A Chemtrail By Any Other Name…

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Chemtrails…er, cloud seeding.

Many have argued, “Geo-Engineering is fake; it’s just a good story”. While that may seem true to some, for those who have been researching for years, know the truth. An apple is still an apple no matter how you cut it and try to rename it. Same goes for “Chem-Trails”, “Geo-Engineering”, or the least frequently rejected terms “Cloud Seeding or Weather Modification”.

We’ve been told time and time again that there is no such thing as a “chem-trail”, and “you’re a conspiracy theorist who believes garbage”. Some of us simply chuckle at the ignorance of the individuals who make these claims. You should, because in reality, a chem-trail is just as it sounds; a chemical trail. So let’s talk semantics.

What is a chemical?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a chemical as a substance with a distinct molecular composition that is produced by or used in a chemical process. What does that really mean? Well, it simply means that anything that has a compound makeup, such as NaCl – Sodium Chloride (salt), or something even more complex like C-H4-N2-O – Carbamide (urea) is considered a chemical. The word chemical has been in use since around the year 1739 to describe a substance that is made from two or more different molecules from the periodic table of elements.

What is a trail?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a trail as a trace or mark left by something that has passed or been drawn along. Hmmm. Sounds like this definition would probably suit our explanation the best.

Moving right along, let’s discover more.

“Pissing in the wind”: A whole new meaning.

We all know what salt is by now, but what was that other thing you mentioned above? Oh, you mean Carbamide… also known as urea? Yeah, great stuff, that urea. When we do a little research on the term urea, we find that the NIH (National Institutes of Health) and other dictionaries define urea (or Carbamide) as a water-soluble compound that is the major nitrogenous end product of protein metabolism and is the chief nitrogenous component of the urine in mammals and other organisms.

Well what does this have to do with “pissing in the wind”, you might ask? It all starts with a document developed by a couple of researchers by the name of Loren D. Nelson and Bernard A. Silverman from The Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories in Bedford, Mass. in 1972. The research documentation was created during experiments performed to determine the best methods for cloud seeding. During their research they found that the best way to seed clouds was through microencapsulated particles. After developing microencapsulated salt particles and seeing the effect, they thought they had great results. Later they concluded that salt would cause too much damage to vehicles and metal, due to its corrosive nature so they set out on a new journey to find the best alternative. What they found was that by using Carbamide, they could breathe new life into cloud-seeding by encapsulating the particles and reduce the risk of metal corrosion.

We have the piss, but still, no wind… Yeah I’m getting there. Enter, Weather Modification, Incorporated.
Since I prefer not making bad introductions, I’d rather them introduce themselves. I went to their website About Us page and dredged up some good info.

“Weather Modification Inc., was founded in 1961, in the small town of Bowman, ND. Bowman is located in an area of the state where the average rainfall is near desert amounts and hail is common. In order to preserve the livelihood of the agricultural community, two pilots/farmers decided to enter the forefront of weather modification.  Our tradition of leadership and innovation continues to direct our future. What started as two aircraft and two pilots has grown to nearly 40 aircraft and more than 80 team members. We continue to expand our services and products to meet emerging client needs. Over the last fifteen years, WMI has broadened its service offerings to include environmental monitoring and expanded atmospheric assessment and evaluation.”

In a blurb just above this info they mention a service of cloud seeding… “But chem-trails aren’t real, are they”? We performed a little more research on their site to find out exactly what they mean by that statement. What we found out was that they do in fact fly planes to deploy hygroscopic agents (Carbamide and other similar chemicals) into our atmosphere via laying trails of said chemical above or below certain cloud formations. That being said, they also develop nozzles and other deployment tools for this very thing, for other organizations.

Weather Modification: A sleight of hand

Weather modification, commonly known as cloud seeding, is the application of scientific technology that can enhance a cloud’s ability to produce precipitation. Weather Modification, Inc. is one organization that uses scientific technology to regulate weather patterns worldwide. Application of scientific concepts and extensive scientific experimentation has been performed over and over to “prove” that cloud seeding (or chem-trails) increases the amount of precipitation.

They claim that the most common application of cloud seeding is to increase precipitation, and is possible with both warm and cold clouds. There are two primary methods employed to stimulate precipitation. One, hygroscopic seeding, affects warm cloud processes. The other, glaciogenic seeding, initiates cold cloud processes. Though occasionally both techniques may be helpful, in most cases one can be utilized more effectively than the other. In addition, either technology can be applied from the surface (ground-based) or from an aircraft. Weather Modification, Inc. claims that they can do both.

Well, that’s only one organization claiming they currently create “chem-trails” and have been contracted by the Department of Defense, NOAA and a few other notable agencies just in the United States. They’re pretty well-known in the industry and have done the same throughout the world for other countries as well. They’re “pissing in OUR wind” and we’re forced to accept it as if it were a good thing!

The Weather Modification Association was asked for a toxicity report on questions regarding the environmental effects of silver iodide aerosols used in cloud seeding, which include silver iodide aerosol complexes such as silver iodide-silver chloride. Their research indicated there were no environmentally harmful effects and even claim “the WMA finds that silver iodide is environmentally safe as it is currently being dispensed during cloud seeding programs”. Yes, you read that correctly; “currently being dispensed”. What’s more, they go on to admit it several times throughout this very same research paper saying, and “…silver iodide is being used annually for cloud seeding activities in the U.S. and Canada today. Cloud seeding activities release silver iodide to the atmosphere over specific areas of the western states of the U.S., Canada and some other areas around the globe to augment rainfall, augment snowfall or reduce hail damage.” Based on a document submitted to the World Health Organization, cloud seeding residuals regularly fall outside of the seeding area.


