Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Alex Jones “Condolences” to Sandy Hook Parents (VIDEO)

Here's Everything You Need to Know About the Alex Jones "Condolences" to Sandy Hook Parents (VIDEO) | alex-jones | False Flags Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

There’s a funny thing about Truth, it needs to only be brought to light and then it penetrates your conscience and ultimately speaks for itself. We humans often operate with a sense of ownership of information which we quietly convince ourselves is the objective truth. We all like to think that we are right or that we know something that someone else doesn’t. This is a natural instinct in humanity that is part of who we are. This sense of ownership of Truth can lead to distortions about what makes something true or not because the sense of “ownership” is tied to affection and emotion. Think of someone enjoying a favorite music, food or color. The rules that should apply for getting at the truth are then distorted, ignored or forgotten thus disrupting the very path to truth we were supposed to be on. Yes, there are actual rules for getting at the truth! More on this later. This brings us to the recent Alex Jones “condolences” speech to the Sandy Hook “parents” (yes you read this right!). Let’s analyze the speech and see if we can make sense of it.

As many alternative media followers know by now Jones put out a strange short “Fathers Day” statement actually offering condolences to the Sandy Hook parents and essentially implying that accepting the Sandy Hook fakery and lies being told by everyone involved in the Sandy Hook fakery is the way to “peace in our country”! Yes, peace through lies! Easily verified lies given that there isn’t one shred of reality to the Sandy Hook botched psyop staged event of December 14, 2012. But instead of repeating the many well known pieces that don’t fit, instead of challenging the audience to see for themselves that fund-raising web pages were prepared for the “victims” BEFORE December 14, 2012 and instead of pointing to the towering lack of evidence surrounding Sandy Hook hoax Jones doubled down Jones in his statement saying:

“Parents should never have to bury their own children. And that’s why on Fathers Day I want to reach out to the parents of the slain children at the horrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut and give you my sincere condolences. I’d also like to reach out to any of the parents who lost a child in Newtown, to invite them to contact me to open a dialog because I think it’s really essential we do that instead of letting the MSM misrepresent things and really try to drive this nation apart. Right now is the time for unity and peace in our country I think now more than ever “

First, I want to be clear. This is not intended as a piece to bash Jones who I mostly agree with and appreciate what he does. And before we go bashing Jones or conversely making excuses for him let’s break this all down to pieces and see what we come up with.

The first thing I want to point out is, when was the last time Jones did a one minute rant? Jones usually rants for long and has a lot to say about topics. In fact this statement is handled in a very un-Jones-like manner. The speech is not only very short and concise but it seems very prepared. That’s strange in and of itself but let’s take a look at some of the more serious issues surrounding this bizarre speech reaching out to the Sandy Hook criminals and then we’ll explore to see if there is anything good that may come out of this or if it’s all bad.

The Megyn Kelly agenda

This speech appears to have been coordinated with the Megyn Kelly interview drama where Kelly specifically brings up Sandy Hook. I didn’t watch the full NBC interview but based on the trailer that NBC was pushing I believe the primary purpose of the Megyn Kelly interview with Alex Jones was to reiterate and reinforce the most important psyop event of the Obama years and that is the Sandy Hook fake shooting of December 14, 2012. Let’s put it this way, the Sandy Hook hoax is to the Obama administration what 9/11 was to the Bush administration. Both events are being protected to the bitter end by the deep state as they are the 2 most important events of the past 16 years in my opinion.

So with this primary agenda of reinforcing Sandy Hook, Kelly used her platform to raise other issues so as to not make it too obvious. At the core of the agenda however, I believe was this perfectly timed “Fathers Day” emotional message attempting to get everyone to “connect” emotionally with the fake Sandy Hook parents. To convince yourself of this ask yourself if Kelly and Jones spoke for so long why was the “Sandy Hook” portion of the conversation the main attraction in the previews? And why is Sandy Hook seemingly the primary topic that Jones is coming back to in this “Fathers Day speech”? Let’s explore additional arguments.

Why Sandy Hook in the first place?

