him is his methodology for argumentation, then I would certainly question his elementary school accreditation.

The fact is, the majority has always been wrong throughout history, with the minority having been proven right in a following generation. If Alex is a true “scientist”, how can he overlook this blatant fact? The majority of “scientists” like him thought the world was flat. The majority of “doctors” like him thought bleeding a virus out of a person would lead to their health. The majority of “leaders” like him thought Nixon was honest. You see, you can be sincere, and be sincerely wrong.

To say that “a mountain of data” (which was self-created by the fox profiteers of the 40 Billion Dollar a Year vaccine industry in a wily attempt to forcibly inoculate the consumer chickens under their care) “proves” that vaccines are safe, is not necessarily proof of anything, except a lucrative, controlling agenda. Think about it . . . If the product a profit-seeking company sells is required by law to purchase, and the sales are 40 Billion Dollars a Year, that’s a pretty good arrangement with the government, isn’t it? What would you be willing to do for 40 Billion Dollars?

At one time “mountains” of medical journals advocated draining blood out of a person to heal them. In fact, our country’s beloved patriarch, George Washington, was killed in such a manner, murdered through negligent homicide by the very best doctors America had to offer, the very same ones who Alex holds as Lords above the rest of us!

People like Alex who call others who disagree with them “illogical” (which is another way of calling them “stupid”) only prove their sightlessness to the facts by the arrogance that they display, which caused their blindness to begin with! They belittle people who believe that a Divine Creator makes more sense than a leopard giving itself spots, without realizing that they have made their self-made institutions their own religion! How much more obvious can this be than calling his own blog the “MINISTRY of science”!

The fact is, vaccines contain up to 25,000 times more mercury in them than the Environmental Protection Agency allows in drinking water. As most children receive 49 vaccines (believe it or not) containing this mercury by the age of six, this is then up to 1.25 Million times the amount of mercury allowed in drinking water by the EPA! Seeing how mercury has been known to be a neurotoxin for more than two hundred years, causing “madness” (hence the term “mad as a hatter”, from mercury they absorbed in the manufacturing of hat felt two centuries ago), why on earth would someone knowingly give the developing brain of an innocent child 49 doses of mercury before the age of six?!?! (And people still question if the mental illness of autism can be caused by the known neurotoxin mercury in vaccines??? See the reference at the end of this article of a recent court which ruled that vaccine do cause autism.) The manufactures of vaccines claim that mercury is used in them as a “preservative for the medicine”, yet would you drink orange juice that had mercury added to it as a “preservative” ??? Would it even be legal to sell orange juice that had mercury added to it as a preservative???

The fact is, William Thompson, a former Senior Scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the organization that Alex quotes as his Pope of medicine, recently confessed that rampant fraud, under the disguise of “science”, regularly goes on at the CDC, where data of vaccine fatalities and permanent brain or bodily injury are frequently omitted from CDC documents because of political pressure put on them from the 40 Billion Dollar a Year Vaccine Industry!  If vaccines are so safe, why did the vaccine industry successfully lobby congress in 1986 to receive immunity from prosecution for vaccine injuries!!! Isn’t this contradictory if vaccines are really safe?

Does anyone realize that the CDC and the FDA accept oversight of studies that “prove” the safety of drugs and food by the manufactures themselves of the drugs and foods they are trying to sell? Who was it that thought putting the fox in charge of the hen house was a good idea??? Who let this happen in the first place and why??? When did protecting our children morph into protecting the program to protect our children? To question the “system” is a sign of intelligence, not stupidity.

To blindly trust industry and government that used to say in our lifetime that Coca Cola was very good for the developing brains of babies, is really naive. For Alex to say that people who think differently than he about mercury laden vaccines are somehow of “inferior” intelligence, one should consider the fact that, in a recent survey of those in California who refused the measles vaccine in order to protect their children from mercury poisoning, nearly all of them were from affluent, very well educated, families! Virtually none of them were from the “stupid class” of people Alex claims to feel so superior to that he would jail them for disagreeing with him. In fact, these “people of the masses”, are the very ones who support vaccines!  Alex is actually targeting people of high intelligence who know the truth, just as a general targets an enemy’s stronghold, thinking that discrediting his fellow “intellectuals” who know the truth, is the best way to silence those driving the opposition, to whom many others in the general population look to for guidance.

If Alex is so smart to begin with, why does he smoke when it is known to cause cancer and why does he drink flammable liquids that kill the brain, or are these the very things that diminished his reasoning in the first place?

When the “news” reports that the “majority” of people contracting the measles at Disneyland were not vaccinated, what are the exact numbers anyway? 51% to 49% ? You see, they never say, even though “journalists” are supposed to report the facts, right? The fact is, several of the people who got measles at Disneyland were vaccinated (as you can read in a reference at the end of this article), and a former Merck (vaccine company) employee recently confessed that it was the measles vaccine itself (because it contains the virus) which caused the outbreak in the first place!!!