Silver iodide is used because of its hexagonal crystalline structure, but as reported in Nature Materials (March 2009) scientists led by researchers at the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) at UCL have discovered a novel one dimensional ice chain structure built from pentagons showing that ice can build an extended one dimensional chain structure entirely from pentagons and not hexagons.

“This discovery leads to fundamental new understanding about the nature of hydrogen bonding at interfaces (there is no rule that hexagons should form) and suggests that when people are searching for new ice nucleating agents which can be used to seed clouds and cause rain, they do not necessarily need to focus on materials that have hexagonal surfaces – other types of surfaces may be good too,” says Dr Michaelides. “It is important to understand the structure of ice on the nanoscale, and in particular up against solid surfaces because this is how ice crystals form,” explains the paper’s first author Dr Javier Carrasco. “We need to understand the structure of ice crystals in the upper atmosphere because they play an important role in the formation of clouds and precipitation.” And cloud seeding is not the only area to be affected by the discovery. The formation of nanoscale ice crystals (i.e. nucleation) plays a key role in fields as diverse as atmospheric chemistry and biology.

The team’s discovery that ice chain structures can be made from pentagons offers the possibility of replacing silver iodide as a seeding agent, which has also raised some (small) concerns from some quarters regarding the uptake of silver in the environment.

The Weather Modification Association owns up to this on their FAQ page:

What seeding materials and methods are used in cloud seeding?

Two different types of seeding agents are used, depending on the temperature of the cloud volume to be treated. The agents used to seed a cloud (cloud seeding agents) drive the technology used for cloud seeding. The terms “cold rain” (developing through a process that involves ice particles) and “warm rain” (developing through a process that is entirely liquid) are often used to describe the two primary cloud microphysical processes that produce precipitation naturally. The most common agents used in “cold rain” or snowpack augmentation cloud seeding projects are silver iodide and dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide).  Other agents like liquefied gases (liquid nitrogen for example) can be used to seed clouds, The means of generating seeding agents in “cold rain” snowpack augmentation projects include pyrotechnic flares (similar to emergency highway flares), a solution of chemicals…” …Wait a minute, what is this ‘SOLUTION OF CHEMICALS’? No one really knows.

When asked, “Is there any link between cloud seeding and chemtrails?” Their response is:

A Chemtrail By Any Other Name... | wasntme | Chem-trails & Geo-Engineering Environment Global Warming Fraud News Articles Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News Weather Modification

“No. The WMA is unaware of any connection between cloud seeding as is practiced by its members and to what some refer to as “chemtrails” (chemical trails).  Atmospheric scientists even dispute the existence of “chemtrails”.  What some chose to call chemtrails are actually “contrails” (condensed engine exhaust trails), which are well-understood atmospheric phenomena. Contrails are defined as “streaks of condensed water vapor created by an airplane or rocket at high altitudes.”  These condensation trails are the result of normal emissions of water vapor, carbon dioxide, and some carbon-containing particulates from piston engines and jet engines at high altitudes in which, given the right atmospheric conditions, the water vapor condenses into a visible cloud. Actually, due to the very cold temperatures at high altitudes, the water droplets that initially form this cloud rapidly freeze, forming an ice cloud similar to naturally occurring cirrus clouds.  Under certain conditions contrails can merge or contribute to the development of a larger area of cirrus clouds. Contrails are normally observed on otherwise clear days, when cloud seeding would not be conducted. The cloud seeding nuclei from round or airborne sources do not produce such visible clouds. “

So are we back to the drawing board?

Not even close. Let’s review, shall we?

– A chemical was defined as two or more molecules to compose one particulate.

– A trail was defined as a mark left behind.

– Weather modification uses various methods involving leaving trails of chemicals behind in upper or lower atmosphere.

– Clouds can be seeded by a time equation utilizing a rate of fall, meets density, speed of wind, arrival of clouds and other atmospheric pressures to calculate when a chem-trail will affect a given area.

– In the FAQ answer above, they indicate that contrails create cirrus clouds, right? Well, let’s say there happen to be 5 condensation trails that merge into a large ‘cirrus cloud’ (we’ve all seen it happen). Would that cloud be available for seeding, and wouldn’t seeding man-created clouds be a way to change the weather from nil to grand? I’d say we have a decent starting point wouldn’t you agree?

You couldn’t possibly believe that an organization based solely on creating and mitigating weather conditions wouldn’t also be involved in manipulating those weather patterns from scratch could you? Of course not, you’re smarter than that. Eventually, the Weather Modification Association, its affiliates, another entity or our governments will own up to the fact that there’s a term classification that should be reconsidered; that Cloud Seeding, Bio-Engineering, Weather Modification, Chem-Trails, etc. are indeed one in the same.

What Can YOU Do???

Tell someone, dig for information on your own, start a campaign, sign petitions and begin class-action lawsuits to expose and end the control of YOUR skies by people who think that they own the air that you breathe, the rain that you receive and who paint the sky white. We want our blue skies back!

Here is one instance of someone who stood up for themselves and spoke out:



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