VACCINES: The Great And Terrible Billion-Dollar Lie

VACCINES: The Great And Terrible Billion-Dollar Lie | Vaccines-Banner-with-URL-460x167 | Medical & Health Vaccines

By: Noah James Hittner |

Ironically, the vaccine controversy is not actually a controversy at all. The only controversy was created by people (corporations) who want to sell you vaccines. Using the media, this controversy was created–fabricated–planted–by companies with billions of dollars by intentionally skewing the public’s common sense, preying on our lack of education, thereby distorting the truth in the mind of the public. The fear caused by this distorted truth (lie) makes vaccines very easy to sell…very easy.

Essentially, what we have here, is that the struggle in the mind of a concerned parent (over whether or not to vaccinate their children) was created intentionally by the pharmaceutical houses…in order to create a profit margin. Guilt, you see, can be a profoundly powerful motivator particularly when it is mixed with fear…this is exactly how parents are peer-pressured into injecting straight poison (vaccines) into their children’s bodies, (and their own). Basically, you lie about the disease to get them terrified, then you guilt them into “protecting” their children. Boom…inoculation of body & mind. Parents, you may find this article quite liberating:

Don’t fall prey to the under-educated, profit–motivated, pharmaceutically-enhanced opinions of those who want to make you feel guilty for not vaccinating (poisoning) the people you love. Don’t fall for it–don’t fall for it—don’t fall for it. Don’t give more power to the sociopathic (sociopathic = a lack of empathy) pharmaceutical houses by paying them more and more of your hard-earned money. Free yourself from mental slavery.

So let me repeat: There is no vaccines controversy. The notion that there is a controversy is just another brilliant campaign of fear-mongering executed with precision by corporations who have the money and the politicians in their pockets. Vaccines are a blasphemous and catastrophic embarrassment to the intelligence of our species. Their damage to the lives of children is WELL DOCUMENTED. Here is an article about how the Federal Government agency known as the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) got caught disabling children with vaccines…and lied about it…then destroyed the evidence:

Let’s all agree to stop getting our vaccines “education” from multibillion dollar corporations who will say & sell whatever maintains high profits. Let’s all agree to just stop that right now. There are plenty of independent, truth-oriented experts that are working hard to expose the truth to the masses. Turn off your TV, ignore the pop-culture mass media nonsense…after all, those news mediums are owned by the same merchants of chaos who want you to poison yourself with vaccines. Educate yourself–arm yourself–with the truth. Here is a simple place to start when it comes to your health…and curing just about anything:

(By the way, if you and your children are already vaccinated…no worries, you did the best you could with the information you had. Here’s the good news: The information in the article above can help cleanse your body of toxic vaccines, and restore your health!)

You might be asking yourself how an atrocity like the creation and heavy use of vaccines could be allowed to occur. There is indeed a bigger story behind that one. Here is a simple article that outlines how our culture’s perceptions became so warped over time in regards to important issues such as health and medicine:

And another:

As evidence of the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry and our government continue to pile up, it seems to me that it is important to remember that there is no reason to become bitter or downhearted in light of this news. The truth is to be celebrated. Fear not.

(IMAGE ABOVE: A package insert for the Vaccine “Tripedia” which explains how this vaccine causes AUTISM, SIDS and more.)

In Conclusion…

1) Science (truthful independent/non-corporate science) has shown–over and over again–that vaccines are detrimental to health. (i.e., They DESTROY health…no question about it.) See the photo above of a vaccine package insert for the vaccine “Tripedia” (used on children to supposedly treat Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis). Right on package insert it admits to causing: AUTISM, SIDS, and more. (Good Lord!)

2) And, the only controversy that exists to question the fact that vaccines destroy health is the result of a propaganda campaign waged (by the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry) to take advantage of the general public’s lack of education, thereby using fear and guilt to peer-pressure them into injecting pure, unadulterated poison into their children and themselves. (See article #3 below.)

3) The multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies would go broke if they started “curing” anything. Thus, they are not interested in cures, only product sales…only customers. (See articles #1 & 2 below.) Besides, the cure[s] for just about anything already exist. (See article #9 below.)

4) “Modern medicine” (like modern politics) relies on heavy use of the “enemy concept” to convince the public that there is an invading force (i.e., the “germ”) that must be destroyed….like, say, Al-Qaeda or ISIS. Without that enemy in your mind, there would be no fear to motivate you to use drugs (i.e., wage war) and other harmful, unnecessary procedures. They (modern-medicine) would then cease to have a hold on you. (See articles #4 & 10 below.)

