5 Ways an Attorney can Use the Services of a Private Investigator

5 Ways an Attorney can Use the Services of a Private Investigator | Binoculars | News And Opinions

(Contributed Content) There are a number of attorneys who do not believe they could benefit from the services of a private investigator. However, there are a number of situations where they know the answer is out there, but just can’t seem to find it for the case they are working on. Even though attorneys gather a number of useful litigations skills and research techniques, the fact is that they do have a number of limitations. When an attorney consults with a professional private investigator, they can help to leverage a case and find efficient and creative ways to gather the needed information.

Without the help of these investigators, a lawyer will have a hard time finding the information they need to build a case. The following are some of the ways a lawyer can use the services a private investigator can offer.

  1. Locating Certain People

This can be an heir, or even a witness for a particular case. It may be an ex-employee who can provide valuable information about instances of corporate misconduct, or a witness who is in possession of some “smoking gun” that can make or break a case. No matter if you need to investigate, serve or just interview someone, a private investigator can help an attorney to first identify and then locate the particular person.

There are times when a lawyer or the private investigator they have hired will use a psychic to help them on a missing person’s case. Finding the best psychic will allow an investigator to explore all of their options. There have been a number of famous cases that have been solved with the help of private investigators. Leaving no stone unturned during one of these investigations is essential, which is why using a psychic is often a great idea.

  1. Locate Particular Assets

Private investigators are also skilled at working to locate real estate, assets, vehicles and other types of valuable property. The investigator can also help lawyers find the location of offshore or domestic bank accounts when they are needed.

When it comes to divorce cases where a spouse is trying to get child support, knowing all of the assets the other party has is vital. If a person is able to successfully hide large assets, it can lead to lots of problems. An investigator will be able find out about these assets and document what they find. This documentation can then be used in a court of law to prove they are being deceptive.

  1. Provide Leverage for various Negotiations

A private investigator will also be able to gather up various sources of intelligence in order to provide information for a particular case. This may help to provide a favorable settlement for the case that is being worked on.

A lawyer can only do so much when it comes to researching the cases they take, which is why having the help of a private investigator is so important. The help these investigators provide can help a lawyer win a case with ease.

  1. Enforcement of Judgments

A judgment will only be useful if you have the ability to enforce it. A private investigator will help lawyers to find existing assets and any efforts that have been made to misrepresent or hide them so they are unable to be transferred to another person.

  1. Connecting the Dots

A private investigator can help lawyers know who is really sitting at the table during litigation or even a business deal. This will provide an immeasurable amount of power when trying to negotiate your side of things.

Attorneys should not underestimate the benefits that private investigators have to offer. Using their services can help a case turn in your favor quickly and efficiently. Before an attorney decides which private investigator they want to use, they will need to do their homework.

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