Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three)

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | KG-453x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

DAY 9 of Hunger Strike

(27 April 2014)

Went to bed at 1AM and woke up at 8AM feeling fresh and strong on my 9th day of hunger strike.  There is still no hunger whatsoever and no discomfort.  The weight loss has slowed down considerably since the body has reached its first point of resistance.  In the last two days, although I have walked at least 30Km, I have only lost 400 grams and now weigh 84.1 Kg.  This means I have lost 8.4 Kg so far, and that translates to 9% of my initial body weight.

I am beginning to enter a state of grace, as I like to call it.  The mind acquires clarity and the eyes mirror the mind and look piercingly clear.  All other senses are enhanced, including the sense of smell, which one would think would be a source of constant anguish but it is not.  I smell food everywhere but my hunger instinct is not responding, it is shut down, like a light switch.

This freedom from eating is extraordinarily liberating, as it frees the spirit and the soul from the imprisonment of matter, if only for a few days or weeks.

After taking care of communication and the matters related to the filming of the documentary, Nick and I set out towards the Vatican City to witness the canonization, or at least be a part of the crowd from a distance since the square was closed to the public and was reserved only for officials and the catholic delegations of various nations.

Once the ceremony was over, however, we were able to make our way through the c. 1 million people strong crowd down Via della Conciliazione (Avenue of Conciliation), which leads straight to St. Peter’s square and looks rather grand and elegant.  And as luck would have it, we managed to see Pope Francis driving past in his bullet proof mobile. This was more than we expected, since we only hoped to get video footage of the throngs of people that we could then use for the sound recording we will make later today and in which I will discuss the covert methods of depopulation.

Our work continues at a relentless pace, but both Nick and I feel very privileged to be doing this.

DAY 10 of Hunger Strike

(28 April 2014)

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | Galalae-453x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

It is DAY 10 of my hunger strike and I feel excellent.  My weight this morning is 83.5 Kg, which means I only lost 600 grams since yesterday.  All in all, I have lost 9 Kilograms so far, or a tad over 10% of my initial body weight.  But the good news is that soon I will be at my ideal weight of 80 Kg.  So there is a lot of life left in me.  It will be a couple of months before I keel over on St. Peter’s steps, if Pope Francis continues to remain silent.

To give the man the benefit of the doubt, we must not forget that he has been extremely busy with Easter and then the canonization.  I have no doubt that he will do the right thing in good time.  To make sure the Vatican has no excuse and cannot claim to have been unaware of my hunger strike, I send periodic updates to Radio Vaticano and L’Osservatore Romano, thus the Vatican radio and newspaper, as well as the Vatican administration.  So far, I have received no response.

If the silence continues, I will begin issuing open letters at the rate of one a week and they will contain information the Vatican would go to great lengths to keep secret.

Nick and I have a very difficult day ahead of us.  We need to shoot video footage in one location, some 7 Km away from home, we need to do a voice recording of the methods of depopulation for a soon to be release 5 minute film, and I need to make my appearance on St. Peter’s square for my second prayer day.  And all of this, we must do on foot since we cannot afford to pay for transportation.

Let’s hope we will get it all done.  In any case one thing is certain, by the time we get back home we will be exhausted yet our work will be nowhere near over.  But that is the pace we keep here for that is what it takes to break the system.

Those of you who watch and listen must come to our aid in concrete terms.  I hope you will, otherwise all our efforts will have been in vain.

DAY 12 of Hunger Strike

(30 April 2014)

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | galalae-2-452x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

It is DAY 12 of my hunger strike in Rome and despite a frustrating day yesterday, due to the fact that we wasted half of it to get back online, I continue to be in top physical shape.  My weight this morning is 81.9 Kg, which means that I have lost 10.6 Kg so far.

Yesterday I appeared for the third time in St. Peter’s square in my Gandhian clothes and did my third prayer.  The police are staying away from me and Nick and we were at no time disturbed or harassed.  The people in the square are respectful and very curious but politely watch and give me the room and peace I need to complete my prayer.  Nick films me while I carry out my meditation with my eyes closed and turned inward towards the Lovelight.

Having exceeded our data capacity two days ago, our internet was shut down and this set Nick and I into a panic.  We called the landlord and luckily he is a wonderful man and came immediately to our aid.  He spent the entire afternoon with us getting us back online.  In the end we had to purchase a new SIM card to double our monthly data allowance, which we had exhausted in one week because we need to transfer dozens of video files to Sweden where they are processed and edited by a very talented and hardworking member of our team who has become absolutely critical to our success here in Rome.

In a day or two, you will be able to watch a 20 minute documentary describing the methods of depopulation that we shot entirely here in Rome.  We used famous locations that are also extraordinarily cinematic so the video will have great visual appeal.

I cannot begin to tell you how tiring it is to do a documentary, let alone do it without any means whatsoever and all on foot since Nick and I cannot afford even a bus ride so we have to walk some 20 Km every day.  And of course, I am doing all of this while on hunger strike.  But that is how inexhaustible and incredible the human body is.  And that is what I am here to protect; the integrity of our children’s minds and bodies, which are sacred but are being destroyed with covert chemical and biological means that have turned the basic elements of life (food, water and air) into weapons of mass sterility and selective morbidity.

I did my first radio interview yesterday, hosted by two interviewers, one Italian (Haneul Na’avi) and the other American (Michael Bielawski).  Tomorrow morning I will have to wake up at 4AM to do a live one hour interview with an American radio host.  The Romanian media has also contacted me yesterday and promised to publish an article with links to my work and hunger strike timeline.

I ask all of you who read this to take an active role in this mission.  None of us can afford to remain passive observers.  You do so at the cost of your children’s health and even lives, as well as at the cost of your genetic line which is being extinguished day by day in a slow kill of perverse conception.

Share my Hunger Strike Timeline with each and all and donate a few dollars to keep us afloat. Thank you.

DAY 13 of Hunger Strike

(1 May 2014)

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | galalae-3-198x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

It is DAY 13 of my hunger strike at the Vatican and the scale shows my weight at 81.1 Kg, which means that I have lost 10.1 Kg so far.  I continue to feel no hunger and no discomfort whatsoever and to be in great physical shape and in even better spirits.  In fact, I feel better than when I first began the hunger strike; more energetic, lighter, and less prone to fatigue, which is why I am having no problems maintaining a murderous work schedule.

Last night, I had to wake up at 2AM to give a radio interview for the American listeners of Radio Rense.  The interview was hosted by Mike Harris, a well informed and very professional host with an audience of 3 million listeners.  It was by far the largest audience I, and anyone else for that matter, has addressed on the issue of depopulation.

Nick filmed the interview from our side and it is very interesting to see the panic he and I were in due to the fact that both of us overslept and nearly missed the interview and then, to make matters worse, our internet failed just 2 minutes before the interview was to commence.  Luckily we had set up everything (camera angles, lighting, audio) the previous evening.  Somehow we got it working again, but while I was talking to an audience of at least a million people, Nick, was running around the room in his underwear trying to get the three cameras and all the audio equipment working at the last second, just in time to go on air live.

The interview lasted one hour and went very well indeed.  Relieved to have met another commitment I went back to sleep at 4:15AM and slept soundly until 9AM.  Nick however stayed up importing all the footage as well as separate audio files and uploaded everything unto DropBox to make it available to our editor in Sweden.

Having gone through a couple of hundred Facebook, LinkedIn and Outlook emails and messages this morning, I am now crafting this update for all of you after which Nick and I will be heading to St. Peter’s square for my daily and public prayer in my Indian clothes.

It is becoming easier and easier from day to day to walk into this enormous square that is always filled with people and to face the curious looks at my strange and conspicuous attire and my bare feet.  But I go inward and enter a meditative state that dissolves all my personal inhibitions and lends me the peace to fade out the outside world and immerse myself in that other world.  The first day I did this, my heart was beating like a locomotive while yesterday it was as calm as Buddha’s.

To reason I am doing this daily, is to remind Pope Francis that I am still here and await the day when he musters the courage to speak the truth so the world can advance to a higher level of being and so that decency and sanity are once again at the heart of our civilization.

