Ukraine’s Deplorable Reality

Ukraine's Deplorable Reality | ukraine | World News

In February 2014, Washington toppled Ukraine’s elected government, replacing it with Nazi-infested putschists – a lawless regime at war with its own people, responsible for high crimes, ruthless governance and massive corruption, led by illegitimate US-installed Petro Poroshenko.

New York Times editors gave feature op-ed space to its illegitimate foreign minister, Pavlo Klimkin, disgracefully claiming “Ukraine has made great progress” – calling the most brazen European coup since Mussolini’s 1922 march on Rome a “Revolution of Dignity.”


“We are finally tackling corruption in a meaningful way, and we have introduced a raft of reforms that will help the state to function better.”

“After our economy contracted for two consecutive years, we now expect to see it grow again. And we have achieved all of this under the most challenging of circumstances: while fighting a Russian-led war that has cost thousands of lives, and with a Russian occupation of the Crimean peninsula and the Donbas region crippling our economy.”

Fact: Deep-seated corruption rages out-of-control, grand theft rampant.

Fact: So-called “reforms” include police state viciousness, targeting political opposition, independent journalists, human rights workers, anti-war activists, not fascist rule.

Fact: Ukraine’s economy is a cesspool of mismanagement and venality, causing mass impoverishment, mass unemployment and underemployment, along with widespread human misery.

Fact: With US support and encouragement, Kiev is waging war without mercy on Donbass, fighting ebbing and flowing after raging earlier.

Fact: Claiming a “Russian-led war” turns truth on its head. So is saying Moscow occupies Crimea, insulting its vast majority voting to rejoin Russia, correcting a historic mistake.


“…Ukraine continues its journey to becoming a democratic, fair and prosperous country at the gates of Europe, a vision that so many of my fellow citizens died for during the Maidan Revolution in the beginning of 2014 and continue to die for defending our country against Russia.”

Fact: Ukraine is a fascist dictatorship, any form of democracy prohibited. Late 2013/early 2014 Euromaidan protests were planned, orchestrated and implemented by Washington.

Fact: Ukrainians are victimized by police state ruthlessness, Donbass an oasis of hope, its freedom fighters refusing to accept fascist rule. They deserve universal support.

Klimkin: What we have achieved in the last two years we could not have done without the hard work and sacrifice of our people” and foreign support.

Fact: Ukrainians “sacrifice(d)” freedom, entirely lost under fascist rule, Washington’s imperial project responsible for what happened.

Klimkin: Minsk agreements “were supposed to…end the fighting in Donbas…where Russia continues to carry out a hybrid war with thousands of Russian troops and proxies, tanks and other military equipment.”

Fact: Washington, Kiev and their rogue allies undermined Moscow’s good faith efforts for conflict resolution in Donbass. No Russian troops and proxies are involved in fighting.

Moscow didn’t “foment” war. It didn’t “illegally annex Crimea.” Klimkin urged Trump to continue policies Obama instituted, supporting Nazi-infested mob rule, preventing democratic governance from replacing it.

Trump’s administration will be defined by whether he continues dirty business as usual, or fulfills reformist campaign promises. A lot rides on which way he goes.


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