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  • Mainstream Media as a Political Weapon

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    Mainstream Media as a Political Weapon was present by Waldemar Perez at Portland Community College in Oregon. It covers the study of MSM propaganda tactics and how they are implemented. From techniques used 100 years ago to the latest tactics used by the media to manipulate the election.

    Good afternoon, my name is Waldemar. I used to work for the Department of Defense. On my spare time I am an activist. I’m part of a very diverse group of Oregon activists that come from all political, academic and professional backgrounds. Our common goal is to wake up the public and expose the bold lies of the now rapidly collapsing corporate media, to show the dangers of consuming information without verifying and to warn about the current tsunami of censorship already engulfing the last bastion of truth, the internet. We are very concerned that a small window of opportunity to educate the public and look behind the façade of the MSM exist, but is rapidly closing.
    The title of this presentation is Mainstream Media as a Political Weapon. In this presentation you will see in action our scientifically-crafted, deceptive and predatory corporate media attempting to infiltrate our minds in order to control and or shape our political, scientific, moral views and in general weaponizing information. This covert and subtle social control that a small group of smart individuals can exert on the public and even entire nations is astonishing. This is an extensive subject that requires time and study. What we are about to show you is only a small fraction of all the evidence we can present. This evidence will challenge your belief system, and it is also far more entertaining than any show currently on television. I would like to invite you to stay for at least, at least the next 20 minutes to show you the overwhelming amount of evidence that demonstrate how our own emotions are weaponized by the media and used against us in order to divide us and or manipulate us into war and hate.

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