Zimmermans Victim of Obama’s Domestic Spying? (VIDEO)

Zimmermans Victim of Obama’s Domestic Spying? (VIDEO) | zimmerman-460x237 | Obama Exposed Special Interests Surveillance US News

Family’s wiretapping fears and Michael Hastings’ death showcase the omnipresence of unconstitutional abuses via domestic spying.

The Zimmerman family now share the same fears as the untold number of journalists under unconstitutional, domestic surveillance by the Obama Administration.

As reported recently by Steve Watson, Robert Zimmerman, George Zimmerman’s brother, admitted that he is concerned that the Obama Administration is wiretapping his family’s phones during a July 16 interview on Fox News.

“We do have concerns and always have of having our phones tapped,” Zimmerman said. “Having our phones, you know, listened to by the administration or whomever because George’s now as we know continuously the subject of ongoing investigation.”

“So a lot of the things we do are connecting in person and that’s how we’ve managed to stay hidden for so long.”

Robert said that in-person communication is “old school” but still works.

Unfortunately, resorting to “old school” communication is an emerging trend as Obama’s domestic spy gate continues to record all forms of digital communication known to man.

Back in May when the news broke that the Obama Administration seized the phone records of Associated Press reporters, it became clear that it was not safe for whistleblowers and leakers to talk on the phone.

Edward Snowden’s revelations in June exposed that the government collected everyone’s phone calls, not just reporters.

Informants are once again reduced to shifting potted plants around their patios in order to signal a meeting with journalists.

Even when journalists receive news tips face-to-face in a damp parking garage, they may not be safe with that information.

As we reported recently, Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings died when his front-engined Mercedes C250 burst in an explosion so powerful that the flames exceeded the heights of houses nearby.

The Mercedes’ fuel efficient, four-cylinder engine was found nearly 150 feet behind the car.

A close friend of Hastings’, Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs, confirmed that the journalist was working on a story involving the CIA, his “biggest story yet.”

It is daunting to imagine the magnitude of the CIA story considering that his 2010 story entitled The Runaway General led to U.S. Army general Stanley McChrystal’s resignation as commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Hastings was told he would be “hunted down and killed” over The Runaway General.

But his untimely death may have been triggered by bombshell information he received for his CIA story.

Through the nightmare ordeal of the Trayvon Martin shooting, the Zimmerman family became wide awake and aware of the massive extent of Obama’s intrusive surveillance.

Yet these unconstitutional abuses effect the lives of everyone, not just the Zimmerman family and news journalists.

Kit Daniels

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