Will Your Friends and Neighbors Attack You If the SHFT?

 Will Your Friends and Neighbors Attack You If the SHFT? | the-twilight-zone | Preparedness\Survival

Last night I took a journey back to the Twilight Zone and re-watched a few episodes that first aired in the 1960s when I was just a little girl.  Those days, we had tiny black and white TV.  Okay, perhaps not teeny-tiny but small by todays standards.

The episode titled “The Shelter” was bit prophetic.  It told a tale of tale of humanity gone berserk during a time of crisis and portrayed a scenario we all suspect will play out if the stuff ever hits the fan. 

 A Prepper’s Journey to The Twilight Zone

To be honest, in my reality, mobs of thugs and looters are more likely to come banging on the door and attacking if things spiral downward from bad to worse.  Still, the possibility that friends, relatives and neighbors may also come a-knocking and will attack us for our food and supplies.

This is indeed a dilemma that we all face.  Do you have a plan for handling the chaos?

The Shelter (Twilight Zone Season 3, Episode 3) is available for watching via streaming if you have a subscription to Amazon Prime.  (A free 30 day trial is available.)

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!

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