I am here and here to stay until we triumph over evil and our children are safe.

DAY 14 of Hunger Strike

(2 May 2014)

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | galalae-4-400x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

It is DAY 14 of my hunger strike and I am thriving.  I feel better than ever before and am inexhaustible.  The scales show my weight at 81 Kg today, which means I lost only a paltry 100 grams since yesterday.  That could be related to the fact that I only walked 8 Km yesterday.  Total loss so far is 11.5 Kg or 12.4% of my initial body weight.

Still no sign of life from Pope Francis or the Catholic hierarchy.  They seem to be in hiding, but this is the era of the internet and in this era you can run but you can’t hide.

The media is coming to life.  Next week I am booked for four radio interviews.  The people are coming to life too and support has started to trickle in so that we don’t have to abandon what we have started simply because we don’t have enough money to pay the rent here in Rome.  That would be awfully embarrassing and the genocidal lobby would have a ball ridiculing us.

Nick has caught a cold and will stay indoors today to recover.  I am afraid I am running him down given the feverish pace we are keeping.  But it is all so incredibly rewarding to see that people who stood on the fence and waited for the wind to change are now coming out and joining our ranks.  To those of you who are still shy and reluctant I say this; it is now or never.  Do not labor under the false comfort that the battle for our children’s lives can be won by me alone.  It cannot be.  To save your children and your genetic line you too must come to the barricades.  And you don’t need courage to do this, because no one will shoot you down.  We have made progress and in our times the big battles are won with arguments and ideals not with guns and force.   Truth, justice and compassion are our ammunition and we can never run out of that.

Later in the day, I will make my way to St. Peter’s square on this rainy afternoon and do my daily prayer.  The pure white of my kurta pajama will be like a piercing sword straight into Pope Francis’ conscience.  I will be in his front yard every day until I either die of hunger or he speaks the truth.

Join me from close and from afar so we can demolish the walls of deception, the castles of lies, the mentality of greed, and the hypocrisy that masquerades as decency.

I am the spear, but it is you who must throw it into the heart of the beast.

DAY 15 of Hunger Strike

(3 May 2014)

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | galalae-5-423x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

It is DAY 15 of my hunger strike and as I woke up this morning, forgetting for an instant that I’m not eating, I had bacon and eggs on my mind.  Remarkably, it was habit and not hunger that caused this thought because I continue to feel no hunger whatsoever and no discomfort either.

The scale shows my weight at 80.9 Kg this morning, that’s 100 grams lower than yesterday, and this meager weight loss signals that my body has reached its second point of resistance.  This is no surprise to me since 80 Kg is my ideal weight.  But that also means that from now on my body will begin to struggle and my mind to suffer along with it.  During my previous hunger strikes I reached this point a lot sooner so perhaps I will be spared the agony of constant cravings for a few more days.  Every hunger strike is completely different and it is therefore impossible to predict.  What is certain is that my ability to go without food has increased not decreased from one hunger strike to the next, which is an observation worth noting if only for the sake of science.

The mind is crisp and clear and I have more energy than I know what to do with, which is why I find it nearly impossible to be idle.  It is also the urgency and importance of my mission that drives me to work without stop, because every day counts and is measured in countless premature deaths and unquantifiable illness and suffering.

It is a miserable, rainy day in Rome and since we have no money for transportation and have to walk everywhere, the plan for today is to craft a letter to Pope Francis summing up my last two weeks of hunger strike at his doorstep and attach a copy of my just published book, “Killing Us Softly”, as well as a photograph of one of my prayer sessions in St. Peter’s square.  That way, he will not be able to pretend that he was unaware of my presence here in Rome.

On this day, I want to say a few words about the nature of the beast that we are fighting.  When the international community decided in 1945 never again to repeat the experience of a world war, it also agreed that a substitute to war had to be found and the only one available is population control.  Unable to legislate family size restrictions they began attacking our reproductive systems in secret by poisoning our basic elements of life, the water and the food, since that is the only way to reach the entire population and subvert human fertility en masse.  In the process, they have caused irreparable damage to our health and have downgraded the genetic and intellectual endowment of humanity, enfeebling our species and terminating 2 out of every 10 lineages in the developed world.

Our governments and the international community, with the blessings of our religious authorities – be they Catholic, Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox or any other denomination – have in effect become intrinsic parts of a global genocide machine, because only man can stop man.  Devoid of enemies or predators, the human species has become victim of its own success and unless stopped will destroy all life on earth by outgrowing earth’s carrying capacity.  It is difficult to fathom that every institution of government and every international organization is an Enemy of Mankind, but that is the brutal reality the common man will have to face if we are to change course.

The only way to stop the Enemies of Mankind from poisoning us into extinction is by voluntarily restricting ourselves to no more than two children per couple.  The elites believe we lack the intelligence and will to grasp this reality, but they are wrong.

By coming forward en masse we can prove them wrong.  By sticking your heads in the sand and waiting for a miracle to happen you will have made yourselves accessories to mass murder and indirectly responsible for the termination of your own family.

Absent mass action on our part, the authorities will not stop poisoning us because they cannot allow the fertility rates to revert to natural levels, which would see the global population double from 7 to 14 billion in just 30 years from now; a growth that cannot be possibly accommodated and even if it could be accommodated, by some miracle, it is unsustainable.

Salvation can only come from you.

DAY 16 of Hunger Strike

(4 May 2014)

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | galalae-6-452x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

It is DAY 16 of my hunger strike and I feel physically strengthened, mentally heightened and spiritually in a state of grace.  I don’t understand how it is possible to thrive under the current conditions, but I am thriving and that is ultimately all that matters.  This morning, I weigh 80.2 Kg, which means I am 700 grams lighter than yesterday.

Nick has recovered from his cold after two days of staying at home where he spent his time catching up editing photographs.  Today, he and I have a very long and difficult day as we intend to shoot on four different locations and complete a new segment for our documentary.  Since we are always on foot due to our meager budget, we will be walking at least 30 Km today.  The segment we will be working on describes the three phases of the Global Depopulation Policy.  In addition to our work on the documentary, we will also have to go to St. Peter’s for my daily prayer.

You must all know that I emailed the letter I wrote to Pope Francis yesterday to three different Vatican agencies and that today my original English letter is being translated into Italian, at which point I will send it to Pope Francis by Vatican registered mail.  That way Pope Francis and the Vatican establishment will have received an update on my presence in Rome from multiple sources and this will prevent them from pretending that they did not know about me.

Today is the day we are releasing our 20 minute documentary about the covert methods of depopulation.  It was all shot here in Rome during the first 10 days of my hunger strike.

Wish us good luck.  We are sending you our warmest greetings from Rome.

DAY 17 of Hunger Strike

(5 May 2014)

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | galalae-7-453x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

It is DAY 17 of my hunger strike and I continue to be without hunger and feeling perfectly well.  The only change I have noticed so far is a deterioration of my eyesight.   My clothes are getting looser by the day and soon I won’t have anything left to wear that fits.  My weight this morning is 79.9 Kg, which means I have lost 300 grams since yesterday and 12.6 Kg since I first started the hunger strike.

Yesterday was an extremely disappointing day because all our efforts were completely in vain.  We had technical difficulties and almost everything we shot is useless.  Today, we will have to redo nearly everything we filmed yesterday and that means I have to memorize not only yesterday’s text but also today’s.   It also means that we have to retrace our steps and walk twice as long as yesterday in order to get to yesterday’s and today’s locations.  So Nick and I have our work cut out for ourselves.  Luckily we solved our technical problems.

The Vatican and Pope Francis continue to remain silent.  The Vatican media, both radio and print, are equally quiet, as is the Italian media.  But their silence speaks volumes about the Vatican’s complicity in genocide.  What astounds me is that these so-called me of the cloth have the temerity to appear before their worshippers and masquerade as the moral authority of the Christian world.  That kind of hypocrisy is simply disgusting and by engaging in such behavior and duplicity they will cause the demise of the Church.  In my next letter to Pope Francis I will tell the world how the Church has staged the assassination of Pope Paul II in order to be able to give a false interpretation to Fatima’s third vision, knowing that Fatima’s prediction, which spells the end of the Catholic Church, is directly related to the Church’s complicity in the Global Depopulation Policy and therefore in crimes against humanity.

