“Homeland Security” to Take Over Elections (VIDEO)

"Homeland Security" to Take Over Elections (VIDEO) | Feds-Election | Conspiracy Corner Government Multimedia Politics Sleuth Journal Special Interests

Two and a half years ago, I heard “water-cooler talk”, from two different ex-military sources still connected with the Pentagon and Military Intelligence, that our glorious Federal Government was already making preparations for the November 8th, 2016 election to be postponed for reasons of “National Security”, though they were not informed at that time exactly what these reasons were.

Jeh Johnson, “Department of Homeland Security” (DHS) director, just announced, through a recent White House directive, that his department is planning on taking over the coming presidential election. The alleged reason? “Cyber security”. Really? The respected “Washington Examiner” reported:

Even Before the FBI identified new cyber attacks on two separate state election boards, the Department of Homeland Security began considering declaring the election a ‘critical infrastructure’ so as to gain control over it”.

Johnson plainly stated that his reason for the takeover was to “Centralize Control” over the vote tabulation, as he complained that “Presently more than 9000 county precincts share their independent results with the Federal Government”.

The question is, which is easier, to hack into one voting system or to hack into 9000 independent voting systems simultaneously? Obviously, robbing one bank is easier than robbing 9000 banks. So Johnson’s excuse for centralizing the vote tabulation for “increased cyber security” is the EXACT OPPOSITE OF THE TRUTH, as the present system is 9000 times more secure than his proposed change. Proof of this, is the fact that the centralized “National Security Agency” (NSA) was recently hacked themselves, when they are supposed to be the ones representing the pinnacle of cyber security. Therefore, the only reason for centralized control over the vote tabulation, is so that the Federal Government can hack into the vote tabulation, obviously to alter the results.

What a surprise that what the United States Federal Government says is the exact opposite of the Truth. It reminds me of what an old sage told me recently, “Whatever an experienced politician says, know for sure that the exact opposite is True.” If a seasoned politician’s slogan is “Working for you”, then you can be sure that the reality is that they are working against you. In fact, while one past Republican candidate, who could not even be faithful to the mother of his own children, assured the taxpayer, who would forever remain a stranger to him, that he would nevertheless be faithful to them, a present Democratic candidate, who treats men sworn to die for them in the course of their own protection worse than an unwanted mangy dog, assures the public that they will treat you, an unknown stranger, with complete humble servitude respect.

Manipulative Federal Government lawyers are already setting their pieces in place to run the country like a dictatorship, all the while calling their Stalin-like methodology a “democracy”. Their ilk, as usual, blame foreign entities for their own crimes in order to conceal their domestic malfeasance. This is why, when a government official takes their pledge of honorable service (and there are some who are honorable, thank God) that they swear to protect their fellow countrymen from ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. Why have we forgotten the latter?!?! Because of the clever misdirection of present-day Benedict Arnolds! We have forgotten that HALF of all enemies of America are US Citizens in the Federal Government ! They write un-constitutional laws that trick the citizenry, and falsely reassure themselves, that what they are doing, like centralizing vote tabulation by the Federal Government, is legal, when it is entirely not legal. (If there are those of you out there reading this who are honorable members of the Federal Government, then please remember your pledge too, and rise up to extricate those corrupt persons in your own organization immediately, while you still have the chance!)

One of their, likely corrupt, career politicians, Harry Reid, is apparently part of the coming unethical cabal, as he uses the same age-old misdirection. To rally naïve public support for the foretold DHS takeover of previously locally tabulated election results, he falsely claimed . . .

The threat of the Russian government tampering in our presidential election is more extensive than widely known and may include the intent to falsify official election results.”

The idea that Russia would risk World War III to tamper with such domestic tripe is ridiculous. Thank goodness I just downloaded the new app “Truth Speak” for such an important occasion as this! When it translates the above remark, it comes out:

“The threat of the United States government tampering in our presidential election is more extensive than widely known and may include the intent to falsify official election results.”

(I am sorry, but just as soon as I uploaded this article, the NSA took the app offline . . . Not to worry. Soon a hacker will put it back!)

To further conceal their deviousness, the United States Government is releasing misdirecting lawyer-speak of the upcoming un-constitutional takeover of our country through mainstream media outlets like “US News” in order to reassure and condition the public that such future illegal behavior is acceptable:

“ ‘There’s nothing in the Constitution which requires a popular election for the electors serving in the Electoral College,’ says John Nagle, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame, meaning the body that officially elects presidents could convene without the general public voting.”

We should remember what the previous “Homeland Security” director, Janet Napolitano, said the day she passed the unwanted baton to the present department chief, Jeh Johnson. She said that he would need a “Big bottle of Tylenol” to deal with an undisclosed crisis, foreseen by her to occur during his present term. What is that crisis? She did not precisely say, publically, other than:

A natural disaster, the likes of which the nation has never seen, is likely on its way.”

Humm . . . What natural disaster has the United States never before seen and is one which could be predicted three years in advance ? There is only one that I know of which can fit into both of these categories. A comet, asteroid, meteor shower, or rouge planet, on a hazardous course with Earth. If this is true, then an outsider candidate, whether it be Trump, or Sanders as a replacement for an incapacitated Clinton, both of whom are not likely members of the existing Ruling Elite, would thusly not be welcomed into their inner circle of control over such an impending crisis, for which I am sure they already have their corruptive selfish solutions already in place, unwilling to turn the reigns over to another who might behave differently and more benevolently than their preorchestrated conniving plans.

If you believe in the ability of a servant of the Almighty Creator to be the recipient of Divine prophecy, then you might also take note of a recent vision of such, who likewise foretold two years ago, that the November election was going to be postponed . . . because of “natural disasters” they said.

I will discuss this, and much more, in this week’s episode of Conspiracy Corner News”.

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