Alex Jones Censored: Why it Matters and Who’s Next?

Alex Jones Censored: Why it Matters and Who’s Next? | free-speech | Free Speech Internet Censorship Special Interests US News

(The Real Agenda News) With Jones’ ban from major social media platforms, we can rest assured that both free speech and freedom of the press are in serious danger.

Different from most people who demand censoring alternative view points, who cry like babies so Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech are decapitated, Alex Jones, as imperfect as he is and as much as he has drifted from his roots, serves a greater purpose than most mainstream media.

Jones has been called anything and everything under the sun because of his speech, his stances on real issues and his vociferous tone, which has remained unmatched since he appeared in radio over 20 years ago.

Now that Jones has been officially removed and effectively censored from all major social media platforms, the questions many people are asking is, Who’s next? Am I next?

Alex Jones became the tip of the spear due to his relentless thirst for wanting to awaken the world to a reality that 20 years ago was known only in secret meetings held in closed up corporate board rooms:

We are all controlled. The world is socially and technologically been designed by a few families, who are precisely the ones who have taken him down, hopefully not permanently.

The bottom line of Jone’s social media demise is that a few dozen people are in charge in the world. If they weren’t, he wouldn’t have been removed from Apple’s Itunes, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify, among others.

If the world wasn’t governed by a cabal – which is Jones’ starkest warnings since he became a talk show host – all social media platforms would have a mind of their own, but they don’t.

The questions we all need to ask are, who gave the order to take Jones down? Was it Zuckerberg? Was it Apple’s board of directors? Hardly. Those people are simple paws like most of us. They are the public faces of the always apparently absent Governors.

On Monday, CNN’s Richard Quest, who managed to offer a fair couple of minutes of coverage on Jones’ censorship asked a simple question after explaining that social media platforms are the 21st century’s public squares, where people should be able to freely explain their ideas.

His question was, Why should we abide by social media platform rules? Quest went further to ask his guest who he thought would be next and what would be the end of internet censorship to dissenting voices. His answer was mumbling.

Major news media outlets, including so-called news agencies have reported Jones’ censorship with lots of fanfare. They accuse Jones of spreading fake news and using hate speech, as if they themselves are not completely guilty of such a sin.

Their whole campaign against the radio talk show host was based on those two issues as well as on accussations made by people about his stance of false-flag events, both at home and abroad.

The media accused Jones of many things, but refused to show his clips, where he allegedly makes outrageous statements about mass killings such as 9/11 and shootings in America and Europe.

Intellectually castrated TV hosts such as Brian Stelter, Joe Scarborough, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher and others, who are paid millions of dollars a year to sit in front of a teleprompter and lie to everyone’s faces, have seen Jones’ career become so influential, that his radio show manages to engage thousands more people than their dying propaganda platforms.

Just as the mainstream media still cannot understand how Donald Trump won the 2016 election, or how Mr. Trump’s support continues to grow, even among blacks and Latinos, CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC, and other fake news sources cannot fathom how a small dude from Austin, Texas outgrew them and managed to gain more listeners and followers than, in many ocassions, all of them combined.

Jones transformed talk radio and became even more influential than Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and other so-called conservative talk show hosts because of his authenticity, his fearless pursuit for truth in places where no one else would look, and his unmistakable style.

Alex Jones has been censored. Why does it matter? With Jones’ ban from major social media platforms, we can rest assured that both free speech and freedom of the press are in serious danger. This danger would even more concerning if some ideas now circulating the halls of Congressional offices and other political venues, regarding a possible government takeover of the internet, were to prosper.

If those ideas were to materialize, the US and then the rest of the Western world would become something no one would ever believe: China.

Who’s next?

We all are; even those mentally castrated TV hosts and political writers who believe the long arm of censorship will never reach their desk, just because they speak in favor of a system that doesn’t give a rats ass about them.

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