US-Installed Iraqi Regime Torture and Murder

US-Installed Iraqi Regime Torture and Murder | iraq-flag | Special Interests World News


During the battle for Mosul, freelance photographer Ali Arkady witnessed and photographed torture, abuse and cold-blooded murder of Iraqi military captives – civilians suspected of ties to ISIS, according to RT.

He was embedded with an elite Iraqi interior ministry emergency response division, witnessed brutal interrogations to obtain forced confessions from suspected ISIS captives or sympathizers.

Arkady later fled the country, taking his photographic and video evidence with him, exposing the brutality of regime practices – as vicious as how ISIS and other US-supported terrorists operate.

Iraqi forces were trained by their US sponsor, America notorious for torture and abuse in its war theaters – notably in the aftermath of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Bush/Cheney’s 2003 rape and destruction of the country.

Regime and US-led coalition forces indiscriminately slaughtered defenseless civilians in the earlier battle for Anbar province, then Mosul since last fall.

Unknown numbers of detainees were extrajudicially executed. Thousands languish in prison uncharged and untried, held incommunicado without access to family members or counsel – tortured, otherwise mistreated and denied access to healthcare.

Journalists covering the battle for Mosul were warned not to issue negative reports. RT earlier explained “(o)ne of the biggest and deadliest battles of the 21st century is actually also one of the most censored and suppressed.”

US forces are directly involved in combat operations and their aftermath, aware of the brutality inflicted on detainees, maybe encouraging it, civilians held hostage by ISIS enduring similar or harsher treatment from their Iraqi captors.

Arkady’s material revealed clear evidence of high crimes of war and against humanity – Iraqi forces and their US sponsor fully responsible for the horrors.

In a follow-up mid-July report,  RT discussed new videos showing Iraqi forces torturing, abusing and murdering civilians alleged to have ties to ISIS – no evidence proving it, no trials, no convictions, just unrestrained brutality.

In one video, men in military uniforms were seen dragging a captive to the edge of a cliff, executing him in cold-blood, then tossing him over, his corpse likely never to be found or identified.

New videos match what Arkady produced earlier. Britain is involved in virtually all US wars of aggression. UK General Rupert Smith criticized clear revelations of regime high crimes.

He lied claiming “(i)t wasn’t the government of Iraq, it wasn’t the coalition, it was ISIS. Everybody should be entirely clear what they were doing with the civilians.”

“It went way beyond human shields. They were out and out murdering civilians left, right and center.”

Smith ignored the use of ISIS terrorists as imperial foot soldiers. He was silent about unknown thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of defenseless civilians massacred by US-led terror-bombing, UK warplanes involved.

He said nothing about US and likely British forces embedded with Iraqi troops, likely directly involved in their high crimes of war and against humanity.

Washington, London and Baghdad want horrors they caused suppressed. They want the rape and destruction of Mosul portrayed as a liberating struggle.

They want the myth of Iraqi and US-led coalition forces prioritizing the safety and welfare of civilians reported – not the ugly reality of all US-led imperial wars, noncombatants suffering most.

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