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Our commitment to living the survivalist lifestyle includes living so far off the beaten path as to make a daily commute to work impractical to say the least.And so, in monetary terms, we have been living on just a few hundred dollars a year.

Someone, not understanding the essence of survivalism, suggested recently that we “get a job.”

For their sake, as well as anyone else out there who thinks that living a survivalist life means transferring your suburban life to another location, here is my job description and “payment”:

1. Collect firewood – Much of this is done by dragging fallen and standing dead pinion, cedar and juniper trees, later to be cut into correct sizes for the wood cook stove and the wood heating stove.

That replaces our gas bill.

2. Keep the storage batteries full of water and check connections to the solar panels.

That replaces our electric bill.

3. Do the laundry by the “Armstrong” method. That is, wait until the rainwater barrels are full enough to wash and rinse the clothes by hand.

More replacement of the electric bill.

4. Tend the garden and greenhouse. This is a 9 month a year job, and includes collecting manure from the pastures, turning the soil, planting the seeds, watering, removing bugs by hand, pulling weeds, staking plants, pollinating as needed and harvesting.

This replaces our food bill.

5. Tend the animals. This includes feeding the chickens, feeding the goats, feeding the cats and dog, providing them all with water, collecting eggs, milking and butchering.

Also replaces our food bill.

6. Pumping water from the well to the storage tank – by hand.

This replaces our water bill.

7. We don’t have phone service available here, so one of my tasks is to not jump when the phone doesn’t ring.

This negates our phone bill.

8. Use herbal and natural remedies for staying healthy.

This replaces our medical bills.

9. Take time to enjoy the stunning scenery, the warmth of the sun, read a book, have conversations with loved ones, cook an exquisite dinner.

This replaces psychiatrist bills.

In my “spare time”, I write books, articles and podcasts, answer e-mailers’ questions about living the survivalist lifestyle – and all before dark.

I may be without money, but I’m not without value. And I certainly don’t need a “job”!

Dan & Sheila are the authors of Surviving Survivalism – How to Avoid Survivalism Culture Shock, and hosts of the free podcast, Still Surviving with Dan & Sheila. For questions about space in their Intentional Survivalist Community or other survivalist issues, they can be reached at surviving@lavabit.com.

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