White House Support for Aggression and Blockade of Yemen

White House Support for Aggression and Blockade of Yemen | yemen-war-protest | Government Special Interests World News

Humanitarian conditions in the country are dire. International Rescue Committee in Yemen country director Paolo Cernuschi called world community “silence” on what’s going on “shocking.”

If blockade of ports continues, “we really are looking at a catastrophic deterioration of the situation and creating a humanitarian crisis of proportions that I think we’ve not seen in our lifetimes,” he stressed.

Essentials of life in amounts needed “are stuck,” unable to get in. A UN report said fuel importing companies in the country explained they’ll no longer be able to supply consumers, supplies running out in a week or less.

Millions of Yemenis face famine. Saudi Arabia reneged on its promise to open the port of Hodeida and permit humanitarian corridors – lifelines for starving Yemenis.

Aid agencies said Riyadh permission to deliver vital humanitarian supplies wasn’t received, vital essentials to life blocked from entering Yemeni ports.

According to a UN source, a request was submitted to “bring in aid…but there has been nothing,” no response.

“At this stage, we do not know the reason for the delay.” UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Yemen director Jamie McGoldrick issued a statement, saying:

“There is a system where we notify (Riyadh) and ask for space or time slots to bring our planes in, and we negotiate in terms of getting space on the port as well. We’ve actually gone through the normal procedures and we’re just waiting to find out how that goes.”

Care International said “(n)ot only is the commercial import of food and medical supplies necessary for survival, without fuel Yemen’s water and sanitation networks will not function in a country already battling cholera.”

“Humanitarian assistance alone is not enough to supply the basic needs and protections critical for Yemen’s population.”

London-based African analyst Alex de Waal accused Washington and Britain of complicity in the horrific “famine crime” in Yemen, adding:

“Yemen is really the most shocking case of our generation of a famine crime because the lines of culpability are so clear and there’s no denying them.”

Along with Saudi terror-bombing, Trump is waging covert war on Yemen, escalating what Obama began, conducting scores of US of aerial attacks by warplanes and drones, defenseless civilians harmed most.

Naked aggression masquerades as counterterrorism operations, Britain complicit with Washington, both countries providing Riyadh with heavy weapons and munitions.

According to Reprieve deputy director Katie Taylor, “(s)ince taking office, President Trump has unleashed a barrage of strikes on Yemen in a flagrant breach of international law, killing scores of civilians and making a fragile country even less stable.”

“It’s shameful that the UK provides operational support for this disastrous strike program.”

British Labor MP Clive Lewis blasted Trump for authorizing covert CIA drone strikes, escalating the conflict instead of taking steps to end it.

Trump expanded Obama’s drone war policy, including greater CIA authority to conduct strikes in war theaters and elsewhere, Britain complicit in what’s going on.

Its Defense Ministry refused to comment on “covert operations or intelligence matters.” Civilian deaths and injuries keep mounting.

A disgraceful White House statement expressed support for Saudi terror-bombing and blockade.

It lied accusing Iran of supplying Houthi fighters with “destabilizing missile systems to target Saudi Arabia.” Blockade prevents any weapons from getting into the country.

According to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, Houthis produce their own missiles. They’re not foreign supplied, calling accusations otherwise “completely baseless.”

White House expressing support for ending “this devastating conflict…through political negotiations” flies in the face of escalated war Trump initiated – along with Saudi terror-bombing and joint US/Riyadh blockade.

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