15 Household Items Dirtier Than Your Toilet (VIDEO)

15 Household Items Dirtier Than Your Toilet (VIDEO) | dirty-home | General Health Multimedia

Prepare to be disgusted. Some of the household items you touch everyday are 1,000 times dirtier than the place you do your business in. For instance, let’s just be honest and admit that your remote control has been found everywhere but where it belongs. It’s been found in between seat cushions, on the floor, in your hand after you’ve had a coughing fit. And you wonder why you caught a nasty flu. What about your ipad? According the MSNBC, cellular phones and ipads carry 500 times more bacteria than your toilet.

Because many household cleaners can cause long-term health issues, many are turning to more natural means of cleaning products. After all, the FDA doesn’t mandate ingredient disclosure to household products which means what may be deemed “safe” for one person may be harmful to another. I have found you can make your own household products using natural ingredients and it does the same thorough cleaning job as the hardcore chemicals do. Here’s what you need:

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Click on this link to get the recipes for making your own household products.

We can all stand for a wake up call on our cleaning skills and this video will do it! Watch as you discover 15 items dirtier than your toilet!

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