US-Supported Eastern Aleppo Terrorists Massacre Residents Protesting for Freedom

US-Supported Eastern Aleppo Terrorists Massacre Residents Protesting for Freedom | us-supported-terrorists-john-mccain-syrian-war | War Propaganda World News

So-called “moderate rebels” at war with sovereign Syria and its people are US-supported cutthroat killers.

On Friday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov issued a statement, saying “(r)adicals fired assault rifles at a rally in (eastern Aleppo’s) Haidariya district.”

“A total of 17 people died on the site, including two teenagers aged 13 and 15. More than 40 people were injured. The terrorists caught a dozen men who they thought were ‘organizers’ of the unrest and took them away. They were all executed on the same day.”

Hundreds of desperate residents protested, wanting Russian-established humanitarian corridors unblocked by terrorists so they can leave eastern Aleppo for freedom in government-controlled areas.

They’re held captive as human shields, brutalized and killed for resisting. US allies in Syria are cold-blooded killers?

Will Trump renounce them once in office, ending all material support, allying with Russian and Syrian forces to eliminate them nationwide?

Will he do the right thing or continue imperial lawlessness? A lot rides on his intentions. Hopefully he’ll combat terrorism, not nations threatening no one.

A Final Comment

Media scoundrels ignored Friday’s massacre, reporting fake news instead – claiming Russian and Syrian warplanes began bombing eastern Aleppo days earlier, despite no aerial operations on parts of the city held by terrorists since October 18.

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