VAULT 7 – Real Leaker and Why Now (VIDEO)

VAULT 7 - Real Leaker and Why Now (VIDEO) | obama-wiretap-trump-tower | CIA Government Corruption Multimedia National Security Agency Sleuth Journal Special Interests Surveillance US News Whistle Blowers

By: Barry Soetoro |

Who really leaked VAULT 7 details on CIA eavesdropping thru your TV and cellphone? Did ‘good guys’ really expose these Deep State secrets — or were they leaked for a sinister purpose by ‘bad guys?’

And why now? Why is this the perfect time for the real leaker to expose Deep State spying to the general public?

As America realizes NSA wiretapping is out of control and reels at the thought of illegal CIA surveillance, are we distracted from the shocking fact that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower to help Hillary win the 2016 election?

Should we be happy or suspicious that Wikileaks (Julian Assange) supposedly leaked these Vault 7 documents exposing Deep State spying on every American citizen in violation of the 4th Amendment?

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