Vatican Bankers, CIA Gladios and Child Trafficking (VIDEO)

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This is the first of a new series of videos concerning the Vatican, the CIA and their connections to banking, pedophilia rings, child-trafficking and organ harvesting.

We begin this series by providing some historical context so that anyone seeing this information for the first time can quickly verify some of these facts and gradually move on to more recent events of interest in the areas of banking, pedophilia and government corruption. It is up to us citizen journalists and alternative news researchers to expose these crimes against humanity.

Examining the origins of the CIA-Vatican ties is a must if you wish to understand the present situation. Following the US tradition of interfering and influencing elections around the world, the Truman administration in the 50s had provided Pope Pius XII with more than $350 million dollars to be used to support the Christian Democratic Party in Italy in order to fight the communist ideology. This money was funneled thru the secret and recently created Institute for the Works of Religion (IOR) also known as the Vatican Bank, a secret entity used for money laundering and elite transactions whose incomes and expenditures reports are only accountable to the Pope. Transactions are not only secret but documentation is routinely destroyed erasing any possibility of transparency or accountability. The newly created US Central Intelligence Agency under Truman as well as NATO were funding, arming and training secret groups of political hitmen with the objective of not just fighting communism but also covertly influencing European politics. It is a lesser-known fact that the Catholic Church worked in concert and covertly in support of these efforts in what later became known as Operations Gladio. These secret armies relied on acts of sabotage, blackmailing and committed acts of terror that were blamed on political enemies with the objective of manipulating public opinion. The Catholic Church has a proven history of connections to the Nazi leadership in Germany during WW2. Powerful CIA directors swore alliances to the church and became part of the Sovereign Military Order of Knights of Malta including James Jesus Angleton, William Colby, William Casey among others. As part of these new deals, the Vatican became not just the recipient of black money but also became the repository of secret military documents. In 2006, Holocaust survivors who claimed the IOR was the repository of gold that had been stolen from them by the Nazis, filed a class action suit in Alperin v Vatican Bank during which classified CIA files related to the development of nuclear weapons were accidentally exposed.

Today, this covert network of well-connected individuals rely not only on blackmailing and false flag operations to achieve their geopolitical objectives but also in human trafficking, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, organ trafficking and more. The sickness and moral degeneration of these institutions have reached apocalyptic levels. The information you are about to see is neither new nor secret. It exists and has existed on the public record for years. The reason why most of us have not heard about some of these scandals is the result of a corrupt mainstream Mockingbird media campaign that lies mostly by omission.

We will also examine in more detail the contemporary works of the Vatican bank as it relates to Wall Street and the world elite and their drive for more political power and their push for a world government. This secret alliance of elites and religious entities is not new and in fact it is a well-documented historical fact.

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About The Author

Waldemar Perez is a Mechanical Engineer who worked for the Department of Defense and a military contractor. He is an independent researcher, political atheist and an on-line activist living in the Pacific Northwest. His interests include, finance, secret human experimentation, modern day eugenics, covert medicine, geopolitics, false flag operations, mainstream media as a weapon of war, high-tech propaganda tactics (like the use of actors and staged massacres to manipulate public opinion), 9/11, police militarization and other conspiracies of the shadow government and the elite. As an activist his passion includes exposing the lies and deceptions of the deep state and educating the public on key historical facts not well advertised to the public like Operation Northwoods. His Youtube channel Verify Events Research covers a wide variety of subjects.

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