Incredible changes are coming and it will all start here in Rome.   Let’s hope they will not start with my premature death.

DAY 18 of Hunger Strike

(6 May 2014)

It is DAY 18 of my hunger strike and I feel splendid.  This morning the scales show my weight at 79 Kg, that’s 13.5 Kg less than my initial body weight.  Due to the rapid weight loss, I am beginning to feel as though I were inhabiting a strange body and not my own.  My clothes tell the same story because I am swimming in them.

Not a single peep from the Vatican, which only confirms its collusion in genocide.  Were that not the case, Pope Francis would have jumped at the opportunity to restore the badly bruised reputation of the Church with respect to its pedophile priests.   Instead, the Vatican is sacrificing the wellbeing of 7 billion people on the planet and using my life as leverage in its backroom negotiations with the UN, which is currently considering accusing the Vatican of torture with respect to the child abuse fiasco that the Catholic Church hid from the world for decades.   The Vatican’s negotiators are saying to the UN ‘we will stay quiet about Kevin Galalae and continue to hide the crimes the UN and governments throughout the world are committing against mankind for the sake of the Global Depopulation Policy, if you will continue to protect us from criminal and civil liability with respect to our pedophile priests.’  And that is the Christian world’s moral authority.  Is it any wonder that the West, and by extension the entire world, is in such dire straits!

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | galalae-8-453x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

Little by little, I am exposing our so-called moral leaders for what they are, frauds.  With every day that passes and every pound I lose, the Catholic Church, and religious authorities throughout the world (because they all have a responsibility to speak up but none do) loses another pillar of its moral standing in the world.  And if its cardinals continue to stick their heads in the sand the entire edifice will soon crumble on their arrogant and self-serving heads.

But we must take it one day at a time.  And for today, Nick and I have scheduled a shoot at one of the many Roman catacombs to complete the third segment of our documentary, which deals with the three phases of depopulation.  Nick and I continue to walk over 20 Km on every single day and to nurture our blisters on every single evening, but life is glorious and what we are doing here is the most important thing that is done anywhere in the world at this time in our turbulent history.

Greetings from Rome!

DAY 19 of Hunger Strike

(7 May 2014)

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | galalae-9-224x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

It is DAY 19 of my hunger strike and the only physical change I have noticed as I walked to St. Peter’s for my daily prayer is a slight feeling of vertigo.  Otherwise I appear to be in perfect health and still undisturbed by hunger.

The scales show that I lost only 100 grams since yesterday, which means that I now weigh 78.9 Kg, or 173 pounds.  The total weight loss to date is 13.6 Kg or 30 pounds.  This means that my body has shrunk by 14.7% and that is has done so by losing an average of 1.6 pounds a day or three quarters of a kilogram.

The Vatican and Pope Francis show no sign of life with respect to my presence here and the global depopulation issue.  Today, I happened to go to St. Peter’s at the same time as Pope Francis blessed the crowd and held a service during which he spoke of prayer as the means by which to ask God for advice.  It looks like God has not advised Pope Francis that it is immoral and criminal to be complicit in a global program of poisoning the innocent population.  I guess Pope Francis prays to a different God than I do and follows an entirely different legal code than the rest of us and that ostensibly finds mass murder to be perfectly acceptable.

Nick and I have one more scene to shoot in order to finish segment three of our documentary, which deals with the three phases of depopulation.  The catacombs were our intended location today but we are too exhausted to stay with the schedule and have decided to catch up with the editing work instead.

Today, WHDT-Miami, the same American television station that has aired my pre-hunger strike interview to an audience of six million a few weeks ago, will broadcast a short interview that I gave last night via Skype intermixed with some of our own background footage.  I will post is as soon as it is archived.

Segment two of our documentary, which is 25 minutes long and deals with the methods of depopulation, is going up on YouTube and shortly after on my hunger strike timeline in a few hours.  We are very excited to present it to you and we would appreciate your continuing financial support so we can finish what we have started.

Please don’t forget to share this with everyone you know and care about, for that is the only way we can break the wall of silence behind which the elites hide the crimes they are committing against us.

DAY 20 of Hunger Strike

(8 May 2014)

It is DAY 20 of my hunger strike and I am absolutely exhausted from a day of walking, busing, filming, and navigating through this giant city.  Physically I am well and hunger is still absent though the body is now in wait mode and seems to be asking ‘when is the next meal coming?’  There was some dizziness and a few moments of chest pain towards the end of the day, but I think they are both related to the exertion rather than the hunger because this morning I felt as sprite as a spring chicken.

The scales show I have lost another 100 grams since yesterday and that means that I now weigh 78.8 Kg or circa 173 pounds.  My shoulders and arms have started to feel skinny and my neck has also visibly thinned.  The good part is that I now fit perfectly well in my white Indian suit, the kurta pajama.

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | galalae-10-225x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

Today was somewhat frustrating because it took us almost two hours to get to the Catacombs of Priscilla, the oldest in Rome, only to be told we are not allowed to film inside or even take photographs.  It was our intended filming location for the day and we had to scramble and find another one that is suitable to the script I had prepared.  In the end, we shot at the “Altar of the Fatherland” in Piazza Venezia, a famous landmark built in the memory of Victor Emanuel II, the man who unified Italy, and housing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to honor every soldier who lost his life during the First World War and remains unidentified.

We just barely managed to film the three clips we needed to when we were told to stop filming by the soldiers and security personnel guarding the monument because our equipment looked professional and we could not make a documentary without a permit.

Despite all the setbacks we now have all the shots we need to put together segment 4 of our documentary, which deals with the phases of depopulation.  It will not be longer than 5 minutes and we should be able to have it out in a few days.

Even though I did not come to Italy with the intention of filming a documentary, Nick’s presence here and our technical support in Sweden is enabling us to do a lot more than I intended.  If I should die here in Rome while asking the Vatican coterie to act like the moral authority of the Christian world rather than pretend while in fact engaging in the most abject forms of hypocrisy, I will at least be able to leave behind a record of the efforts and sacrifices I have made here as well as damning testimony that the Vatican is just another corrupt and useless institution that the world cannot afford and should no longer tolerate.

Last night was a late one as I gave a two-hour radio interview to an Irish audience that stretched until midnight and was unfortunately hosted by a very belligerent and unprofessional show host.  Since Nick filmed the interview we will make it available on the Hunger Strike Timeline in about a week or as soon as we can afford the extra bandwidth to upload it.

Given my state of exhaustion forgive me if I don’t respond to your emails and messages today, as I will turn in early tonight.

DAY 21 of Hunger Strike

(9 May 2014)

It is DAY 21 of my hunger strike and I woke up feeling somewhat sore from the grueling day we had yesterday as well as with a pesky cough and an irritated throat.  Although I intended to go to bed early last night I did not manage to do so until past midnight.  There was simply too much to do and if I don’t stay on top of my messages and emails they become unmanageable in a single day.  But that is a good sign, as it means that people are paying attention and momentum is building and that sooner or later we will have critical mass and topple the existing system before it kills us all.

The scales show that I lost 700 grams since yesterday, which means that I now weigh 78.1 Kg, or 172 pounds.  The total weight loss to date is 14.4 Kg or 32 pounds.  This means that my body has shrunk by nearly 16% and that is has done so by losing an average of 1.6 pounds a day or three quarters of a kilogram.

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | galalae-11-453x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

In a couple of hours, I will go to the closest Western Union office to pick up the donations that were wired by Kimberlee Schultz, an extraordinary woman who has become a pillar of this operation and who is in charge of the donations account she set up to aid me in my struggle here in Rome ( ).  This money will buy as another week of rent and ensure that I can be a thorn in the Vatican’s side until May 19.  Beyond that we are unfunded and unable to pay the rent so I ask for your urgent support.

