US Navy’s “Shock And Awe” Environmental Assault

US Navy’s “Shock And Awe” Environmental Assault | USS_Donald_Cook_Tomahawk_Launch_2007_2-460x259 | Environment Military

Agricultural science expert and environmental activist Rosalind Peterson explains how the US Navy is intensifying its warfare testing in the Pacific, Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico in 2013 and 2014.

Some environmentalists and alternative media outlets suggest that elevated coastal radiation levels and marine die-offs have resulted due to radiation emanating from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power disaster. Yet how much of this devastation is attributable to recent widescale military experimentation off of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts?

The toxic combination of “Shock & Awe” Bomb Blasts, Sonar use, Missile Exercises, Live-Fire Weapons Testing, Lasers, Electromagnetic Weapons, and Experimental Weapons Testing all negatively impact marine life and our oceans.

Click here to view Peterson’s March 11, 2014 video addressing the escalation of U.S. Navy Warfare Testing and the areas in which the U.S. Navy is currently conducting Live-Fire Warfare Practice.

Public Comment Due by April 15, 2014, on U.S. Navy NWTT Website for Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho & Alaska. Read the Northwest Training & Testing EIS/OEIS Draft EIS/OEIS on the U.S. Navy Website & Make Your Public Comments or Ask Questions:
U.S. Navy Website:

Call Your Elected Officials Today in Washington D.C. Toll Free: (1-866) 220-0044

1) Request a 30 to 60 Day Extension of Time for Public Comment (U.S. Navy NWTT Draft EIS/OEIS)

2) Contact U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, Requesting Congressional Hearings to Protect Our National Marine Sanctuaries, Biologically Sensitive Areas, Marine Reserves, Coral Reefs & Other Coastal Regions from “Shock & Awe” Navy Warfare Testing.

*** The U.S. Navy Map below outlines the areas in which the U.S. Navy is now conducting warfare testing in the Pacific, Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico.

US Navy’s “Shock And Awe” Environmental Assault | range_complex_2014_20x30_med_2 | Environment Military

Relevant Documentation

1) These areas now include the entire coastal region of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico
See U.S. Navy Atlantic Fleet Warfare Testing Range (AFTT) Map & Final EIS/OEIS (November 25, 2013)
U.S. Navy Website:
NOAA Permits to “harm” marine mammals in AFTT Range 2013-2019

2) The U.S. Navy Hawaii/Southern California Range
See U.S. Navy Warfare Range Map & Final EIS/OEIS (December 23, 2013)
U.S. Navy Website:
NOAA Permits to “harm” marine Mammals 2013-2019

3) The U.S. Navy Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho & Alaska Range
(U.S. Navy Draft EIS – Public Comment Due by March 25, 2014)
See U.S. Navy Warfare Range Map & Draft EIS/OEIS (2014) U.S. Navy Website:
U.S. Navy December 18, 2013 Application to NOAA to “Take” Marine Mammals Between 2015-2020:

4) The U.S. Navy Mariana Islands Range in the Pacific (U.S. Navy Website Deleted 2014)
Navy Application to NOAA for Permit to “Harm” Marine Mammals April 2013:
NOAA Website:
NOAA Website for Navy Renewal Application for 2012-2015:

5) The Gulf of Alaska (U.S. Navy Website Deleted 2014)
NOAA Website U.S. Navy Permit to Harm Marine Mammals:


National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Website Which Lists “Takes” from All Sources Permitted by National Marine Fisheries Service: Mendocino Coast Says NO to U.S. Navy Weapons Testing – March 7, 2014 – Fort Bragg, California

The Navy, in the above video, refused to answer any questions to this group as a whole attending the Navy Open House Meeting.  The Navy would only answer questions individually at their individual Navy stations outside of the group meeting room.  This restricted the ability of everyone attending their meeting to hear the answers to questions posed by the group as a whole.  We allege that the U.S. Navy Open House process violates the National Environmental Quality Act (NEPA).

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