The ‘Web Bot’ – Collective Human Consciousness As Predictor Of Future Events

The ‘Web Bot’ – Collective Human Consciousness As Predictor Of Future Events | earth | Consciousness Science & Technology Society Special Interests

At the risk of climbing out on a limb MHB is bringing to readers’ attention a rather unusual project devised by an individual who goes by the YouTube handle ‘Clif High.’ He’s a former computer programmer who has developed a system, Asymmetric Linguistic Trends Analysis (ALTA), which collects massive amounts of data from the World Wide Web and algorhythmically processes the information to detect and analyze linguistic patterns from which future social, economic, and environmental events and conditions may be foreseen.

The ‘Web Bot’ – Collective Human Consciousness As Predictor Of Future Events | untitled2 | Consciousness Science & Technology Society Special Interests Think of the pre-cogs in Minority Report, only on a much grander scale tapping in to every human being’s inherent psychic ability to anticipate future events. This collective human consciousness is exhibited through the choice of language in news reports, comments on blogs, and elsewhere throughout the internet.

High publishes his ALTA Reports on a monthly basis at Each issue averages around 35 single-spaced pages, including a seven-page introduction to the project’s methods and terminology.

This author has been reading the ALTA Reports over the past few months with great interest, and some degree of trepidation. For example, the May issue predicts an unfolding global derivatives meltdown and currency crisis related to an event in Turkey to possibly commence “in late May or early June.”  According to this edition,

The data accretion patterns are arguing for a ‘derivative hot potato’ to emerge in late May or early June that will set ‘fire to banks’. Some 30+ per cent of the new ‘fire to banks’ language has both ‘gold’ and ‘silver’ within the new growth for the sets. These new ‘silver’ and ‘gold’ references are themselves descriptor sets for sub sets within this lexical structure. The gold and silver sub sets within this area are filling with ‘money’, and ‘interest rates’ as primary and secondary supporting aspects. The attribute sets within these aspects are focusing on ‘competition’ between ‘banks’ to ‘acquire’ and ‘store’ these forms of ‘real money’. Further the data sets are also growing with ‘interest rates’ as a major contributing sub set for the ‘derivatives hot potato’ with a focus in these sets on a ‘debacle’ that will begin with or in ‘Turkey’ that will ‘damage’ a ‘key element’ that is a ‘basis’ for a ‘derivative chain’. The real problem being highlighted is that a series of ‘between banks’ sales of ‘derivatives’ will be discovered to be a ‘tightly bound chain’ that will have the ‘holding link break’ JUST as the ‘next leg’ of the ‘currency competition’ begins its ‘biting (to the bone)’ phase.

The ‘Web Bot’ – Collective Human Consciousness As Predictor Of Future Events | untitled1 | Consciousness Science & Technology Society Special Interests

 In fact, such an event may have taken place on July 15-16. In an April 24, 2016 interview with YouTube commentator Joe Tampa, however, High explains that based on his data analysis the occurrence will begin to unfold in mid-July, and will be rooted in an incident related to Turkey. Here is the relevant excerpt from that exchange.

Tampa has a substantial YouTube following and makes routine commentaries on ‘Web Bot hits,’ or instances in which current events reported in major news media often uncannily align with recent predictions in the ALTA Reports.

As recently as July 14 High was under the impression that the specific occasion bringing on a potential market meltdown was the Anonymous/BlackLivesMatter nationwide Day of Rage scheduled for the evening of July 16, which on the whole fizzled out.

Then, out of nowhere, came the attempted coup of Turkey’s Erdogan regime. High asserts that in the ensuing mayhem over the next week and through the remainder of July, a generationally significant ’16 days in July,’ the price of silver will almost double while Bitcoin will proceed to $688 per coin on its way to an immediate-term high of over $1,000 as fiat currencies across the world begin a year-long decline.

As of the time of this writing (2:30PM EST, July 17) the BTC price is hovering around $680; the international precious metals markets are closed yet the silver price has increased over ten percent since late June.

The ‘Web Bot’ – Collective Human Consciousness As Predictor Of Future Events | untitled | Consciousness Science & Technology Society Special Interests

Does Asymmetric Linguistic Trends Analysis offer infallible predictions? Not entirely, in part because all such data interpretation is limited by the knowledge and imagination of its author.

Nevertheless, ALTA is a fascinating project and is probably better at reading  future economic, environmental, social, and political events than the collective efforts of our familiar lettered agencies–how will we ever know? Even if its observations are not entirely accurate, the collective human consciousness it seeks to tap suggests our geopolitical and day-to-day worlds are destined to change dramatically over the next several months.

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