Our plan for today is less ambitious since I intend to only do my daily prayer at St. Peter’s and then return home and prepare the text for the next segment of our documentary, which will deal with the cost in life and limb the Global Depopulation Policy has imposed on the world but also with what we have been spared due to this social engineering as well as the tragedy to come if the depopulation program continues by the same methods.

Still no word from the Vatican or Pope Francis.  Last night, however, I dreamed that I was in St. Peter’s doing my prayer and when I finished and opened my eyes a Vatican official with a kindly face stood before me smiling and politely said that Pope Francis wants me to visit a religious order and would I please follow him.  We shall see if this comes to pass or not.

For the time being, Nick and I will stay on task and push ourselves to the very limit to accomplish what we set out to and more.  But please remember that unless you become hyperactive disseminating the videos we produce here in Rome and sharing my free books and articles with your friends, who will hopefully do the same, then all our efforts will be in vain.  We have to shatter the media blackout and the walls of silence, secrecy and deception erected by our governments and the international community and the only way we can do this is by our greater numbers.

Tonight, or rather early next morning, I am giving an interview to an American audience from 2 to 4 AM Italy time, which translates to 8 to 10 PM Eastern Standard Time in the US.  The interview will be hosted by Karen Quinn-Tostado of the Rense Radio network.  Tune in if you can.

DAY 22 of Hunger Strike

(10 May 2014)

It is DAY 22 of my hunger strike and I continue to feel healthy and strong.  Yesterday’s cough is almost gone and hunger has yet to return.  I am however experiencing cravings and have to control them as they come.

The scales show that I have lost only 100 grams since yesterday and that means that I now weigh 78 Kg, or 171 pounds and 15 ounces.  The total weight loss to date is 14.5 Kg or 32 pounds.  This means that my body has shrunk by 15.7% and that is has done so by losing an average of 1.5 pounds a day or 700 grams.  The numbers show that the rate at which I am losing weight has decreased, as it was expected.

Since I gave an interview from 2 to 3 AM, did not go to bed until nearly 4 AM, and slept only until 9 AM, I will probably struggle to stay awake and sharp today.

Pope Francis meets with Italian Catholic schools today and the entire city is aflood with school children from all over the country.  No one can get into St. Peter’s square without a ticket and as a result I could not do my prayer and had to return home.  I would have liked to hear what Pope Francis has to say to the scores of children before him, as he is fully aware that their generation has been scheduled for annihilation and that as a result half of the boys before him are already shooting blanks and half of the girls will not know the joy of motherhood.  Already a quarter of Italy’s women are infertile or remain childless due to their husbands’ damaged sperm or various psychosocial pressures.  Much the same situation, of course, is to be found throughout the developed world due to the engineered demographic transition.

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | galalae-12-453x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

I will spend most of my day giving radio interviews as I am scheduled for three live broadcasts this evening.  If time allows it, I will also begin to write a letter to Pope Francis to deliver at four weeks of hunger strike.  As already announced, in this letter I will reveal some very inconvenient truths that will do irreparable harm to the Vatican’s reputation.  But no one can say that I did not warn them or given them the opportunity to save themselves the embarrassment.  They will perhaps learn that silence is not a good thing to hide behind.

That is the situation on the Vatican front.

If you want to change it, please write to the Vatican hierarchy and press by sending your letters to these email addresses: ; ;

And if it is within your means to help us financially, please donate a few dollars here: We could use your help.

DAY 23 of Hunger Strike

(11 May 2014)

It is DAY 23 of my hunger strike and I woke up feeling like I had been beaten with a baseball bat.  This is what happens when you only sleep four and a half hours and give five interviews in a 24 hour period, speaking for a total of six hours.

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | galalae-13-452x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

By the time everything was said and done yesterday it was almost four in the morning when I finally managed to go to bed.  But I am not complaining, just the contrary, because despite the exhaustion I went to bed with a feeling of accomplishment and woke up this morning at 8:30 with the same feeling of accomplishment soon amplified by the Vatican’s announcement that it will update its policy on families, which I discovered in my daily Google alerts as soon as I opened my computer.  This is great news, especially as it comes with the Vatican’s admission that the Church is not timeless, which also implies that it is not infallible, thus paving the way for the dissolution of the Doctrine of Papal Infallibility that has stood in the way of altering previous policy positions and this could be the beginning of the end for the Vatican’s refusal to allow the use of contraceptives.  If that is indeed where Pope Francis and Cardinal Baldisseri are going with this, then it could also be the beginning of the end for all covert methods of depopulation, since governments across the world and the international community would be free to defuse the overpopulation bomb by legislating family size and endowing people with the responsibility and contraceptives necessary to limit their own family size.

The weighing scales show that I have lost once again just a modest 100 grams since yesterday and that means that I now weigh 77.9 Kg, or 171 pounds and 12 ounces.  The total weight loss to date is 14.6 Kg or just a couple of ounces over 32 pounds.  This means that my body has shrunk by 15.8% and that is has done so by losing an average of 660 grams a day.

I did my prayer today on St. Peter’s square amidst a sea of Brazilians singing as though their lives depended on it, which made for a very colorful and sound-rich background for my serene act of public prayer.  When I opened my eyes, at the end of my 15 minutes of meditation, I discovered that hundreds of people had lined up on each side of the wooden barriers set up to control the crowd and were watching me intensely.  It’s a pity Nick could not be there to record it.

I must confess that I have come to love and to look forward to my daily prayers in St. Peter’s square and that when this is over I will miss walking to this extraordinarily beautiful and majestic place to dedicate a part of my day to such a contemplative and soothing pursuit as prayer.

My will and my body are one with the task and I will not leave Rome until and unless Pope Francis acts.

DAY 24 of Hunger Strike

(12 May 2014)

It is DAY 24 of my hunger strike and I continue to be healthy and strong.  I got rid of the cough and hunger is still absent but I do find myself craving all kinds of Italian specialties and have to really control myself when I sit in the pizzeria while Nick allows himself a small slice.  It is extraordinary what the mind can do if it has the proper motivation.  And the motivation is rock solid not only because the battle I am fighting is of global importance and the lives of all our children depend on our victory, but also because I now receive support from thousands across the world and countless others are watching silently and hoping and praying that I will succeed.

What it boils down to is very simple.  The walls of secrecy and deception have fallen and without the veil of secrecy the depopulation/globalization agenda around which the world has revolved since 1945 cannot continue by covert means, regardless how many governments and resources are poured into it.  In the face of mass uproar the mightiest armies turn into ants.  The international community is fully aware that change is now inevitable and it is only a matter of when not if.  But they cannot change course from hidden to open methods unless they see that we, the people, understand what is at stake and show that we will henceforth voluntarily assume responsibility for population control and that we are ready to dissolve borders and share resources with people from across the world without prejudice.  This change can only come from us and it requires that we too set aside our prejudices and fears.  It also requires that we stare truth in the face and accept that the days of large families are over and will never again return.  Humankind has shattered the equilibrium of nature and unless we restore it we are doomed.  There is no greater imperative and from now on this will be the task of our generation and of many generations to come and this task requires a change in ethos and the evolution of each and every one of us to a global consciousness.

The weighing scales show that I have lost 400 grams since yesterday and that means I now weigh 77.5 Kg, or 170 pounds and 14 ounces.  The total weight loss to date is 15 Kg or 33 pounds and one ounce.  This means that my body has shrunk by 16.2% and that is has done so by losing an average of 650 grams a day or 22.9 ounces.

Yesterday, Nick and I selected the footage for segment 3 of our documentary, the phases of depopulation, and our editor is now putting it together in his studio in Sweden.  Hopefully, we will be able to present it on the hunger strike timeline in the next few days.

As you care about your children, about the future, about our planet and about truth and decency then please rise and say so loud enough for the world to hear you.  Awaken your friends and fight their ignorance and apathy like it were a plague, because ignorance and apathy are our only remaining enemies.

What we do in life echoes in eternity.  This is the time to do, not to watch.

