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In today’s fast paced life, everyone looks like the sheep’s of the herd. Pacing and moving to get jobs done, deadlines met and goals achieved. Often we find ourselves running late for an important task or to complete an order on time. Everyone is short on TIME. We find ourselves adding pointers on the to-do list, all the time. Some of them under the urgent tab, some not. Health is one such point where no compromise can be made. A “visit to the doc” is always under the urgent tasks. However showing up at the doctor’s office and waiting for hours before your turn comes up is not anyone’s ideal situation.

“ONLINE BOOKING” to the rescue. Thankfully, you no longer need to stand in queues or wait for hours before getting yourself or a loved one checked by the doc. Online bookings are not only a great way for patients to skip the phone lines and book appointments when and where they want. They are also a convenient way for patients to see the full availability of a doctor for as far ahead as they need without the receptionist being forced to read out every available space.

The book doctor online option presents many benefits both to the patients (seeking a doc) and doctor (seeking patients) alike, namely

  • Benefits for patients:
  • Waiting time is reduced. You can cut short the time wasted at the clinic/hospital waiting for your turn.
  • Full visualization of doctor’s availability. It is a usual practice in all of the online booking apps to show the available and taken slots in different colors. This practice helps the patient to choose the slot that suits him the best. No need to go in detailed discussions with the receptionist.
  • Fast medical care. Usually “book doctor online” platform asks for the patient symptoms and provides a temp. Prescription. In most cases, because of this practice, many patients are relieved of pain or any other discomfort temporarily before they can show up and get themselves checked.
  • Search the doc of your choice. Patients can easily browse doctors that are available in the required time slot and in the nearest vicinity. You can also search doctors based on specialty, availability on a particular date and even preferred and particular health insurance.
  • View full booking history. Easily view when did u pay a visit to the doc. You can keep an online calendar of your meetings.
  • View the doctors rating. You can read up testimonials and reviews given by other patients. Feedback is always a great source of decision making for the patient and improvement for the doc.
  • Benefits for doctors:
  • Schedule your availability. Let the patients know when and how you are available.
  • Fast response. Stay ahead of your game by being readily available for the patients and providing pro-active response to their conditions.
  • Helps doc generate more patients. Using this feature doctors can put themselves out there. Be visible to more people. Gather more patients based on your specialty and in your location.


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