Al-Qaeda Allied With US-Backed Forces in Yemen

Al-Qaeda Allied With US-Backed Forces in Yemen | Yemen-Al-Qaeda-1024x576 | War Propaganda World News
(image: AP/Hani Mohammed)

On May 2, the UK Independent headlined “Al-Qaeda claims it is ‘fighting alongside’ US-backed coalition forces in Yemen,” saying:

Its leader in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Qasim al-Rimi “said his fighters have worked with government-allied factions…toward their common goal of (defeating) the Houthi(s).”

Though he didn’t elaborate on saying “(w)e fight alongside all Muslims in Yemen, together with different Islamic groups,” including “the Muslim Brotherhood and also our brothers among the sons of (Sunni) tribes,” these elements are allied with Yemen’s exiled Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi regime combating Shia Houthis.

America, Saudi Arabia, other Gulf states and Israel support Sunni fighters, supplying them with arms, munitions and funding, Riyadh aerial operations terrorize Yemeni civilians in Houthi-controlled areas.

Al-Rimi commented from an undisclosed location in Yemen, the Independent explained.

Since full-scale war began in March 2015, al-Qaeda and other US/Saudi-backed terrorist groups “greatly increase(d) their footprint in the country.”

One of the dirty secrets of ongoing US direct and proxy wars is its use of ISIS, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria), and likeminded groups as imperial foot soldiers – supported by Pentagon-led so-called “coalition” terror-bombing, targeting vital infrastructure and government sites, massacring thousands of civilians.

Hegemons operate this way, ignoring international laws, norms and standards, raping and destroying countries to control term – America by far the worst offender.

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