911 + 28 = More Lies (VIDEO)

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According to numerous polls, more Americans doubt the United States Government’s explanation for 911 than believe it.

It is simply because of this fact, that the mainstream media, which is controlled by the US Government, is making such a big deal about the allegedly “censored” last “28 pages” of the government’s completely contrived explanation for 911, known as the “911 Commission Report”, so as to throw Truth seeking Americans off of the trail which leads to the actual culprits of the deplorable crime. The allegedly “censored” 28 pages are a complete smokescreen, set into place years ago, for the very purpose of drawing attention away from the True perpetrators, should accusational focus head their direction in subsequent years of revelatory investigations, after which they can release the supposedly “mysterious” 28 pages, as if they contain some conclusive “proof” as to who the alleged guilty parties were, when in reality, the pages merely re-affirm the government’s previously established false alibis.

As someone who has a high-ranking source whom has personally seen the “28 pages”, I can tell you quite confidently, that they contain no relevant information to the Truth whatsoever. All that is in them, is a more colorful alibi of the backstory of Saudi Arabian involvement in supporting and coordinating fifteen of the nineteen “fall guys” who wrongfully took the blame for 911, also known as the (alleged) “hijackers”, much as Lee Harvey Oswald wrongfully took the blame for the John F. Kennedy assassination. Note that in the recent “investigation” (propaganda) done by CBS’s “60 Minutes” about the cleverly temporarily redacted 28 pages, the “reporter” (US government mouthpiece) repeatedly said things like “The hijackers”, rather than “The alleged hijackers”, after all, just as was the case with Oswald, conveniently, there never was a trial that proved the accused’s guilt. Saying things like “When Al qaeda did 911”, as opposed to “If Al qaeda did 911”, seals the fact that this entire “28 pages” news story is nothing more than further government propaganda to shift blame away from themselves to patsies like “muslim terrorists” from Saudi Arabia.

The fact is, if fifteen of the nineteen alleged culprits of 911 were really from Saudi Arabia, the United States would have initiated a war with Saudi Arabia, not Iraq. This future, and long ago planned, “release” of the “28 pages”, is merely contrived theatre, like a well thought out chess move, designed to defend another likely upcoming middle-east war that the “28 pages” will instigate through predictable prodded “public outrage”. Congratulations to the scoundrels of 911 for cleverly using 911 twice for the same manipulative reason!

It is an undisputed, though little known fact, that the US Government scheduled a military “training exercise” of commercial airliners deliberately crashing into the World Trade Center’s twin towers on the very same day that it happened! This was done so that the military would not respond to the actual event, mistaking it for the pre-arranged “drill”. If this isn’t proof that the culprits of 911 were inside of the US government, I don’t know what else will convince the doubters, though I will try with a mere three more points. The first, is a fact that half of Americans are completely unaware of. It is that there was a third skyscraper on September 11, 2001 that completely collapsed that day, known as World Trade Center, forty-seven story, “Building 7”, a block away from the twin towers. It allegedly received secondhand flaming debris from the towers, which supposedly caught it on fire, and then supposedly caused its collapse, exactly like a detonated building, a few hours later.

The second point, is another little known fact, that two thousand experienced architects and engineers have risked their professional reputations and livelihoods for their families by signing an affidavit that, in the last one hundred years of skyscrapers, not a single one has ever collapsed because of a fire, due to the fact that building fires, including those caused by the kerosene fuel of airplanes, generally burn at about 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and steel girders, from which skyscrapers are made, will not be affected to collapse until their temperature reaches at least 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. You can imagine how much of overwhelming evidence this would be if two thousand aerospace and rocket engineers signed an affidavit that the alleged manned moon missions of 1960’s and early 70’s were scientifically impossible with the equipment provided. This would be very big news indeed, yet this fact about the 2000 architects and engineers signing the 911 affidavit in contesting the government’s explanation for the event, is little known by the public at large and seldom mentioned in the mainstream media.

The third point, is the fact that retired United States General Albert Newton Stubblebine, who was previously in charge of Strategic Intelligence for the US Army, went from thinking that accusing the American Government of perpetrating 911 for the purpose of justifying an unwarranted middle-east war was ludicrous, to believing with 100% certainty that, in reality, the accusation is Completely True. If a retired US General who was in charge of Army Intelligence is willing risk his lifelong reputation by stating the unpleasant facts, you better believe these facts are Absolutely True.

Youtube’s “We Are Change” Channel, linked below under “References”, recently asked, on camera, 911 “Defense” (Offense) Secretary Donald Rumsfeld what his opinion was of the third skyscraper of 911 (Forty-seven story Building 7) collapsing that day, even though it was not hit by an airplane, to which he replied, “What is Building 7 ? I don’t know anything about it.”

Are you serious?!

It is absolutely impossible to be Defense Secretary of the United States of America during 911 and to not know about 1 of 3 skyscrapers which collapsed to the ground that day. The fact that Rumsfeld so obviously lied about Building 7, is proof itself that Building 7’s collapse is such an overwhelming piece of condemning evidence that he feels forced to lie about it, by saying that he has never heard of forty-seven story World Trade Center Building 7 which collapsed the very same day.


The simple fact is, the tiny government of Saudi Arabia, which is in continual need of suckling the teat of the United States Government in order to not be overthrown by their own disgruntled relatives, would never be so stupid as to attack the country which they are totally dependent upon for their very survival. All that the Saudi government did, was to provide the patsies and alibi to shift the blame away from the real perpetrators; likely to be former president George Bush Senior, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (who scheduled the duplicate “military exercise” for the very same day), “Vice” (actual) President Dick Cheney, and Cheney’s band of private devils. Providing the usual scapegoats was the Saudi government’s only involvement, which according to a high-ranking source of mine, was provided under extreme duress, as they initially turned down the invitation for involvement, only participating because of threats by the Bush Junior administration of regime change in their country if they failed to cooperate.

What would you think if I told you that there were “28 pages” that were “censored” from the “Warren Commission Report” about the John F. Kennedy assassination, which when released, merely offered further “evidence” that Oswald was the sole guilty party? What a sad joke. There is not a single word in the 888 pages of the “Warren Report” which implicate Vice President Johnson, former Vice President (and known Kennedy enemy) Richard Nixon, Kennedy’s fired CIA Director Allen Dulles, or future CIA director George Bush Senior, all of whom likely played a part in the highly orchestrated coup that was the Kennedy Assassination. In the same way, in the 585 pages of the “911 Report”, especially including the allegedly “mysterious” 28 pages, there is not a single word which suggests the true perpe-trators of Cheney, Bush Senior, and Rumsfeld.

The founding fathers warded us about this in advance.  This is why their government oaths of office mention the safeguarding against these enemies of America, “Foreign and Domestic.”

It completely amazes me how the mainstream media continually uses old fashioned misdirection, like a skilled illusionist, to divert public attention away from the Truth to their highly contrived lies.

Do not be fooled by the “28 pages”.

They are mere Theatre.

The “28 pages” simply reinforce the government’s previous lies, by releasing supposedly “new” and “classified” information (which everyone who has seen them agrees that they were never worthy of secrecy in the first place), by giving the awaking public a timely diversion to throw them off the trail to the Truth of 911, which more and more Americans, Generals and Architects, are realizing is right in front of them.

In this week’s episode of Conspiracy Corner News, I will discuss this very topic.  Just click on the Youtube link below to watch.

(Important References Below Video)


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