As Tyson Profits, Farmers Fail

As Tyson Profits, Farmers Fail | tyson-250 | Agriculture & Farming Organic Market Classifieds Petitions

Tyson Foods Chairman John Tyson just became a billionaire. How did he do it? By screwing over farmers.

Over the years, as Tyson has grown his monopolistic empire, his company has given farmers a smaller share of each consumer dollar spent on Tyson products. Farmers’ incomes have dropped. Tyson’s profits have soared.

A full quarter of chicken farmers experience losses every year. Tyson doesn’t even pay them enough to meet their operating costs.

Now Tyson wants Congress to make it even easier for Tyson Foods to subject farmers and ranchers to anticompetitive, deceptive, fraudulent and abusive business practices. The company is behind a proposed policy rider to the House Appropriations Committee’s 2015 spending bill that would severely weaken protections for the farmers who have made Tyson rich.

Take Action: Tell Congress to stop the Tyson Foods Anti-Farmer Act!

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