Victory Update! Dr. Weil Quits Grocery Manufacturers Association

Victory Update! Dr. Weil Quits Grocery Manufacturers Association | dr.-weil-460x265 | GMOs News Articles Sleuth Journal Special Interests

Thanks to you, the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s (GMA) membership roster is a little shorter today.

Weil Lifestyle, the company founded by heath guru Dr. Andrew Weil, cut its ties with the GMA after 24,623 of you signed our petition pointing out the hypocrisy of telling customers and followers that GMOs should be labeled, while paying dues to the largest contributor to the campaign (NO on 522) to defeat GMO labeling in Washington State.

In a blog post this past week, Dr. Weil wrote:

You might have seen that the Organic Consumers Association has called attention to the policy of the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association (GMA) against mandatory GMO labeling on foods. While Weil Lifestyle has been a general member of GMA, we are not aligned on the labeling issue. Therefore, we have ended our membership.

The GMA, which donated $2.2 million last year to defeat a GMO labeling initiative in California (Proposition 37), has contributed another $2.2 million so far this year to defeat I-522.

So, who’s next? Safeway? Starbucks? Target? Let’s keep the pressure on these big-name brands. Maybe they’ll follow Dr. Weil’s lead?

TAKE ACTION: Tell Safeway, Starbucks and Target: Stop bankrolling campaigns to defeat GMO Labeling!

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