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The “Zika” virus has been around since the 1940’s. In all this time, it has never been reported to have caused a single birth defect from a pregnant woman who had the virus . . . Until now. In fact, only one in five persons had any reaction to the virus at all, and then the effects were only considered to be “mild flu-like symptoms”.

What is true, is that starting in 2015 in Brazil, and in similar countries where the phenomenon of shrunken baby brains and heads is being reported (a syndrome known as “Microcephaly”), it became mandatory (required by law) for all pregnant women to receive what is called the “Tdap” vaccine. The Tdap vaccine is actually three vaccines, Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis, all rolled into one triple dose.

First of all, forcing people, that is, giving them no choice as to whether or not they receive speculative and toxic chemicals injected into their bodies, is not progress. It is the exact opposite of progress. Progress involves increased liberty and freedom, not reduced liberty and freedom.

Does a dog have a choice to not receive a vaccine? No. . . . Why? Because it is an animal and a piece of property. When governments start treating the people under their care as animals and pieces of property, society is going backwards not forwards. This is exactly how the Nazis treated their people. Have we learned nothing from the deplorable past?

Secondly, if vaccines really worked and were for the purpose of “protecting everybody else”, then it would not matter if the whole world were unvaccinated due to their objection to them. If you liked vaccines so much, having received your own shots to prove it, and if vaccines really worked as claimed, then even if the rest of the entire population of Earth were unvaccinated, you would still be protected from the disease you feared getting from others. Why then would it matter to you in the slightest if other people had their vaccines or not, if you were already protected by your own vaccines? Why in the world has no one ever made, or been allowed to make, this simple observation in the debate over vaccines? You do not need to force others to take their shots if you have already had yours and they really worked! (If they don’t work, then why are others being forced to take them?)

Freedom of choice prevails and protects.

Thirdly, let’s take a look at some of the ingredients in the “Tdap” vaccine . . . Aluminum (a known neurotoxin, that is, something which causes defects to the brain), and formaldehyde (a known neurotoxin, that is, something which causes defects to the brain). Isn’t it the baby’s brain which is showing birth defects in all these cases attributed to a mosquito bite, which previously never caused a single birth defect?

Research has clearly shown that microcephaly comes from “trauma experienced in the womb” and that microcephaly is linked to “unwarranted exposure to drugs or toxins.” Obviously then, unwarranted exposure to drugs or toxins in the womb would cause the trauma which leads to microcephaly, the very syndrome which is wrongfully being blamed on a mosquito bite rather than the drugs and toxins being forcibly injected into the developing baby, which then comes out with the birth defect of microcephaly. It is so simple.

Brazilian doctor William Dobyns, who is ardently searching for a Zika link to microcephaly, nevertheless truthfully admits, that the Zika virus has not been found in even one child with the birth defect of microcephaly, and that a provable link from Zika to microcephaly has never been found. In fact, the United States, a similarly sized country as Brazil, has just as many cases each year of microcephaly as Brazil does, without the Zika virus having ever been present. The only difference is that vaccinating pregnant woman is new to Brazil, which is why there is a sudden increase in microcephaly there.

What indeed a “coincidence” it is that billionaire vaccine pusher Bill Gates gave three hundred thousand dollars in 2015 for the study of Tdap vaccine effects in pregnant woman, and in the children they bear. (Don’t believe me? See the first link below under “References”.) The study’s own lead physician, Kathryn Edwards, says that the study is to “test the safety of the Tdap vaccine.” This means, they do not know whether or not the vaccine is safe, and are gladly experimenting on pregnant woman and their unborn children to find out! . . . Outrageous! . . . And Bill Gates gladly gives them money to do this war crime!

Would Bill Gates subject his own children to this strange medical experimentation? . . . I suspect not . . . Just as former Apple C.E.O. Steve Jobs would not let his own teenage children have the new “iPad”, for fear it would corrupt their minds . . . Though he gladly profited from selling them to other people’s teenage children, not caring if it ruined their minds.

While the C.D.C. (Centers for Disease Control and Proliferation . . . Sorry . . . Prevention) approved the Tdap vaccine for pregnant women, another government agency, the F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration) says that the very same vaccine is “not safe for pregnant women”! . . . Which is it?

My wife, who is a college graduate from the Philippines, said from firsthand knowledge, that this is not the first time that “less developed” foreign nations have been the unwitting vaccine and pesticide toxicity test subjects for the United States, since the U.S. previously got caught themselves giving radioactive food to children and pregnant woman of their own citizens, out of a Doctor Mengele-ish morbid curiosity as to what the mutated outcome in people would be. Did I mention that this past horrendous “Radioactivity Child Study” and the current “Tdap Toxicity Unborn Children Study” are both “coincidentally” conducted by the very same “Vanderbilt” university?

