Ukraine’s Hostile Donbass Reintegration Law

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Ukraine is a fascist police state, installed by US coup d’etat against its democratically elected government.

The Donbass Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics split from Kiev, wanting democratic governance, rejecting dictatorial fascist rule.

Both republics denounced Kiev’s Donbass Reintegration Law, adopted by its illegitimate putschist parliament.

The measure is an affront to democratic governance, unjustifiably justifying naked aggression and related violence against the region – supported and encouraged by Washington and its rogue allies.

Lugansk Foreign Minister Vladislav Daney blasted the law, saying it “won’t save (illegitimate US-installed president) Poroshenko (and his regime) from being punished for violating the laws of their own country, and will not save the country that legitimized the war (on) the civilian population,” adding:

The measure’s adoption constitutes “another round of Kiev’s destructive policy towards the people of Donbass.”

Donetsk’s parliament Speaker Denis Pushilin made similar comments, adding Kiev is waging war on civilians in Donbass.

The new measure justifies the unjustifiable. It rejects Minsk’s conflict resolution principles, authorizing continued naked aggression on Donbass without formally declaring war.

According to Donetsk Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova, the law “reduces to zero possibilities for the implementation of the plan of peace settlement of the conflict as it openly bans implementation of certain (Minsk) political provisions.”

It calls Donbass sovereign independence “temporarily occupies territories.” It turns truth on its head, accusing Russia of “aggression against Ukraine.”

It gives Poroshenko power to establish regime control over Donbass by military force – without parliamentary consent.

It formally chooses naked aggression over peaceful conflict resolution, likely assuring escalated war ahead.

Weeks after the US-orchestrated February 2014 coup, Ukrainian forces launched naked aggression on Donbass, supported by Washington.

Intermittent fighting continues, escalation likely after passage of the reintegration law, a prescription for greater slaughter and destruction than already.

Sergey Lavrov denounced the measure, calling it “the law of disintegration,” renouncing Minsk principles.

Separately days earlier, Russia’s OSCE representative Alexander Lukashevich denounced continued violence in Ukraine, saying:

“(F)ascist rioters destroyed an exhibition dedicated to (famed Russian operatic basso) Fyodor Shalyapin (1873 – 1938), paint(ing) its walls with extremist slogans, insult(ing) Russian diplomats, and desecrat(ing) a Russian national flag.”

Kiev police facilitated violence by doing nothing to stop it. Similar anti-Russia crimes occurred earlier – by the regime and Nazi thugs it supports.

“Radical nationalism (was) elevated to state policy,” Lukashevich explained, supported by the West instead of denouncing it.

As long as fascist governance runs Ukraine, “there will be no peace in the country,” he added.

A Final Comment

According to Donbass news reports, the Donetsk People’s Republic Internal Affairs Ministry received information about Kiev building concentration camps for Donbass citizens.

If true, it’s further evidence of its ruthless agenda.

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