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You’d think the only thing happening in the world right now is the Trayvon Martin case.  Perhaps that’s the  intention of TPTB.  In the last few days of the Zimmerman trial, over 20 children were shot in Chicago, but no one really noticed.  I agree without argument or ceremony that both sides, Zimmerman and Trayvon, were in the wrong.  That said, we need to move on to equally or more pressing issues and avoid the theatrics designed to distract us. 

Issues that are at  least if not more pressing include Bernanke and the FED admitting that dollar collapse would be imminent as soon as the FED stops pumping “QE Infinity”.  This is very significant because apparently there are only two alternatives – inflation ad infinitum or dollar collapse.  But the country being so involved in the soap opera that was the Zimmerman trial and related events, no body seemed to notice much. 

Apparently the Obama administration is making plans for war with our “most favored nation” partner, China.  This is wildly significant.  Imagine a country who imports of 90% of its consumer goods from its most favored nation trading partner, developing plans to go to war with them.  The American public  has been completely desensitized to war.  This can happen when countries bully smaller, defenseless countries and then shout “USA, USA” at a hockey game, as if we were the toughest guy on the block.  China has been preparing for war with the USA for generations.  Believe me, enthusiastic throngs of people won’t be shouting “USA, USA” if war breaks out between the USA and China. 

General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he has provided President Barack Obama with options for military strikes in Syria.  Apparently the US is planning a multi-front war, otherwise known as a World War.  Both China and Russia have stated that they will consider it an act of war if we attack Syria or Iran.  The next World War will be carnage unseen in all of history.  All while we have our eyes glued to the compliance indoctrination box – otherwise known as the TV – spewing out meaningless trash in the hopes that you wouldn’t notice. 

The suppression of whistleblowers such as Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden and and even apparent murder of  reporters such as Michael Hastings, is becoming commonplace.  Firefighters, EMTs and policemen who responded to the “accident” scene at Hastings’ death have been given a gag order not to discuss what they saw.  Also, his remains were cremated and subsequently lost, despite the expressed wishes of the family, hiding the fact that he apparently died of shrapnel wounds caused by the suspicious explosion of his vehicle.  

The survivors of Benghazi were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements.  What could they tell that would need to be hidden from the American public?  Scuttlebutt has it that the mercenaries and military arms shipments to Syria were funneled through Benghazi and the chargé d’affaires threated to go public with this information.  So they taught him a  lesson. 

Here are just a few more of the recent headlines: 

IRS Targeting


Justice Dept. Snooping on AP


NSA Survailance


Militazation of Police


 TSA Searching Cars at Airports


Executive Orders Signed by Obama


And all this just in the past few weeks. 

Is it enough to drive you bonkers yet?  It should be.  It’s like driving down an interstate highway and in and among the cars speeding by your peripheral vision in the opposite direction there are some beautifully maintained and lovingly up-kept antique cars on their way to a local car show.  Each one catches your eye for a second and is soon forgotten.  You notice them, but you’re too busy driving to your planned destination to think about any of them for very long.  These headlines whiz by us as we scan the drudgereport.com or wherever you get your alternative news, and the next time we scan that page, there is a more mundane – i.e., has no direct effect on us – headline, but yet we forget the one that just passed.  Then there is another important headline and we  notice it, but only until the next one flashes by.  After all, you’ve got a road to drive.  It’s all part of the plan to keep you from seeing the big picture all together. 

But with all these things going on, what can little ol’ you do?  YOU CAN STOP COMPLYING!   You can stop driving to whatever destination you thought you should go to, turn the car around and go to the car show.  You can stop nodding your head each time you are told to take off your shoes,  or go through a naked body scanner just to be given the privilege of boarding a plane – you can stop flying instead.  You can stop eating the adulterated foods with their poison additives, GMO ingredients, stop drinking fluoridated water and eat organic, whole, nutritious foods that don’t muddle your thought processes.  You can stop sending your children to the consumer/workforce (slave) indoctrination camps called public schools and you can teach them yourself how to think – not what to think –  and watch them blossom into caring individuals who have been allowed to listen to their own sense of right and wrong that is within each one of us, but has been conditioned out of our existence.  You can leave that mundane, meaningless job that barely allows you to pay your bills and taxes and become independent through living a self-sufficient lifestyle, depending on your own wits and natural abilities to overcome each day’s challenges – and thereby regain your sense of pride.  And then it won’t matter what the headlines are. 

Imagine what would happen if enough people didn’t care what the headlines were because they had their own, satisfying lives to be concerned about.  Imagine if all that time and energy wasted on the frustration of constantly hearing overwhelmingly bad news was used instead to care about someone else’s needs.  What kind of world would that be? 

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