Cornelius Vanderbilt, the university’s founder, like Bill Gates’ father, Bill Gates Sr., who was a founding director of “Planned Parenthood”, which has already successfully eliminated millions of people from the population, were both big supporters of the “Eugenics” movement, which believes that “inferior” races of people should be eliminated for the wellbeing of “superior” races of people. Proof of this, is the fact that their perceived “inferior” races are aborted through this organization, to this very day, five times more often than the race from which they come, even though they already outnumber the other five to one. This is a twenty-five to one discrepancy in who they choose to abort, and who they choose to keep, thus “ridding the Earth of our inferiors”, as their ideology dictates.

Another handy “coincidence” is that Bill Gates funds Brazil’s “Oxitec” company, which manufactures about one hundred million genetically modified mosquitoes each year in Brazil, and then deliberately releases them to bite the unknowing public to study the unpredicted outcomes.

Two thousand babies each month are being born with shrunken brains and heads in Brazil as we speak, as well as in the United States, yet there the toxic Tdap cocktail is now being forcibly given to developing babies through their pregnant mothers by mandatory law. Is it any wonder why the fertility rates worldwide have dropped by fifty percent in just forty years? All thanks to toxic cocktails given in food, drink, and vaccines by “Eugenics” theologians such as Bill Gates and the corporations he invests billions of dollars in, like McDonalds, Coca Cola, and Vanderbilt University. All three with a proven track record of derogating human biology.

Just as a rocket’s destination can be altered with only a minuscule deviation of trajectory from the very start, a person’s healthy development can be terminated or permanently altered by the introduction of small amounts of foreign substances into them, through their mother, as they initially and critically form inside the womb.

Perhaps the intention was for the Tdap vaccine to discretely abort the babies of the expecting mothers it was given to, as a subtle form of population control, and the experiment went awry. Perhaps the miscarriages they had hoped for, which would have not been publicly seen, photographed, and disseminated like pictures of newborn babies with birth defects, would have been more easily swept under the rug, unnoticed as random “coincidences”. After all, it is Bill Gates who said that the world should have a population reduction of six billion people. It was Bill Gates’ father who was the former head of “Planned Parenthood” who promoted “Eugenics”, the belief that “inferior” races of people should be eliminated for the wellbeing of “superior” races of people. It was Bill Gates who recently prophetically said, “If we do a really good job on new vaccines, we can lower the population.

Wait a minute . . .

Vaccines are supposed to prevent illness and death, right?

If this were really true,

wouldn’t vaccines then increase the population

rather than lower it?

Perhaps this is why the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, a pro-vaccine group, recently discovered in repeated lab tests of a “Tetanus” vaccine promoted by Bill Gates in their country, that it contained a secret sterilization chemical. Their suspicions were aroused when they noticed that the vaccine was only being given to women of child bearing age and not to men, who are actually more prone to developing tetanus. Not to worry. Only two million three hundred thousand women unknowingly received the sterilization vaccine without their consent!

Why was this scientifically proven fact that two million three hundred thousand women were secretly given a sterilization drug without their consent not reported in every television news program and in every news paper and in every magazine?!

Because the people who own the TV stations, newspapers, and magazines are the very same people who support the depopulation of their “inferiors” . . . and want to keep their horribly racist views a secret!

With the growing controversy over the necessity and safety of vaccines, it would be quite a blow to the pro-vaccine camp to have to admit worldwide that the Tdap vaccine caused thousands of birth defects in the very children it was touted to save from future duress, right after it was forced on their unsuspecting pregnant mothers by mandatory law, as is being proposed in America. This is precisely why all the corporate media, which is owned by the very same people who promote population reduction through toxic vaccines, is instead blaming the thousands of microcephaly birth defects on a previously harmless virus carried by mosquitoes (even though the same number of microcephaly birth defects occur in vaccine friendly America without the Zika virus) . . . Mosquitoes, by the way, which they also genetically manufacture and release on an unsuspecting public, just as they do with their unscrupulous foods, drinks, and vaccines.

Who knows? . . . Maybe they have already genetically engineered their mosquitoes to deliver their vaccines for them through their bites upon the increasingly rebellious populous, so that even if they lose the vaccine debate, they will still have hope of underhandedly winning.

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