Website Will Mail Your Ashes To GOP Politician If “Trumpcare” Kills You

Website Will Mail Your Ashes To GOP Politician If “Trumpcare” Kills You | ashes | Medical & Health Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

By: Dawn Luger, The Daily Sheeple |

The left is terrified now that key provisions of Obamacare have been voted against by the House of Representatives. The American Healthcare Act, lovingly dubbed “Trumpcare” has not been signed into law. In fact, it hasn’t even passed the Senate. Yet if you die because of it, one website will make sure they mail your ashes to a GOP congressman.

Getting Trumpcare to pass the senate is going to be an uphill battle. But regardless of whether it’s a law or not, lovers of the horrible Obamacare law are going crazy. Democrats seem fearful that some people may lose health insurance coverage. No one wants others to lose healthcare, despite the talking points of the left’s main players. But not wanting to pay for your healthcare isn’t the same as taking it away from you. Nonetheless, democrats are losing it over a bill that isn’t even a law yet and is unlikely to become one. Out of fear, one liberal decided to take things to the next level.


Zoey Jordan Slasbury claims that the AHCA (which again, is not a law yet) is going to be the cause of her death. The point of her website is pretty straightforward. A user can select a GOP representative and have their ashes mailed directly to them in the event they die because of their illness after no longer being covered by Trumpcare. The website calls this a “donation.” The site’s landing page says this:

Millions of Americans rely on protections and coverage from the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. The Republicans new bill will gut these protections and many will die.

They deserve to know it. Fill out our form and we’ll help you get papers in order to send your ashes to a GOP member of Congress if you pass. –Mail Me to the

This macabre idea of mailing human remains to politicians is nothing short of insanely disturbing. Democrats act like others should be forced to pay for their healthcare as if it’s a right. Newsflash: no one has the right to the fruits of another’s labor. And doctors are laborers. But many still get scared when thinking about living their lives without the government dictating every minute detail of the healthcare industry.

When a person fills out the necessary form on Mail Me To The GOP, they’re given the option of disclosing the reason why the AHCA could kill them. Some of those responses are available for viewing on the site, too. One says, “My combat tour in Iraq resulted in enough disability to make me uninsurable, but not enough to get all my healthcare through the VA. You killed me, you prick.” And another says simply, “because you took away my f-ing insurance.” Interesting, since there have literally been no changes to Obamacare because the AHCA still hasn’t passed.

*You can read more “reasons” why Trumpcare is going to kill people on the website here.

It almost feels like democrats should watch a little Schoolhouse Rock so that they can understand why this whole overdramatized fear of the AHCA is absurd.

The Mail Me To The GOP website crashed yesterday because of an influx of visitors. Mediaite says that they have reached out to Salsbury for her thoughts on the site’s crash and will update if they hear back from the website’s founder.

The level in which the left has gone off the deep end over this bill is beyond insane. It’s also crazy that the right is dubbing this a “repeal and replacement” of Obamacare. It’s neither. It’s a slight tweaking that much like Obamacare, still won’t work because the government is still up to their elbows in your healthcare. The one most positive effect of Trumpcare would be the removal of the individual mandate. If it passes, and you cannot afford health insurance, you wouldn’t be charged a fine (or a tax) you can’t afford for the crime of being unable to afford insurance.

Dawn Luger is a staff writer and reporter for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up – follow Dawn’s work at our Facebook or Twitter.

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