UN Migration Accord: Behold the Collapse of Western Civilization

UN Migration Accord: Behold the Collapse of Western Civilization | immigration-1024x576 | Special Interests United Nations US News

The invasion of millions of immigrants via the so-called U.N. Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is the latest effort to collapse western civilization.

Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Bulgaria will not sign the pact. Neither will the United States of America, whose President Donald Trump, took the country out of a preliminary version last year.

Mr. Trump explained that many provisions in the accord are “inconsistent with U.S. immigration and refugee policies.” But the accord is not only inconsistent with U.S. immigration law, but with immigration laws everywhere.

On Monday, many world leaders will sign, in Morocco, a pact to “protect immigrants” and their “universal right to health and well-being”.

The problem is that there isn’t such a right. It has been invented as many other privileges made up by globalists at the top of the United Nations and other treasonous organizations.

This is a madness that benefits the countries that are exporters of immigrants, but that is deeply damaging to the countries that are “recipients of immigrants”, especially developing nations.

For this reason, the main countries of the world with immigration crises, such as the USA, Australia, France will not sign the accord.

The reasons why politicians insist on signing the binding agreement is political pressures from idealists who believe that flooding the West with unskilled labor will raise those immigrants from extreme poverty while helping national economies overall.

The accord is sold as a humane initiative that will rescue millions from war, famine, and persecution. In reality, the only clear plan is to collapse western nations by breaking down the backs of people in the middle class, destroying health systems, and leaving a rich superclass at the top of the pyramid and an extremely poor class everywhere else.

There are many reasons to feel suspicious, to say the least, about this new UN attempt to implement globalist directives. Here are a few of them:

Once the accord is signed, there is no possibility of being repealed.

The millions of people who will be favored by this agreement will no longer be called immigrants. Their official name will be refugees, a move that seeks to validate economic immigrants, who are not running away from war or persecution, but who will become a burden to national well-fare systems.
Refugees acquire many benefits, one of them is -for example-, that they cannot be deported to their countries, no matter the crimes they commit. This reality is true in Germany and France, where criminal immigrants rape, kill and steal without any accountability.

Immigrants have the right to choose the country they want to move to, and that will be their place of residence, and the recipient country has the obligation to train them in all the rights granted by the signature of the accord.

The recipient country is obliged to cover all costs that the new immigrants have, including housing, clothing, food, security, health, etc.
They force the media to present the images of the wave of migrants in a positive way, with zero criticism against them or the accord. People who criticize the move to bring numerous migrants can be prosecuted.

The host countries renounce sovereignty because they lose the power to regulate migratory flows.

Older migrants, over 65, will be covered with existing social security programs and the hosting governments are obliged to grant them pensions to which they never contributed.

One of the most important points that are usually forgotten is that people from extremely poor third world nations will certainly be agents to transport disease, which could cause epidemics in Europe and Latin America.

Many of these diseases have been eradicated for years in the West, but if massive outbreaks take place, host countries are obliged to provide indefinite care.

Although the UN’s agreement is presented as a plan complete with good intentions, although we already know that it’s all about globalist interests, the results will be devastating, since most western nations do not have enough resources to help their poor, their sick and their unemployed.

Imposing mass immigration on the West will inexorably generate strong animosity against immigrants, which sooner or later, will end in conflict. That is not a suspicion or a hypothesis, it is a reality waiting to happen. One only needs to look at France and Germany to visualize what is coming.

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