Why Feminism Is a Fraud

Why Feminism Is a Fraud | feminism | Collapse News Articles Propaganda Rockefellers Sleuth Journal Society Special Interests …and just uses the ‘fight for women’s rights’ as a proxy to wage war on men.

Feminism had a lot to say back in the day (before I was born I might add.) When you look at its foundational beliefs everything they push on society via government (men’s taxes) revolves about a few constants:

1. Men cannot be victims. Women cannot be perpetrators.
2. Women have been oppressed, are still oppressed and the only thing that can save them is feminism.
3. Women are exploited by patriarchal constructs like capitalism.
4. Women are equal (or superior) to men in every way.

Feminism is an ideology. Like communism. In fact, the feminists got their ideas about destroying the family, capitalism etc from Karl Marx.

“Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and Socialist/Communist government is the goal of feminism.” – Catharine A. MacKinnon, Toward a Feminist Theory of the State (First Harvard University Press, 1989), p.10

The whole ‘rising up’ of these so called empowered women or wimmin (they don’t like the word ‘women’ because it contains the word ‘men’) was only made possible by corporate sponsorship. The main benefactors were the Rockefeller banking cartel. Source. Also, corporate interests were integrated into the feminist campaigns. Tobacco companies, at the instruction of Edward Bernaise, paid women to join the women’s marches while smoking cigarettes, to associate ‘empowerment’ with buying their product. Women, being easily led, fell for it of course. Source. The CIA had a big part to play in its proliferation in the media also. Source.

Why would the Rockfellers fund feminism? Well, they wanted women in the workplace. That’s another half of the population they could tax. Their children would have to go into state run schools, they could then be ‘taught’ whatever is necessary to keep them dependent on consumerism and loyal to the state. The nuclear family would take a nose dive. It had nothing to do with ‘empowering women’. In fact, it did the opposite.

“Destroy the family, you destroy the country.” – V.I. Lenin

So, feminism is now rampant. Like political correctness, it actually does the opposite of what it claims to do. It claims to give women rights, but only by attacking men’s rights. Anything catering to women is seen as ‘empowering, girl power’ or some other slogan, anything catering to men is sexist. Men’s clubs? Sexist! Women’s clubs? Empowering! Q.

The flavour of the day though, is ‘pay discrimination’. I have written about this already and so have many others. The feminist M.O. is always the same. Portray women as victims of something, blame men as oppressing women (because they’re men of course), lobby for law to change to stop it. Reality is conveniently avoided.

Feminists claim women are being discriminated against because they earn less during their lifetime. Single mothers often don’t make much money! Oh noes!

Feminism told women they can be whatever they want to be. They also told women that being in a nuclear family is oppression, heterosexual intercourse is oppression, having babies is oppression (Rockefeller also funded The Pill) indeed, as some ‘leading’ feminist write:

“We can’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage.” – Robin Morgan (ed), Sisterhood is Powerful, 1970, p.537

“No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.” – Interview with Simone de Beauvoir, “Sex, Society, and the Female Dilemma,” Saturday Review, June 14, 1975, p.18

As a result of being able to do what they want, they went into the workplace. They were free to take what jobs they were qualified (and wanted) to do. Their choices reflect what their priorities are, which are different to those of men. Men generally choose jobs because of pay. Women choose jobs because of flexibility, safety and convenience. They make less money because the jobs they choose pay less. Simple isn’t it?

No it isn’t. Feminists refuse to accept that women’s choices put them in that position. So they blame the economy. The reports they release always ignore the choices of jobs, the hours taken off, the sick days called in and such. Why? Well their agenda is portraying women as victims, so they must synthesise a distorted reality to push that agenda. They pretend everything else is equal. How can they do this?

“Our culture, including all that we are taught in schools and universities, is so infused with patriarchal thinking that it must be torn up root and branch if genuine change is to occur. Everything must go – even the allegedly universal disciplines of logic, mathematics and science, and the intellectual values of objectivity, clarity and precision on which the former depend.” — Daphne Patai and Noretta Koertge, Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales from the Strange World of Women’s Studies, (New York Basic Books, 1994), p.116

Logic and objectivity aren’t in the feminist play book. They can’t allow them to be because it would undermine all of the lies they use to push their agenda. They are using women as a weapon to try and communise society. Consider the issue of porn/ lads mags/ dress. Feminists exclaimed that being with the same man is oppressive, women have the right to take charge of their own sexuality! To use it for themselves! (The idea behind that was to destroy relationships, the precursor to the family.)

So, women were ‘freed’ from relationships. They no longer experienced the stigma of being ‘of low morality’ as Richard Blackwood used to put it. So what did these women CHOOSE to do? Why, they went into the sex industry. They used their bodies to make money. They exploited themselves for cash. They sent pictures to NUTS and Maxim in the hope of getting a job.

Feminists didn’t like that, so they attack the industry (well, the men in it), conveniently ignoring the choices women made, and somehow blaming men for ‘forcing’ women to cue up around the block for porn auditions, FHM shoots and such. (Some of the biggest production houses in the porn industry are women, like Jenna Jameson, Jill Kelly etc, but the feminists’ reality ignores them. They must still be exploited by men, somewhere, somehow.)

They also hate the nuclear family with a passion. (Naturally, they label it oppressive, blame men for oppressing, tell women to reject the family to empower them, the same old story.)

“[The nuclear family is] a cornerstone of woman’s oppression: it enforces women’s dependence on men, it enforces heterosexuality and it imposes the prevailing masculine and feminine character structures on the next generation.” — Alison Jaggar, Feminist Politics and Human Nature

Feminists also assume all men are criminals, sex offenders, rapists etc. Evil barbaric creatures that should be enslaved. Men are separated from children on planes because of feminist BS. Source. Men are attacked for walking in the park with their daughters. Source. Boys are failed in feminised schools. Source. Inventing stories to demonise men. Source. and so on…

“All men are rapists and that’s all they are” — Marilyn French, Authoress.

In reality, there is no pay discrimination, women want to be photographed in lingerie, women like attention, women want families, women don’t want to work in high-risk jobs (95% of work related deaths are men.)

Currently, most women (and men) will defend feminism because they’re brainwashed and they don’t know any better. Women defend it because of the benefits it gives them. Men defend it because they’re trying to curry favour with women.

I don’t defend it because I’ve done the research. I hate it.

In reality, feminism is a war on men and boys, and it works by acting like it is about women. Until people reject feminism (vocally) it will continue to destroy the family, destroy populations and destroy the bonds between men and women.

And if we lose that, nothing else will matter. Except the global eugenics/ depopulation agenda.

One final thought. Although feminists portray women as equal to men, they will not hesitate to portray them as helpless victims (hence unequal, and in need of new laws) when it suits their agenda.




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