Everyone should be asking themselves, given what we know about the degree of fakery surrounding Sandy Hook, the towering lack of transparency, the vile, arrogant and persecutory nature of the anonymous attorneys and bullies working behind the scenes to intimidate, smear and falsely accuse anyone who questions the lack of evidence in the Sandy Hook story, why are they continuing to protect this event? And the answer is because this event is very special in that it involves children who are currently being potentially abused because their identities (and perhaps their self identities) have been obfuscated from the general public. The Sandy Hook children are thus essentially missing children, several of which were last seen at the 2013 Super Bowl half time show but have not been seen ever since. The ruling elite thus know that the potential punishment that will descend on the conspirators involved in this event is unfathomable. All of this amounts to an operation to stay out of jail. This is important to the Sandy Hook conspirators given the climate we are in now where all of their crimes are being exposed to the general public especially the pedophilia and human trafficking crimes they are involved in. The fact of the matter is that there is no greater in-your-face human trafficking story than the Sandy Hook story. The ruling elite know this and thus are committed to protecting Sandy Hook forever so that it never migrates to the Justice Department.

What’s really behind the Jones 2017 cycle of apologies and condolences?

As many of you know this is the second time in the past few months that Alex Jones has issued an unprecedented statement protecting a suspected deep state entity (or entitites) involved with children. Back on March 28, 2017 we spoke about the mysterious Alex Jones “apology” to suspected criminal and pedophile James Alefantis owner of Comet Ping Pong pizzeria. A place where video recordings of music bands playing have been put out where the band member is joking quite creepily about pedophilia and the audience laughs along! And the same Alefantis who posted strange pedophilia suggestive photos of little children tied up on his Instagram page. Yes, THAT Alefantis!

Despite the connections to pedophilia suggested in the John Podesta emails revealed by Wikileaks Jones, after seemingly being threatened by Alefantis issued a strange public apology to Alefantis who I’m sure was more than proud to lavish in his fictitious and engineered innocence even if only for a day.

Given that Jones is as much aware of the fakery behind Sandy Hook as anyone else we have to wonder what this is really all about and where this is potentially headed. We should all be wondering whether this is an example of Jones compromising the truth for one reason or another, or is this part of a deeper game being played out by Jones against the Sandy Hook conspirators themselves? I do wonder whether this could be the reason Jones is challenging the Sandy Hook criminals to reach out to him. Is this a bait being put out by Jones? Or is this a nefarious operation against truth itself? Has Jones been threatened again? It’s possible that Jones’ “neutral” position on Sandy Hook could to be part of a deeper strategy to lure the Liberal Left into considering his message and not turning him off. (think “Art of the Deal”).

Naturally, many are wondering why would Jones would cut a deal with the deep state which ensures massive loss of loyal followers? Or has Jones calculated that he can keep the majority of his base and spread his message even farther? While all of this is a very optimistic view of the situation there is no proof that this is the explanation and we can only speculate about this.

Conversely, consider that this is the same Jones who wants to also see America become great again and has been fighting for truth for many years. And what we also need to be asking is, are we to think that the road to a great America or even more importantly the road to truth and justice is improved by accepting the Sandy Hook lies? Are we to believe that the best road to “unity and peace” in our country, as Jones puts it, is by way of simply accepting lies like the Sandy Hook story? Are there no better paths to unity and peace??

My initial reaction is that this approach is inconsistent with Natural Law and has many moral and ethical conflicts built into it and thus it is difficult for me to agree with this path. This of course would leave us with some troubling questions surrounding this Jones “condolences” speech.

Know what you believe in … and why

The most important message in this article today is that we must all remember that the primary issue here is the pursuit of truth. As I mentioned at the very beginning, truth stands on its own and the grand fallacy hidden in all of this craziness is the illusion that repetition and rhetoric somehow makes something MORE true than it was before. Wrong! The only thing that makes something true is its state, nature and degree of self evidence. All of this Sandy Hook nonsense is attempting to challenge these fundamental principles of Natural Law as well as the principles of morality, reason and logic. And the Sandy Hook story fails again because tangible and clearly observable and objective evidence is the only thing that will ever make the Sandy Hook illusion real to a mentally healthy, astute, aware and discerning human being. This is not an opinion but a fact of life. That doesn’t mean we can’t all “emotionally” agree to believe someone blindly as the Sandy Hook official story believers are choosing to do when they believe and sympathize with the “parents”. When one chooses this path of blindly believing the words coming out of someone’s mouth above physical and tangible evidence the only thing required to keep you on that path of blind belief is enough negative reinforcement to prevent you from thinking otherwise. That my friends is probably the primary purpose and agenda for this entire June 2017 Sandy Hook topic revival.

Remember that the entire Sandy Hook illusion of lies, as are all government sponsored lies and deceit all rely on the tactic called the repetition principle. The repetition principle is based on a theory that if you hear something enough times eventually you’ll believe it. Understanding the repetition principle goes hand-in-hand with understanding how the brain responds to repeated stimulus and that includes voice and word stimulus as well as visual, chemical and physical stimulus. Mind control techniques, hypnosis even advertising and sales relies on this principle of repetition and certainly political propaganda thrives on this principle. For this reason it is very important to know what you believe and more importantly why you believe what you believe. This simple message is the solution to the Sandy Hook illusion as I illustrate below.