DAY 25 of Hunger Strike

(13 May 2014)

It is DAY 25 of my hunger strike and I am beginning to feel feather light due to the rapid weight loss.  On the walk to St. Peter’s today for my daily prayer I felt a little dizzy but otherwise I am noticing no weakness and seeing no decrease in my physical abilities and, if anything, an increase in my mental abilities.

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | galalae-14-399x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

The weighing scales show that I have lost 300 grams since yesterday and that means I now weigh 77.2 Kg, or 170 pounds and 3 ounces.  The total weight loss to date is 15.3 Kg or 33 pounds and eleven ounces.  This means that my body has shrunk by 16.5% and that is has done so by losing an average of 637 grams a day or 22.5 ounces.

Last night, I was interviewed by Vinny Eastwood of New Zealand, who I consider a dear friend and enlightened soul, and did not go to bed until well past 3 AM.  Today, I had to catch up on my sleep and it was a good day for it as the sky here in Rome is overcast and somewhat gloomy.  I had a three hour nap in the afternoon and feel refreshed but a little burned out after 25 days of 18-hours a day of frenetic activity.

It’s been a quiet day here in Rome during and after my daily prayer on St. Peter’s square and a good day to reflect on the magnitude of the task I have undertaken.  To be successful we must understand not only what is at stake, namely the lives of our children and the continuation of our genetic lines, but also how and why our own elected governments have turned against us and along with the United Nations have become in effect the enemies of mankind, at least for the short-term.

The root cause of all our problems is this giant rift between the religious and secular factions of society, between those who have put their faith in God and those who have put their faith in science. We, the people, are caught in the middle of this turf war and it is over our dead and dying bodies that this despicable war rages on as it has over the past six centuries, but with an unprecedented level of indecency since the early 1950s.  Both sides are equally guilty of the damage done to humanity and equally blind in failing to see that if they simply put their faith in man all would be well.

I have planted myself firmly in the middle and will not cease ground until both sides give us the respect we deserve and the consideration we have earned.  Both the religious and scientific camps ought to remember that it is from the fruits of our labor that they live.  And that the only reason they can entertain their abstractions is because we, the people, create the surplus wealth that supports their endeavors and that the reason we do this is to benefit not harm humanity.

If our religious and secular leaders fail to grasp this simple reality and do it soon, we will pursue them with extreme prejudice to hell and back because that is the only way we can protect ourselves and our children from their insanities.

DAY 26 of Hunger Strike

(14 May 2014)

It is DAY 26 of my hunger strike and I am absolutely exhausted from nearly 30 Km or 18 miles of walking and several hours of filming.  Hunger is still absent and I am in perfect health but certainly not as resilient as I was at the beginning of this journey.

My body feels like it is feeding on itself to keep up with the energy required to maintain a pace that would be taxing even under normal circumstances.   My shoulders and arms and even my legs have thinned substantially and I am swimming in my clothes.  Soon I will not have anything to wear that fits properly.  And when I look at myself in the mirror I find it hard to believe I am looking at my own body and not at some skinny teenager.

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | galalae-15-224x300 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

I have lost 200 grams since yesterday and that means I now weigh 77 Kg or 169 pounds and 12 ounces.  The total weight loss to date is 15.5 Kg or 33 pounds and 2 ounces.  My body has therefore shrunk by 16.7% and has done so by losing an average of 620 grams or 21.9 ounces a day.

The Vatican continues to remain silent and thus indict itself more clearly than if it had called a press conference to confess to the world that its irrational position against the use of contraceptives is partially responsible for forcing secular authorities to resort to covert chemical and biological sterilization that condemn our children to a life of illness, diminish their intelligence, enfeeble our species, pervert our institutions, defile our rights and liberties, and have created a hypocritical and utterly dishonest and ugly society that encourages vice and stifles virtue.

Nick and I have started segment four of our documentary, which deals with the price humankind has paid due to the Global Depopulation Policy and with the tragedy to come, as well as discussing what has been averted.  Our setting was the Protestant Cemetery of Rome, which used to be called the English Cemetery and is a beautiful and serene place that houses the remains of many past celebrities, including John Keats, the great Romantic poet who died in Rome at the tender age of 25.

We did not complete all the shots we had intended because we were politely asked by the British and Kiwi volunteers who act as caretakers to stop filming and apply for a permit since revenue is much needed for the upkeep of the cemetery, which is indeed very well maintained and lovingly cared for.  In return for our compliance we were treated to a short history lesson, since both gentlemen we talked to were able historians who had each written a book about the cemetery.

Afterwards, I barely dragged my aching bones and sore muscles to St. Peter’s square for the daily prayer; lest the papacy should believe that I have given up and gone home.  I will remain here for as long as it takes to get Pope Francis to confess or to change the Church’s policy.

DAY 27 of Hunger Strike

(15 May 2014)

It is DAY 27 of my hunger strike and hunger has crept in ever so slightly for the first time since I began this odyssey.  This is partially the result of being home for most of the day and having time to think about food, as well as due to the fact that yesterday was a particularly strenuous day and the body is looking to compensate for the energy expanded.

The scales show that I have lost 100 grams since yesterday and that means I now weigh 76.9 Kg or 169 pounds and 9 ounces.  The total weight loss to date is 15.6 Kg or 34 pounds and 6 ounces.  My body has therefore shrunk by 16.9% and has done so by losing an average of 600 grams or 21.2 ounces a day.

After my daily prayer on St. Peter’s square I drafted a letter to the College of Cardinals and then spent countless hours data mining the internet for the contact emails of each of the 220 cardinals listed on the Vatican website.  It is now 10PM and I still have 132 cardinals without emails and that means that I will have to continue this work tomorrow.

DAY 28 of Hunger Strike

(16 May 2014)

It is DAY 28 of my hunger strike and my heart is beginning to show signs that it objects to the abuse.  Last night I nursed a mild heart pain for about an hour before falling asleep and this morning I woke with the same pain and lasted for a couple of hours.  Burning the midnight fuel does not help endear me to my poor old heart, as neither do the 18-hour days that I put in here in Rome.

Nick and I have just calculated the distance I have walked on foot since my arrival in Rome nearly a month ago and it is a whopping 500 Km.  Add to that the long hours, the stress, the sleepless nights due to interviews, and the effort involved in making a documentary and you get an idea of what it means to take on the international system.  But it is not without avail.  The Vatican and the UN have met on May 9 here in Rome to discuss a new strategy to the Millennium Development Goals ( ).

Publicly they have only mentioned Pope Francis’ comments with respect to abortion, but privately they are probably at each other’s throats as they scramble to find a soft landing to the fall from grace they are about to suffer due to my work exposing their terrible secrets and their collusion in the Global Depopulation Policy.

It seems they are determined to remain silent while acting behind closed doors to respond to my presence here and to the waves I am making globally through my hunger strike by altering course.  I will continue to be a thorn in their side until they do the right thing, both at the UN and at the Vatican, and our children are safe from further diabolical attacks by this treacherous lot that masquerade as our leaders.

The scales show that I have lost 100 grams since yesterday and that means I now weigh 76.8 Kg or 169 pounds and 5 ounces.  The total weight loss to date is 15.7 Kg or 34 pounds and 10 ounces.  My body has therefore shrunk by 17% and has done so by losing an average of 580 grams or 20.4 ounces a day.

My Letter to the Cardinals is being published by several media outlets and I will spend the rest of the evening compiling my daily updates into a single file for publication.  The mainstream media has joined my LinkedIn account in droves and are watching quietly and waiting for their masters to take the chains off their sorry necks so that they too can do something useful with their lives.  My advice to the editors and journalists who are protecting the secrets of the Global Depopulation Policy and are therefore complicit in crimes against humanity is this; act now or spend the rest of your days behind bars.

And so the battle with the coalition of the unwilling continues, my friends.  Little by little I am breaking their ranks and sinking their boats.  Soon they will start abandoning ship like drowning rats.

If you want change, please do your part.  It is not enough to hope and pray.  This is the time to act.