A few weeks ago, a nurse whom I interviewed at a prestigious hospital, told me confidentially that 100% of the flu cases she was treating were from people who received  the flu vaccine! How much plainer of a con game can this be? Even the CDC reported in 1984, during the last mild “outbreak” of measles, that of the school students who contracted measles, 100% had received a measles vaccine, indicating that the measles virus in the vaccine is what gave them the measles in the first place!!! Interesting isn’t it, that the vaccine that is supposed to protect you from the disease actually causes the disease! (Not to long ago a friend of mine told me that whatever a politician says, know that the exact opposite is true!)

According to our own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the past 10 years in the United States, ZERO deaths have resulted from the measles, yet 108 deaths have occurred because of fatal reactions to the measles vaccine!!! Why on earth is this not reported by the media?!?! Obviously, someone is profiteering, either with money or control or both, from pushing, through fear mongering, mandatory vaccines. (40 Billion Dollar a Year Industry, remember?) That is why the 99% corporate controlled media is not reporting these facts, because they would adversely effect the vaccine sales and control initiatives at their own affiliated companies! You can now see, if you have not previously, that “news” is really nothing more than government and corporate propaganda disguised as “news”.

Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has admitted that those receiving vaccines are the ones who are actually putting others at risk. The reason is that an otherwise healthy person is injected with THE VIRUS that the vaccine is supposed to protect them against, and that they can then transmit this virus to others! It says so right on the box containing the vaccine . . . which the public, of course, is never shown!!!

The flu vaccine box, which contains the mercury laden vaccine, also says this, word for word, right on it:


Is that “scientific” enough for you Alex, or do you pray before you take each shot?

Why in the world, then, would I deliberately inject myself, or especially my children, with the poison mercury to have little to no chance of preventing future coughing and sneezing that would heal itself anyway?!?!

Want to know the possible side effects of vaccines? (Are you sure you want to know???) They too are written right on the box by the “scientists” that Alex worships:


Is there any part of my body these toxins won’t kill ???

Alex said, “No person has the right to threaten the safety of others”, yet he is hypocritically doing the very thing he just spoke against by forcing the above dangers (“threatening the safety of others”) on someone else without their permission!

He said that “people should be arrested for endangering others”, then I guess if the above horrific dangers are in vaccines, as written by “scientists” like him right on the box, if Alex has any morality or honesty left in him, he should immediately turn himself in for incarceration for advocating the forcing of mercury, a known poison, into others, endangering them to receive the above risks to their lives against their will. (I’ll ask the judge to set a reasonable bond for him, seeing how he was so conscientious to turn himself in.)

Why does part of the population have to get vaccines against their free will to protect the other part of the population, who have already received a vaccine, if vaccines really work to protect the group who received them from the disease they fear getting from the unvaccinated group?  If they and their children have already taken their vaccines, and vaccines really work, why would they care if others took theirs or not?  They would already be protected from the disease by having their own vaccination, right?

If vaccines really worked, and were not part of another agenda, let’s say to put who knows what into the population’s bodies, for who knows what future reason, then if the complaining parties were the only ones on the entire planet who were vaccinated against all of us “sick” people, then they would still be protected from the illness, even if everyone else on the entire earth was unvaccinated except them, because they had already received their own vaccines against the disease, right?!

Why is it then, that “they” need the rest of us to be vaccinated with poisons to “protect” them if they already have their vaccines which protect them from the disease they fear getting from the rest of us???

It was only recently proven by the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, a pro-vaccine group, that millions of Kenyan girls were purposely injected with a sterilization drug hidden in a “tetanus vaccine” to secretly control the population. Why is this not a lead story in network news, instead of how much air is in a football?!?! (See this reference at end of this article) Bill Gates (the famous vaccine pusher and population reducer proponent) was even caught on camera saying “We are going to reduce the population with vaccine!” Think about it! If vaccines are supposed to prolong life (allegedly causing vast numbers of people to live that would have otherwise died without the supposed benefit of the vaccine), how on earth then could vaccines result in population reduction instead of population expansion??? (See and hear Gates say this himself through the link in the references at the end of this article)

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that only Africans are on his Hit List.

What is the REAL reason for wanting to “vaccinate” everyone???

 Does a dog or a cow have a choice to not be vaccinated? No, it does not. Why? Because it is an animal and a piece of property. When we start treating people like animals and property, our society is going backward, not forwards.

For Alex Berezow to suggest that people should go to jail for not having vaccinations against one’s freedom of choice, he is treating people like animals and property. To let someone, such as Alex, who advocates treating people like animals and property, to be on the “Board of Contributors” of USA Today, is like having a Klansman on the board of the NAACP. I highly recommend that he be removed immediately to save the dying reputation of USA Today before he kills it beyond resuscitation.

Brother Bart-


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