So today I ask everyone including everyone in the media, every layperson, every average Joe and Jane out there. Not only what do YOU believe happened at Sandy Hook but more importantly please tell me WHY do you believe what you believe. And to that let me respond by telling you what I believe and why I believe what I believe.

I believe that every segment of the Sandy Hook story was faked because I’ve looked hard for years and can’t find one shred of evidence (video, audio, images, official emergency medical documents etc) that legitimizes the event. And the physical evidence that is available all disproves the “official story” narrative repeated by the mainstream media and of course the alleged parents of the supposed slain children. Thus I can only utter from my mouth what I observe not what I want to believe or what someone else is trying to bully me into believing and I objectively declare that looking at the available evidence I don’t see an operating school packed with children, I don’t see any videos of a gunman pulling up in a car and that looks like Adam Lanza assassinating 28 people. At the scene we didn’t see any blood, any ambulances or emergency workers saving precious lives as they normally would. As a former medical professional I’m aware that the scene at Sandy Hook violated every principle of medical ethics and emergency medical protocol. At the scene I didn’t see police and fire fighters getting cars out of the way and clearing a path for the emergency workers. I didn’t see any heroes or children brought back to life. I didn’t see any rescue helicopters flying in and out of the school. I didn’t hear of additional hospitals and rescue teams coordinating with the Newtown medical emergency teams to get the children to a hospital ASAP to either save or potentially revive them. Nothing at all. If we could pretend for a moment that the Sandy Hook massacre actually happened the way Megyn Kelly, the mainstream media and the Sandy Hook psyop parents say it did then on the day of the Sandy Hook massacre we witnessed the most outrageous display of human negligence and carelessness ever in the history of humankind. But I digress.

There were no angry parents crying for their children to be next on those rescue helicopters. There were no rescue workers with oxygen tanks, bloody gloves or anything. Frankly there was NO medical reality or any organic reality to the event that we expect to see. I wish it ended there. As demonized researcher Wolfgang Halbig clearly demonstrates in his book ‘Nobody Died At Sandy Hook’ there is no proof that the school was operable from a proper safety and maintenance perspective which is just as impossible as the missing medical reality and there is no tangible evidence that the school was full of children that day or at any point before that day dating back to 2008 since there was no internet service at the school since then. The deplorable maintenance condition of the school, like the missing medical reality alone throws a dark cloud of suspicion on the event. Add to that, all the actors caught on film rehearsing lines and people like crisis actor parent David Wheeler himself caught red-handed playing 2 distinct roles at the event including the role of a fake FBI agent.

And so for these and many other reasons I believe what I believe regarding Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook is a simple man’s conspiracy. You read, you watch the evidence and you simply call it as you see it and shut off the rhetoric and repetitious attacks. Right now there are millions of people around the world who would love to join Jones and support these fake parents if someone could provide that evidence that closes the deal. The evidence I (we) thirst for which is the essential ingredient for establishing truth would end all of this Sandy Hook circus. This is why I believe what I believe and this approach is the solution to Sandy Hook if you try it for yourself.

As the years go by, exposing Sandy Hook as a fake event is becoming easier and easier because the available evidence is so strong. The intriguing post-Sandy Hook persecution of truth however is much more fascinating to watch as the deep state protecting Sandy Hook explores new ways to silence, intimidate and censor Sandy Hook realists who are willing to speak the truth about what they observe. And that leads us to the final point. The entire reason for the Sandy Hook circus is to DETACH from the individual that which he/she SEES and objectively OBSERVES from that which he/she SPEAKS. The method by which this “detachment” is being implemented is by conditioning, using the tactic of intimidation and fear. In this tactic what one “speaks” regarding ones personal objective observation about that event is being translated from the harmless objective and sincere act of “true to thyself” to the act of “violence and harassment” against the families of the actors who are playing the role of parents. This false accusation and thus the potential consequences triggered by the accusation itself together form the bases of the intimidation and fear being generated by the behind-the-scenes Sandy Hook bullies.

Finally, this brand new sophisticated method for censoring truth, as I have been writing about for years, is the model for truth censorship for the future new world order. And THIS is potentially the number one reason that they executed the Sandy Hook event in the first place. If you understand this message please share with others.

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