Here is a list of Vatican media that we need to bombard with messages:


Fr. Sergio Pellini S.D.B., Director General

Fr. Federico Lombardi S.J., Director

Vatican Radio:;;

Programa Espanol:

Hispano Americano:

Relaciones para América Latina y el


Programa Português:

French programme:;

German programme:

English programme:;;


Malayalam programme:

Hindi programme:

Urdu programme: Tamil programme: English programme:

THE VATICAN TELEVISION CENTERMailing Address: Via del Pellegrino – 00120 Vatican City

Fr. Federico Lombardi, S.J., Director General Tel. +39 06 698 85467/85233 – Fax +39 06 698 85192

E-mail:  (Office)  (Video-Archive)


I ask that each and every one reading this update to email the above recipients your opinions and my hunger strike timeline:

Thank you!

Hunger Strike At The Vatican: Kevin Galalae Needs Your Help

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (VIDEOS)

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Two)


Kevin’s letter to the Cardinals

Activist Kevin Galalae: Vatican Hunger Strike Update (Part Three) | Cardinals-460x242 | Eugenics & Depopulation World News

15 May 2014

Your Eminences,

  1. Abril y Castello, Santos (Vice-Chamberlain Emeritus of Apostolic Chamber)
  2. Agnelo, Geraldo Majella (Archbishop Emeritus of São Salvador da Bahia)
  3. Agré, Bernard (Archbishop Emeritus of Abidjan)
  4. Agustoni, Gilberto (Prefect emeritus, Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura)
  5. Alencherry, George (Major Archbishop of Ernakulam-Angamaly)
  6. Amato, Angelo (Prefect of the Congregation for Saints’ Causes)
  7. Amigo Vallejo, O.F.M. Carlos (Archbishop Emeritus of Seville, Spain)
  8. Angelini, Fiorenzo (President Emeritus, Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers)
  9. Antonelli, Ennio (President, Emeritus Pontifical Council for the Family)
  10. Arinze, Francis (Prefect Emeritus, Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments
  11. Arns, O.F.M. Paulo Evaristo (Archbishop Emeritus of São Paulo)
  12. Backis, Audrys Juozas (Archbishop of Vilnius)
  13. Bagnasco, Angelo (Archbishop of Genoa)
  14. Baldisseri, Lorenzo (Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops)
  15. Barbarin, Philippe (Former Director of the Pontifical Choir)
  16. Bartolucci, Domenico (Former Director of the Pontifical Choir)
  17. Bassetti, Gualtiero (Archbishop of Perugia-Citta della Pieve, Italy)
  18. Baum, William Wakefield (Major Penitentiary Emeritus)
  19. Becker, Karl Josef, S.J. (Cardinal-Deacon of San Giuliano Martire)
  20. Bergoglio, S.J., Jorge Mario (Archbishop of Buenos Aires)
  21. Bertello, Giuseppe (President of the Governatorate of Vatican City State)
  22. Bertone, Tarcisio (Secretary Emeritus of State)
  23. Betori, Giuseppe (Archbishop of Florence)
  24. Biffi, Giacomo (Archbishop Emeritus of Bologna)
  25. Bozanic, Josip (Archbishop of Zagreb, Croatia)
  26. Brady, Seán Baptist (Archbishop of Armagh)
  27. Brandmüller, Walter (President Emeritus of the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences)
  28. Bráz de Aviz, João (Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life)
  29. Brenes Solórzano, Leopoldo José(Archbishop of Managua, Nicaragua)
  30. Burke, Raymond Leo (Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura)
  31. Cacciavillan, Agostino (President Emeritus, Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See)
  32. Caffarra, Carlo (Archbishop of Bologna)
  33. Calcagno, Domenico (President, Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See)
  34. Canestri, Giovanni (Archbishop Emeritus of Genoa)
  35. Cañizares Llovera, Antonio (Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments)
  36. Capovilla, Loris Francesco (Titular Archbishop of Mesembria)
  37. Cassidy, Edward Idris (President Emeritus, Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity)
  38. Castrillón Hoyos, Darío (President Emeritus Ecclesia Dei)
  39. Cheong Jin-suk, Nicholas (Archbishop Emeritus of Seoul)
  40. Cipriani Thorne, Juan Luis (Archbishop of Lima)
  41. Clancy, Edward Bede (Archbishop Emeritus of Sydney)
  42. Coccopalmerio, Francesco (President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts)
  43. Collins, Thomas Christopher (Archbishop of Toronto, Ontario)
  44. Comastri, Angelo (President of the Fabric of St. Peter)
  45. Connell, Desmond (Archbishop Emeritus of Dublin)
  46. Coppa, Giovanni (Apostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Czech Republic)
  47. Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo, Andrea (Archpriest Emeritus of the Basilica of St. Paul’s Outside-the-Walls)
  48. Cordes, Paul Joseph (President Emeritus Pontifical Council Cor Unum)
  49. Cottier, O.P. Georges Marie (Cardinal-Deacon of Sts. Dominic and Sixtus)
  50. Damasceno Assis, Raymundo (Archbishop of Aparecida)
  51. Danneels, Godfried (Archbishop Emeritus of Mechelen-Brussel)
  52. Darmaatmadja, S.J. Julius Riyadi (Archbishop of Jakarta)
  53. de Giorgi, Salvatore (Archbishop Emeritus of Palermo)
  54. De Paolis, Velasio (President Emeritus of the Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See)
  55. Delly, Emmanuel III (Emmanuel Karin) (Archbishop of Bagdad, Chaldean)
  56. Dias, Ivan (Prefect Emeritus Congregation for Evangelization of Peoples)
  57. DiNardo, Daniel Nicholas (Archbishop of Galveston-Houston, Texas)
  58. do Nascimento, Alexandre (Archbishop emeritus of Luanda)
  59. Dolan, Timothy Michael (Archbishop of New York)
  60. dos Santos O.F.M., Alexandre José Marie (Archbishop Emeritus of Maputo)
  61. Duka, Dominik Jaroslav, O.P. (Archbishop of Prague)
  62. Dziwisz, Stanislaw (Archbishop of Krakow)
  63. Egan, Edward Michael Archbishop Emeritus of New York
  64. Eijk, Willem Jacobus (Archbishop of Utrecht, Netherlands)
  65. Erdo, Peter (Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest, Hungary)
  66. Errázuriz Ossa, Francisco Javier (Archbishop Emeritus of Santiago de Chile)
  67. Estepa Llaurens, José Manuel (Archbishop Emeritus of Spain’s Military)
  68. Etchegarary, Roger (Vice-Dean of the College of Cardinals; President emeritus, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace)
  69. Ezzati Andrello, Ricardo, SDB (Archbishop of Santiago de Chile, Chile)
  70. Falcão, José Freire (Archbishop emeritus of Brasília)
  71. Farina, S.D.B., Raffaele (Archivist Emeritus of the Vatican Secret Archives)
  72. Felix, Kelvin Edward (Archbishop emeritus of Castries, the West Indies)
  73. Filoni, Fernando (Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples)
  74. Furno, Carlo (Grand Master Emeritus of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre)
  75. George, O.M.I. Francis E. (Archbishop of Chicago)
  76. Gracias, Oswald (Archbishop of Bombay)
  77. Grech, Prosper, O.S.A. (Cardinal-Deacon of Santa Maria Goretti)
  78. Grocholewski, Zenon (Prefect, Congregation for Catholic Education of Seminaries and of Institutes of Study)
  79. Gulbinowicz, Henryk Roman (Archbishop Emeritus of Wroclaw)
  80. Harvey, James Michael (Archpriest of the Papal Basilica of St Paul Outside-the-Walls)
  81. Herranz, Julian (President Emeritus Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts)
  82. Hummes, O.F.M. Cláudio (Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for Clergy)
  83. Husar, Lubomyr Major (Archbishop of Kyiv-Halyc (Kiev) of the Ukrainians)
  84. Jaworski, Marian (Archbishop Emeritus of Lviv of the Latins)
  85. Karlic, Estanislao Esteban (Archbishop Emeritus of Paraná)
  86. Kasper, Walter (President Emeritus Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity)
  87. Keeler, William Henry (Archbishop Emeritus of Baltimore)
  88. Kitbunchu, Michael Michai (Archbishop Emeritus of Bangkok)
  89. Koch, Kurt (President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity)
  90. Korec, S.J. Ján Chryzostom (Bishop Emeritus of Nitra)
  91. Kutwa, Jean-Pierre (Archbishop of Abidjan, Ivory Coast)
  92. Lacroix, Gerald Cyprien, ISPX (Archbishop of Quebec, Canada)
  93. Lajolo, Giovanni (President Emeritus of the Governorate of Vatican City State)
  94. Langlois, Chibly (Bishop of Les Cayes, Haiti)
  95. Law, Bernard Francis (Archpriest Emeritus of the Basilica of St. Mary Majors)
  96. Lehmann, Karl (Bishop of Mainz)
  97. Levada, William Joseph (Prefect Emeritus Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith)
  98. López Rodríguez, Nicolás de Jesús (Archbishop of Santo Domingo)
  99. Lourdusamy, D. Simon (Prefect emeritus, Congregation for Oriental Churches)
  100. Lozano Barragan, Javier (President Emeritus Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers)