5) The “disease concept” is misunderstood (more programming, propaganda, and disinformation from the “modern” medical machine). When one bravely studies the true nature of “disease” (i.e., cancer, diabetes, etc.) what one eventually comes to learn/accept is that disease is the body’s attempt to heal…survive…cleanse…begin anew. Vaccine’s proposed method of “curing” operates under the profoundly gross inaccuracy that disease is random, and just for “safety’s sake” the body needs to be coached into destroying the disease–PREEMPTIVELY (hmmm…global politics reflected in modern/conventional medicine once again). It is, quite literally, the definition of insanity. And what you as the consumer receive is all out war on your health. Essentially, the proposed mechanism by which vaccines are advertised to “work” is MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE from: how the mechanism of disease itself actually works, where disease comes from, and what the disease is actually trying to accomplish within us! (Remember: heal…survive…cleanse…begin anew). It’s sort of like expecting your squeaky wheel to be fixed by painting your chicken fence (aaaaaaaah….what?) And, the proof is in the pudding…we are sicker and weaker than we have ever been as a species…ever. And, interestingly enough, at the same time this is all happening, the big pharmaceutical houses ARE MAKING BILLIONS. (See article #2 & 11 below.)

6) THE TRUTH: It’s not easy to hear. Are you ready for it??? Here it is:

Our lifestyles and our choices create our “diseases”…period. Thus, you see, if our bodies could talk to us, they would say, “What the hell are you all doing to me!?!? Why do you treat me this way? Why do you feed me chemically-laced, refined-to-death, poisonous non-food?!?! Don’t you know that I can ONLY be made and formed from what you put in your mouth?!?! (1+1=2) How healthy of a heart can I build out of Coke and Pringles?!?! Don’t you know that I can only be as healthy as the air you breath?!?!, the water you drink?!?! If you’re going to treat me like this, I’ll have no choice but to try and contain/expel/mitigate these terrible chemicals by creating COLDS, FLUS, CANCERS—and all the other stuff YOU blame ME for?!?!”

7) In fact our bodies ARE INDEED speaking to us…through disease. And we have radically and profoundly misinterpreted all of it; and then, with a sense of irony, denied our responsibility by blaming our disease on “genetics”, or “bad luck”. Enough madness, folks…enough.

8) Many will try to provide CORPORATE “statistics” and PURCHASED “science” (what I like to call “magazine science” because it came from the corporate media machine) to persuade you that vaccines are a miracle of modern medicine. (Always find out who FUNDED the research before you believe anything you hear–particularly through the mass media.) They will tell you that you’re being a “conspiracy theorist”…that you’re “crazy”…that you’re a “virus on the consciousness of the public”. (Though, I have noticed, across the board, that when absolutist terms like these are used, it is generally due to a great void in practical, truthful education–combined with a denial of the reality that there are indeed malevolent, greedy forces in the world. It is also usually indicative that something of profound relevance has been stirred-up.) “Travel down the middle of the road,” they’ll say, “Don’t rock the boat! Don’t disrupt the status quo!” they’ll bark. IGNORE IT ALL—at all cost. The “science” is bogus, the “stats” are a lie…a flat-out lie. Think about it…do you really, truly believe that these multi-billion dollar chemical pushers (the pharmaceutical industry) are trying to make you well? Do you really believe that these companies—who have manipulated the FDA (turning it into a laughing stock) are trying to heal you? Do you really believe that your government has your health in mind when it has absolutely allowed Big Pharma to run wild? (See articles #1 & 4 below.)

Hopefully, there is now at least a kernel of doubt planted in your mind regarding the safety and efficacy of using vaccines. If so, I would encourage you to expand and explore that doubt, for you and your family’s sake. If you are still convinced that vaccines are safe and legitimate, I would remind you that the federal governmental agency known as the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) itself has been caught lying about the destructive impact that vaccines have had on children’s lives (See article #1 below). The reason you are not aware of this—the reason you don’t see this on “the news”—is because the vast majority of our mass-media outlets (TV networks, newspapers, magazines, etc.) are now owned by a mere 5 corporations. (Interestingly, we used to outlaw that kind of power and control, calling it a monopoly.) Your news is being censored in favor of profit over truth and health. But that said…are you really that surprised? (See article #10 below.)

Below is a great collection of articles (some of which were mentioned above) that can help you to arm yourself with the Truth and profoundly advance your health. Remember this: Fear not, you are actually in control. And, from this day forward: When you smell a fish…pay attention.

Truth-Telling Articles About Vaccines and More:

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Bombshell: CDC destroyed vaccine documents, Congressman reveals
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8) Human Fetal DNA Fragments In Vaccines Are A Possible Cause For Autism – According To This Stanford Scientist
9) Extreme Raw-Fooding: The Final Word on Food as Medicine

Extreme Raw-Fooding: The Final Word on Food as Medicine

10) Enlightening the Zeitgeist: 3 Reasons for Revolution
11) How the Government has Earned $3.5 BILLION from the Claim that Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism
12) VACCINES: Who is Right and Whose Right is it?

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