US Government Begins Domestic Drone Desensitizing Excercises In VA

US Government Begins Domestic Drone Desensitizing Excercises In VA | nasa_drone_ap_0911 | Drones Predictive Programming Surveillance

According to, NASA scientists are using former military surveillance drones to help them “understand more about how tropical storms intensify”, which they say could ultimately save lives by improving forecast models that predict a hurricane’s strength.

This seems like another ploy to allow the domestic flight of these types of military weapons within our own borders. It desensitizes us from seeing them locally and attempts to have us ignore the fact that the unmanned Global Hawk aircraft were designed to perform high-altitude, long-endurance reconnaissance and intelligence missions for the Air Force. Two of the original Global Hawks built in the developmental process for the military have found new life as part of NASA’s research mission, “studying storms that form over the Atlantic Ocean”. NASA planned to launch one of the drones from its Wallops Flight Facility on Wednesday to study Tropical Storm Gabrielle, which re-formed in the Atlantic on Tuesday.

We can only assume that once the use of military unmanned aircraft is accepted in our nation, it won’t be long until these very same military unmanned aircraft are affixed with weapons, surveillance and information gathering devices. Meanwhile, all the people who are so used to them being used for “studying storms” will be completely appalled to learn that it’s too late to fight what’s already there.

Though we cannot say this is exactly the case, we can say that it seems a little suspicious that NASA would be involved in weather patterns, isn’t that NOAA’s job? It also seems to follow the guidelines of desensitization and predictive programming.

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