  101. Macharski, Franciszek (Archbishop Emeritus of Krakow)
  102. Mahony, Roger Michael (Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles)
  103. Maida, Adam Joseph (Archbishop Emeritus of Detroit)
  104. Marchisano, Francesco (President Emeritus of the Labour Office of the Apostolic See)
  105. Martínez Sistach, Lluís (Archbishop of Barcelona)
  106. Martínez Somalo, Eduardo (Chamberlain (Camerlengo) Emeritus of Apostolic Chamber)
  107. Martino, Renato Raffaele (President Emeritus Council for Justice and Peace)
  108. Marx, Reinhard (Archbishop of Munich and Freising)
  109. Mazombwe, Medardo Joseph (Archbishop Emeritus of Lusaka)
  110. McCarrick, Theodore Edgar (Archbishop Emeritus of Washington, D.C.)
  111. Medina Estévez, Jorge Arturo (Prefect Emeritus Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments
  112. Meisner, Joachim(Archbishop of Cologne)
  113. Mejía, Jorge María (Archivist and Librarian Emeritus of the Holy Roman Church)
  114. Monsengwo Pasinya, Laurent (Archbishop of Kinshasa)
  115. Monteiro de Castro, Manuel (Major Penitentiary of the Apostolic Penitentiary)
  116. Monterisi, Francesco (Archpriest of the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls)
  117. Müller, Gerhard Ludwig (Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith)
  118. Mureşan, Lucian (Major Archbishop of Făgăraş şi Alba Iulia, Romania)
  119. Murphy-O’Connor, Cormac (Archbishop Emeritus of Westminster)
  120. Naguib, Antonios (Patriarch of Alexandria, Coptic)
  121. Napier, O.F.M. Wilfred Fox (Archbishop of Durban)
  122. Nichols, Vincent Gerard (Archbishop of Westminster, Great Britain)
  123. Nicora, Attilio (President Emeritus Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See)
  124. Njue, John (Archbishop of Nairobi)
  125. Nycz, Kazimierz (Archbishop of Warsaw)
  126. O’Brien, Edwin Frederick Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem
  127. O’Brien, Keith Michael Patrick (Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, Scotland)
  128. O’Malley, Sean (Archbishop of Boston)
  129. Obando Bravo, S.D.B. Miguel (Archbishop Emeritus of Managua)
  130. Okogie, Anthony Olubunmi (Archbishop Emeritus of Lagos, Nigeria)
  131. Onaiyekan, John Olorunfemi (Archbishop of Abuja, Nigeria)
  132. Ortega y Alamino, Jaime Lucas Archbishop of San Cristobal de la Habana
  133. Ouédraogo, Philippe Nakellentuba Archbishop of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
  134. Ouellet, P.S.S. Marc (Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops)
  135. Panafieu, Bernard (Archbishop Emeritus of Marseilles, France)
  136. Parolin, Pietro (Secretary of State)
  137. Paskai, O.F.M. László (Archbishop Emeritus of Esztergom-Budapest)
  138. Patabendige Don, Albert Malcolm Ranjith (Archbishop of Colombo)
  139. Pell, George (Archbishop of Sydney, Australia)
  140. Pengo, Polycarp (Archbishop of Dar-Es-Salaam)
  141. Pham Minh Man, Jean-Baptist (Archbishop of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
  142. Piacenza, Mauro (Prefect of the Congregation for Clergy)
  143. Pimenta, Simon Ignatius (Archbishop Emeritus of Bombay)
  144. Piovanelli, Silvano (Archbishop Emeritus of Florence)
  145. Poletto, Severino (Archbishop Emeritus of Turin)
  146. Poli, Mario Aurelio (Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  147. Poupard, Paul (President Emeritus Pontifical Council of Culture)
  148. Pujats, Janis (Archbishop Emeritus of Riga)
  149. Puljic, Vinko (Archbishop of Vrhbosna)
  150. Quevedo, Orlando B., OMI (Archbishop of Cotabato, Philippines)
  151. Raï, Béchara Boutros (Patriarch of Antioch for Maronites, Lebanon)
  152. Ravasi, Gianfranco (President of the Pontifical Council of Culture)
  153. Re, Giovanni Battista (Prefect Emeritus Congregation of Bishops)
  154. Ricard, Jean-Pierre (Archbishop of Bordeaux)
  155. Rigali, Justin Francis (Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia, USA)
  156. Rivera Carrera, Norberto (Archbishop, Mexico City)
  157. Robles Ortega, Francisco (Archbishop of Guadalajara)
  158. Rode, Franc (Prefect Emeritus Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life)
  159. Rodríguez Maradiaga, Oscar Andrés, S.D.B. Archbishop of Tegucigalpa
  160. Romeo, Paolo (Archbishop of Palermo)
  161. Rosales, Gaudencio (Archbishop Emeritus of Manila
  162. Rouco Varela, Antonio María (Archbishop of Madrid)
  163. Rubiano Sáenz, Pedro (Archbishop Emeritus of Bogotá)
  164. Ruini, Camillo Vicar General Emeritus of His Holiness for the Diocese of Rome
  165. Ryłko, Stanisław President, Pontifical Council for the Laity
  166. Salazar Gómez, Rubén (Archbishop of Bogotá, Colombia)
  167. Sandoval Íñiguez, Juan (Archbishop Emeritus of Guadalajara)
  168. Sandri, Leonardo (Prefect, Congregation for Oriental Churches)
  169. Sarah, Robert (President of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum)
  170. Saraiva Martins, C.M.F. José (Prefect Emeritus, Congregation for the Causes of the Saints)
  171. Sardi, Paolo (Vice-Chamberlain Emeritus of Apostolic Chamber)
  172. Sarr, Théodore-Adrien (Archbishop of Dakar, Senegal)
  173. Scheid, S.C.I. Eusebio Oscar (Archbishop Emeritus of Sao Sebastiao do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  174. Scherer, Odilo Pedro (Archbishop of São Paulo)
  175. Schönborn, O.P. Christoph Archbishop of Vienna)
  176. Schwery, Henri (Archbishop emeritus of Sion)
  177. Scola, Angelo (Patriarch of Milan, Italy)
  178. Sebastián Aguilar, Fernando, CMF (Archbishop emeritus of Pamplona, Spain)
  179. Sebastiani, Sergio (President Emeritus Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See)
  180. Sepe, Cresscenzio (Prefect, Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples)
  181. Sfeir Nasrallah, Pierre (Patriarch Emeritus of Antioch of the Maronites)
  182. Sgreccia, Elio (President Emeritus of the Pontifical Academy for Life)
  183. Silvestrini, Achille (Prefect emeritus, Congregation for the Oriental Churches)
  184. Simonis, Adrianus Johannes (Archbishop Emeritus of Utrecht)
  185. Sodano, Angelo (Dean of the College of Cardinals; Secretary of State emeritus)
  186. Staffor, James Francis (Major Penitentiary Emeritus of Apostolic Penitentiary)
  187. Stella, Beniamino (Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy)
  188. Szoka, Edmund Casimir (President emeritus, Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State)
  189. Tagle, Louis (Archbishop of Manila, the Philippines)
  190. Tauran, Jean-Louis (President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue)
  191. Tempesta, Orani João (Archbishop of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  192. Terrazas Sandoval, C.SS.R. Julio (Archbishop of Santa Cruz de la Sierra)
  193. Tettamanzi, Dionigi (Archbishop Emeritus of Milan)
  194. Thottunkal, Baselio Clemis (Major Archbishop of Trivandrum for Syro-Malankaras)
  195. Tomko, Jozef (President Emeritus of the Pontifical Committee for International Eucharistic Congresses)
  196. Tong Hon, John (Bishop of Hong Kong)
  197. Tonini, Ersilio (Archbishop emeritus of Ravenna-Cervia)
  198. Toppo, Telesphore Placidus (Archbishop of Ranchi, India)
  199. Tucci, S. J. Roberto (Cardinal-Priest of Sant’Ignazio di Loyola a Campo Marzio)
  200. Tumi, Christian Wiyghan (Archbishop Emeritus of Douala)
  201. Turcotte, Jean-Claude (Archbishop Emeritus of Montreal)
  202. Turkson, Peter Kodwo Appiah (President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace)
  203. Urosa Savino, Jorge Liberato (Archbishop of Caracas)
  204. Vallini, Agostino (Vicar General for the diocese of Rome)
  205. Vanhoye, Albert (Cardinal-Deacon of Cardinal-Deacon of Santa Maria della Mercede e Sant’Adriano a Villa Albani)
  206. Vegliò, Antonio Maria (President of the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People)
  207. Vela Chiriboga, Raúl Eduardo (Archbishop of Quito)
  208. Versaldi, Giuseppe (President, Prefecture for the Economic Affairs of the Holy See)
  209. Vidal, Ricardo J. (Archbishop Emeritus of Cebu)
  210. Vingt-Trois, André Armand (Archbishop of Paris)
  211. Vlk, Miloslav (Archbishop Emeritus of Prague)
  212. Wako, Gabriel Zubeir Archbishop of Khartoum, Sudan
  213. Wamala, Emmanuel Archbishop Emeritus of Kampala
  214. Wetter, Friedrich (Archbishop Emeritus of Munich & Freising)
  215. William, Thomas Stafford (Archbishop Emeritus of Wellington)
  216. Woelki, Rainer Maria (Archbishop of Berlin)
  217. Wuerl, Donald William (Archbishop of Washington)
  218. Yeom Soo Jung, Andrew (Archbishop of Seoul, Korea)
  219. Zen Ze-kiun, Joseph (Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong)

