Why it is Important to Use Black Seed Oil

Why it is Important to Use Black Seed Oil | tahini-sesame-black-seed | News And Opinions

(Sponsored) The black seed oil is also known as black cumin and it’s a plant that is part of the Ranunculaceae family. We can find it in south and southwest Asia. It’s made of 7 follicles that have many seeds and are often used as a spice (mostly in India and the Middle Eastern countries). It’s something between oregano and onions when it comes to taste. They’re used to give a better taste to vegetables, salads and even bread.

It helps with growth suppression

Thymoquinone is a major component of black seed oil and this suppresses the growth of lots of cancer cell lines, in vitro. It also showed that thymoquinone can block the pancreatic cancer cells that are growing and it can also kill cells. The studies also have shown that thymoquinone will take its role in prevention when it comes to surgery and chemotherapy and for those who risk developing cancer.

Black seed oil has many uses, such as alleviating arthritis. It kills skin fungus and even infections such as MRSA, HIV and meningitis. It promotes healthy bone marrow growth and healthy cholesterol. Surprisingly, it can also relieve toothaches and symptoms of allergies. It can also treat colds and hemorrhoids, as well as helping with digestive problems – gas, constipation, bloating, and diarrhea. It soothes the skin, it helps with skin problems, such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Also, you can forget about insomnia, dandruff and acne, making it one of the best black seed oil diamond herbs.

Other benefits

Black seed oil helps in weight loss, lactation and even breast feeding. It solves gum infections, it cleanses parasites and boosts fertility. It can help in comforting muscle, back and joint pain and cures rheumatic pains and facial paralysis. It detoxifies your body and it cleans your pores and can help in eye diseases and even helps with depression, chest congestion and morphine dependence.

It also kills cancer cells (brain, colon, oral, leukemia). It lowers anxiety and prevents anemia, diabetes, muscle spasms and kidney damage (the one associated with diabetes) and brain damage (the one associated with the Parkinson’s disease). It protects you from damage caused by heart attacks, reduces fever and you won’t feel the need to take any more pain killers. It relieves insect bites and stress, tonsil inflammation, migraines, headaches and nausea. You can also forget about dizziness. It stimulates urine production and can regulate menstrual cycles. It promotes heart, liver and kidney health and it remedies pancreatic cancer.

Also, it’s a solution for bronchitis, liver stones, bladder infections, cervical and liver cancer. Coughs, earaches, asthma, nose bleeds, ulcers, heart burn, – you can forget about all of these. Obesity, schizophrenia, opiate addiction, stings from bees and wasps and bone and skin cancer, are all on the list of the black seed oil benefits.


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