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Based on the research obtained during our review, we found that Legacy Premium is the top taste contender for flavor in our 2013 GMO-Free Storable Food Review. The flavor of the food was outstanding according the research group. We found that their food is the number one flavor choice amongst our review group which  is why we chose Legacy Premium as the “2013 Taster’s Choice Award” recipient.


Amongst our group, there were testers of all ages, backgrounds and cultures and every single one of them, including the children were pleased with how Legacy Premium tasted. With instructions and images on the packaged, it was easy to see what the products should look like and how they should be cooked. Legacy Premium offers 4 servings per container, however the are not in resealable pouches.


If you’re looking for an overall great product with a delicious flavor, high caloric value and a decent price range, then we recommend Legacy Premium.




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Legacy Premium offers a large variety of packages at a reasonable cost. At an average of 8% lower than other similar companies such as Nuvona, GoFoods and eFoods Direct packages, we found that Legacy offers the lowest cost per calorie overall.


It should be mentioned that price should never be the only aspect to determine which product to purchase. Some manufacturers offer more value for the difference in cost that other manufacturers may not disclose. Keeping this in mind, it is best to be aware that Legacy offers great taste with their low prices when searching for the right GMO-Free Storable Food manufacturer for your needs and family.

We awarded Legacy Premium 5 out of 5 stars.



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Taste Tested: Pasta Primavera, Enchilada Beans & Rice, Classic Chili Mix

Overall Taste: Excellent
Palatability: All positive feedback from research group on all samples
Texture: Creamy/Hearty


In a blind taste test, we placed one ounce sample cups from each participant in front of our research group. These samples included vegetarian, gluten-free and regular entrees, as well as dried fruits, drinks and breakfast meals. We then had them each taste the samples we provided them and asked that they write down their experiences to let us know just what they thought of each sample. After reading through more than 80 reviews, we found that all samples provided by Legacy Premium were chosen as the favorite samples, by more than 55% of our group.


We awarded Legacy Premium 5 out of 5 stars.




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Packaged: Full Color Mylar Pouch
Thickness: Approximately 4.7mm
CO2 Absorber: Yes
Nitrogen Flushed: Yes
Resealable: No
Bulk Packaging: Sealed, Stackable, Food-Grade Buckets


Legacy Premium foods are packaged in full-color mylar sealed bags. These bags are not resealable and must remain in the pail to prevent pests and water exposure once opened. They are not crimped on the bottom so may net be stood up on end for storage in a pantry. Most of the packages average 4 servings so be sure to pack several quart-sized bags, jars or other containers to help store left over food or ingredients for later consumption.

We awarded Legacy Premium 3 out of 5 stars.


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[citem title=”Portion Notes (Click Here To Expand)” id=”citem_30″ parent=”collapse_85″]
Average Portion Per Container: Approximately 4
Average Container Weight: 10.4 oz
Average Caloric Intake Per Serving: 340


Our research group indicated that the portions, however issued in 4 serving bags, would not be enough to sustain life at a minimum recommendation of 2000 calories per day. That being said, they also determined that if one were to consume several meals per day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a few snacks between, enough calories could be consumed.



With the amount of samples provided, our research group was only able to review package portioning and hypothesize a full caloric intake by reviewing the manufacturer’s product list for additional information.



We awarded Legacy Premium 4 out of 5 stars.



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Average Preparation Time: 25 minutes to 35 minutes
Instructions Included: Yes
Instructions Location: On Package
Ease Of Preparation: Easy


We allowed each member of the research group to read the instructions of one of 3 packages provided by Legacy Premium. Each member was then asked to provide a summary of the instructions from memory. 10 out of 20 members were able to provide instructions from memory, including an twelve (12) year old female and a ten (10) year old female.

Based on the fact that children were able to memorize the instructions, we then asked the 10 year old female to cook one of the packages provided, with adult supervision. This child was able to do so without any additional instruction from the adult.

We awarded Legacy Premium 5 out of 5 stars.

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