On 19 April, I began a hunger strike at the gates of the Vatican to compel Pope Francis to break the code of silence with respect to covert methods of depopulation that have been ongoing since 1945 and to which the Church has been privy since it received full observer status at the World Health Organization in 1952.

The covert chemical, biological and bacteriological methods used on the world’s hapless population by the United Nations, its agencies and governments throughout the world in order to subvert human fertility constitute genocide and are punishable by life imprisonment or death.  I have detailed these methods in two books that I have gifted to the world in the interests of truth and justice.  You will find them here and I urge you to read them without delay so that you no longer can claim ignorance:

Chemical and Biological Depopulation

Killing Us Softly: Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy

The Church, by its refusal to condone the use of contraceptives, is largely responsible for forcing secular authorities to achieve the world’s necessary demographic objectives covertly and criminally rather than overtly and legally.  As a result, irreparable damage is being done to the genetic and intellectual endowment of mankind so the Church can hang on to a dated and deadly policy position that is rejected and ignored by the vast majority of Catholics and that has become the source of the greatest evil on earth, the engineered extinction of the human species.

As a direct result of the Church’s intractability with respect to contraceptives, children the world over are being poisoned in their mothers’ wombs by endocrine disruptors (fluoride, BPA, artificial sweeteners) deliberately used to turn the basic elements of life into weapons of mass sterility.  The engineered human immunodeficiency virus and other diabolical creations of the military-industrial complex are mowing down millions of lives in Africa and elsewhere under the pretext of life-saving vaccines.  Genetically modified organisms are being forced upon farmers in the developing world so the poor will grow and pay for their own sterilization agents.  And chemtrails are raining deadly toxins from the sky in NATO countries that have reached the fourth and last stage of the demographic transition in order to ensure the lifespans of the baby boom generation is shortened.  This is the embodiment of evil and the Church is personally responsible for the origin and continuation of this evil.

As Cardinals you are responsible for the doctrine of the faith and thus the evils of the Global Depopulation Policy fall squarely upon your shoulders and on your consciences.  I have appealed to Pope Francis in the language of the Church – through peaceful protest, compassionate appeals, prayer, hunger and humility – to change course before it is too late and parents throughout the world will have to resort to violence to protect their children.  This is my appeal:

Unfortunately, neither Pope Francis nor you, his cardinals, have responded to my peaceful entreaties.  As I continue to waste away here in Rome for the love of my children and in consideration of my fellow man, you continue to remain silent so as to protect crimes against humanity that are without precedent in their magnitude and scope.  For your information, to date I have lost more than 34 pounds or 17% of my initial body weight.

Since I am not a man who minces words I give you this dire warning; act now or forever hold your tongues for we will treat you as any other mass murderers, with extreme prejudice.  Cardinal Ratzinger is already a prisoner on Vatican soil for his cover up of pedophile priests by failing to rewrite Crimen Solicitationesand instead reaffirming the confidentiality of internal church investigations in his 2001 letter De delictis gravioribus, which enabled the continuing abuse of innocent and defenseless boys by predatory priests.  You will meet with the same fate if you fail to rewrite the encyclical letter Humanae Vitae and change the position of the Church on birth control, which enables the atrocities of the Global Depopulation Policy and violates the integrity of our children’s minds and bodies, condemning them to a life of chronic illness, sexual confusion, mental retardation, physical enfeeblement, and a state of bovine submission to fascist and genocidal national and international institutions.

Rewrite the Church’s doctrine and allow the use of contraceptives so that we, the people, can assume responsibility of the overpopulation problem by exercising self-restraint in our own bedrooms and in so doing deprive secular authorities of any and all justifications for continuing to poison humanity into extinction.

Armed with your consent to responsible birth control I will then make my way to Geneva to take to task the World Health Organization for perverting science and medicine to find false justifications for the adulteration of our basic elements of life – our food and water – to turn them into weapons of mass sterility and selective morbidity and mortality.

Fail to arm me with your consent and I will return at the head of a mob to hold you accountable for your complicity in the murder of our children and the termination of our lineages.

Most sincerely,

Kevin Galalae

A Son of Man and the People’s Representative


Kevin Mugur Galalae is a human rights activist and political exile who has renounced both his Canadian and Romanian citizenships and chosen statelessness in protest against the trampling of our rights and liberties in the name of counter-terrorism and radicalization. He has launched legal action against the governments of Canada and the UK at the European Court of Human Rights for violating academic freedom and free speech in universities and has exposed a covert program of surveillance and censorship in the UK and the EU that was adopted to stifle democratic debate, manufacture consent and man the ranks of governments, international organizations and civil society with sycophants, moral degenerates and social deviants. In retaliation, the governments of Canada and the UK have arrested Kevin five times, have confiscated his intellectual and physical property and have forcibly separated him from his children, forcing him to flee Canada in order to save his life and freedom. Most recently, Kevin has exposed the pivotal component of the New World Order, the depopulation agenda and the chemical and biological means by which governments are waging low-intensity sub-lethal warfare on their people in order to fulfill demographic objectives that favour the elites and damn the rest of mankind to intellectual and physical degradation and ultimately to genetic extinction. Kevin has founded the People’s Protection Court and the People’s Protection Force and has drafted the OM Principles in order to provide the instruments and ethos necessary to bring down the New World Order, reinstate the rule of law, and enable the 99% to gain control of their lives and destinies. He is the author of the bookWater, Salt, Milk: Killing Our Unborn Children and of numerous articles published by Cryptome, The Sleuth Journal, Wikispooks, The Oslo Times and other media outlets.

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