War Criminal John Kerry Awarded France’s Legion of Honor for Peacemaking

War Criminal John Kerry Awarded France’s Legion of Honor for Peacemaking | john-kerry-france-peacemaking-award-1024x576 | War Propaganda World News
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, left, shakes hand with France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault after being awarded of the Legion d’Honneur medal, at the Quai d’Orsay, in Paris, Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016. The Foreign Ministry said he earned the distinction “for his contribution of the development of relations between France and the United States, and his indefatigable efforts in favor of peace in the world.” (AP Photo/Thibault Camus, Pool)

Maybe next year’s Nobel Peace Prize will follow. Western societies honor a war criminal like Henry Kissinger, Obama, Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, John Kerry and many others. Peace champions are vilified, persecuted or shunned.

Last Saturday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault presented Kerry with France’s Legion of Honor – established by Napoleon in 1802, its highest award for notable military and civil service.

One war criminal honored another, Ayrault shamefully saying Kerry earned the award for “his indefatigable efforts in favor of peace.”

Supporting all US wars of aggression, Kerry ludicrously said he “understand(s) the cost of war, and the need for all of us to keep fighting for peace, always.”

Days earlier, Obama boasted about being the only US wartime president throughout his tenure. He’s indeed the most belligerent by bombing seven countries and waging naked aggression in multiple theaters still raging.

All other US presidents since George Washington waged war throughout their tenures at home and/or abroad. Obama’s only “distinction” is the immense body count on his watch – millions perishing from war, related violence, preventable diseases, starvation and overall deprivation.

Just societies would have prosecuted, convicted, sentenced and imprisoned him long ago – Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and others in his administration along with him.

No nation represents greater pure evil than America. None more megalomaniacally seek global conquest, no matter the human cost.  None more threatens humanity’s survival.

Kerry should be arrested and detained the moment he arrives on foreign soil. On Saturday, speaking from Paris with his French, German and Qatari counterparts (partners in aggression on Syria), Kerry lied, saying “(w)e assembled here to talk with urgency about…end(ing) the bloodshed, to stop the carnage, the horrific war that is taking place in Syria.”

Fact: Syria is Obama’s war, orchestrated by Hillary Clinton as secretary of state – naked aggression against a nonbelligerent country threatening no one, using ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorist fighters as imperial foot soldiers, groups America created to serve its interests.

Fact: Kerry doesn’t want cessation of hostilities and conflict resolution. He supports continued mass slaughter and destruction for regime change.

Kerry: “One interest that is universal is…the determination to defeat Daesh/ISIL.

Fact: America, NATO, Israel and other regional rogue states arm, fund, train and direct ISIS and other terrorist death squad fighters, including on use of chemical and other banned weapons.

Kerry: “(W)e have made enormous progress (toward defeating ISIS).”

Fact: Utter rubbish!

Kerry: “The indiscriminate bombing by (Syria) which violates international rules of law, of war, in many cases crimes against humanity and war crimes, needs to stop.”

“And those who support it, those in Moscow and elsewhere who have supported it, should do their utmost to bring it to a close. A meaningful ceasefire needs to be reached…”

Fact: Syria was invaded. Its forces and allies, notably Russia, are courageously combating US-supported terrorists. They deserve universal support. There’s nothing “indiscriminate” about fighting to eliminate a scourge threatening the country’s sovereign independence.

Kerry and his rogue allies want cessation of hostilities in Aleppo so terrorists fighters they support have breathing time to hold on longer.

They’re already defeated, small pockets of diehards alone remaining, Kerry desperate to save Obama and himself from greater shame and embarrassment.

Syria and allied ground forces, together with Russian air power, are defeating their imperial ambitions in Syria.

In January, Obama will leave office on a sour note – mass slaughter, destruction and human misery on an incalculable scale his most “notable” achievement, exceeding the worst of George Bush.

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